May I recommend removing all canines from the immediate area?

Thank you.
the moosh has been sick and can currently hit notes only four legged animals can hear.

(Again, as a disclaimer. This viddy-oh is really only meant to entertain those who are morally or genetically obligated to think the moosh is funny. So if you don’t want to watch it don’t feel bad. We don’t expect you to.)


  1. Oh, man. That sucks. That just…sucks.

  2. She rocks!

  3. That sounds painful! But, she’s adorable!

  4. too cute!

  5. Despite lacking the proper genetics, I thought that was adorable!

  6. Cats are morally superior.

  7. Ok now that I can finally get the kid off my lap (after having to watch that 400x) I can comment and say she is TOO CUTE!

  8. i love it…and i’m not even related or morally obligated so there!

    gah! she’s so dang cute!!!

  9. Yeah, I’ll second that. Your Moosh there is one adorable puppy. You guys make good kids.

  10. Oh sooo adorable! No genetic propensity needed.

  11. That’s very sweet but Bossy is off to disinfect her computer monitor now.

  12. i love how well she enunciates.

    she’s not camera shy at all, is she?

  13. Too cute! My dog didn’t like it much though (forgot to take him out of the room!)

  14. I’m calling America’s got Talent.

  15. Oh man. That was adorable! Even if she did shatter the window in my dining room.

  16. Well…. at least being sick didn’t bring down her spirits!

  17. I love the part where you just can’t hold in your laugh any longer…