nope. not going to touch it. no way.

building sandcastles

Watching the beach 20 floors below.


sunrise on the gulf.

swimming addie

bathing beauty

sandcastle builder

nope. not touching it. NO WAY.

baby buried in the sand.






if you lean, she leans.

babywearing daddy


babywearing cody


thursday. (st. andrews state park)

babywearing cody


My ladies and me.

friday. (seaside, florida)

Seaside, Florida

Doggie Water Station

Seaside, Florida Ice Cream Truck

My ladies and me.

Seaside, Florida


Here’s the thing about Saturday. We left Florida at about 10pm so we could get a majority of the drive out of the way while the littles were sleeping.

Addie’s CVS acted up at 3am in Pelham, Alabama. She somehow ended up with vomit in seven different directions I didn’t even realize existed.

A room was rented at a very questionable hotel (seriously, so questionable) where Addie got into the shower fully clothed because I couldn’t bring myself to pull her clothes up over her head. Cody used an entire roll of paper towels to clean out the car, her car seat was thrown into a dumpster, a new one was purchased along with air fresheners at 4 am and we made it home around 3 pm.

I got into bed around 5 pm and DIED.

So…no pictures from Saturday, only vomit scented nightmares.


The week was wonderful in every way imaginable (I’m choosing to ignore Saturday.) I’m so thankful I was able to spend so much time with my little family in such a beautiful place.

(Every photo taken with my 50mm f/1.4)

the sixth seven days

the fifth seven says

the fourth seven days

the third seven days.

the second seven days.

the first seven days.


  1. the bathing cap – no words

    Saturday? **shudder**

    Casey Reply:

    @Chrysta, Yeah. I kind of want to buy one in every color and make her wear them every day forever.

  2. Oh, girl. I so feel you on the vomit. It is the worst.

    I’m so glad you had such a beautiful vacation with your family! Also, Addie is a giant! Where did the chubby Moosh go?

    Casey Reply:

    @Barb @ getupandplay, I still can’t believe that lanky kid ever had chub like Vivi.

  3. see? who needs a bikini when you look that fricking adorable in a one piece with a bathing cap?


    Ashley // Our Little Apartment Reply:

    @Katie, My thoughts exactly! 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Katie, Bathing caps are the new bikini.

  4. Miss V.’s hat-bathing suit combo is just too much. Love it all!

    Casey Reply:

    @Camels & Chocolate, I wish I could have recorded the chorus of grandmas who saw her at the pool.

    Camels & Chocolate Reply:

    @Casey, now I’m envisioning a vintage video of gray-haired grandmas in swim caps sitting on the side of the pool performing a synchronized swimming routine with Vivi sitting in the middle of them all. Can you make that happen, please, before you leave?!?

  5. What a fun trip..minus the vomit. Hope your little moosh is feeling better. Threw the car seat away huh? Oh yes, I’ve had those discards before. Great photos, as usual.

    Casey Reply:

    @Melissa Laundre, I was torn for a moment, then I smelled it.

  6. Gosh your family is too adorable! What a fantastic week! I’m ignoring that day too!

    Casey Reply:

    @Bea_OT, Oh thank you, it was a lovely week.

  7. Seaside is gorgeous! We spent one week there while living in North Carolina. Love Florida…my sister is moving back to Sarasota next month, and we are excited! Gives us an excuse to go back! So glad you had a nice trip minus the sickness! Love to Addie!

    Casey Reply:

    @Rose, We weren’t going to go to Seaside but a friend insisted that we do and I’m SO GLAD we did.
    What a magical little place.

  8. 1. I freakin’ LOVE Seaside. I grew up about 90 minutes from Panama City Beach, and it’s still my favorite beach spot.

    2. The picture of you and the girls is breathtaking. Beautiful, all three of you.

    3. Sorry for the sketchiness in Pelham. If you could have made it a little further north, you would have been OK. (I’m about an hour west of Pelham.)

    Casey Reply:

    @Misty @ The Family Math, So Pelham is sketchy even without stopping at the prostitute motel at 3 am covered in vomit?

    Misty @ The Family Math Reply:

    @Casey, Ha!

    Mommy truth #683: When your kid throws up in 7 different directions on the way home from vacation, you stop at the first available hotel. Even if it is one with hourly rates.

    Regarding Pelham … well, it wouldn’t have been my first choice. 🙂 Glad y’all made it home safely.

  9. Wednesday pictures? Seriously you are amazing talented and amazing lucky. What a beautiful family! 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Nikki, Oh thank you, Wednesday was a particularly lovely day.

  10. You know how I feel about pictures of your munchkins, but the one of Vi in the matching cap and bathing suit… i’m ::this close:: to blowing that thing up poster size for my wall. ALL THE CUTES. You make good babies, lady 😉

    Casey Reply:

    @Linz, You say the word and I’ll have it shipped to you.

  11. Oh my gosh these photos are heavenly. I am SO SORRY about that one night. :/


    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, What one night? 😉

  12. Ugh, these photos are killing me (in a good way)! That entire stretch of 30A is my happy place. One of my favorite photos of my babies and I was taken at the same state park. So glad you had a lovely trip … for 99% of it, anyways.

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie @ Just Like The Number, Oh, we’ll be going back.
    I think we should plan and Indy Girls trip down there as well.

    Angie @ Just Like The Number Reply:

    @Casey, You had me at “Girls Trip.”

    Just Shireen Reply:

    @Casey, I’M IN.

  13. Lovely photos, as usual! The photo of Addie & Vivi mirroring each other, Vivi in her suit and cap (!) AND a very beautiful photograph of 3 lovely ladies… 🙂

  14. We are going to FL in april, and I have been nervous about the long car ride, and wondering if it would be worth it. Seeing these pics? Yeah, absolutely worth it.

  15. What baby carrier is that? We are headed to the beach in May and that looks like one both me and my husband would and could wear.

  16. Vivi in a bathing suit killed me dead.

    Looks like a very fun vacation…you know except that last part.

  17. Love them all. Your girls and your photographs are just beautiful, Casey!

  18. All of the photos are too gorgeous for words. I honestly want to frame some of your scenic shots.

    And vomit makes me vomit. I couldn’t have remotely dealt with that!

  19. Pic of Cody head on Vivi’s…BEST PICTURE EVER. You do amazing things with a camera and your girls are just the CUTEST!!!

  20. Casey Mullins. Do you know how far Pelham, AL is from my house? FIFTEEN MINUTES! Addie could have totally barfed at my house. OMG. I’m so sorry you were at a questionable hotel and I cannot believe you were so close! Hope the girl is feeling better. Come to Alabama again and let me show you the cute parts.

  21. you look incredibly happy. hope you are all well.

  22. Your photos take my breath away. Seriously.

  23. Gorgeous, gorgeous happy photos! Love them all. And those hats on Vivi are too much! The butterfly bonnet and bathing cap … where did you find them? Do share!