So about two weeks ago I drove everyone I know nuts trying to get entries to win $5K from Quaker Oats for a local food bank. My obnoxiousness paid off since Quaker will be donating $5K to Gleaners food bank in Indianapolis.


Here I go being obnoxious again, you see this time Tyson chicken will be donating a truckload of food to Austin, TX and to whichever other state generates the most pledges. I’m talking to you Indiana. (And everyone else in the country who wants to claim they live in Indiana, because let’s face it, YOU  KNOW  I LOVE INDIANA.) *ahem*

No crazy facebook steps this time, just go to this site, pick a way to share, enter your name, email and the state you live in and click submit. (No, they won’t go selling your email.) Seriously, it will take less than a minute. Less time than it takes for you to eat a doughnut. Or a soyburger.

Next, maybe you’ve seen the moosh in indie link in my sidebar.

I. LOVE. ETSY.  and all things handmade. I guest posted over at Try Handmade about my trip to New York and how I went handmade and loved it. (If you’re not a regular reader of this site begin now. And for everything beautiful and lovely Try Handmade posts, head over to Craftastrophe for when handmade goes wrong, seriously, two of my favorite sites.)

And last?

A picture.
Madrid, NM mailboxes

Go forth, pledge, try handmade and enjoy the sunshine. (Because it’s sunny everywhere today right?)


  1. You midwesterners are getting my warm weather. You will soon have my snow. Bahahaha!

    Emily Breyfogles last blog post..Lent Update- Pizza Resistance

  2. And! I was the first to comment!!! I ROCK!

    Emily Breyfogles last blog post..Lent Update- Pizza Resistance

  3. And you’re welcome back at try handmade any time 🙂

    Erika Jurneys last blog post..Blogging jobs for makers, artists, crafters, curators, and collectors

  4. just want to let you know, your crafastrophe link is wrong, it should be, not I went to check it out and got a really lame domain-squatter website 😛

  5. YAY Indiana!

    Brianas last blog post..Free Diet Dr. Pepper & High Dollar Huggies Coupons

  6. It’s not at all sunny in Canada, but I’ll forgive you because I’m in good spirits on account of YESTERDAY’s sunshine and a 1.5 hour walk to enjoy it.

    Camilles last blog post..Nobody Calls Me a Quitter {Unless it’s Behind My Back}.

  7. It’s sunny and 40 degrees in Chicago. Practically tropical. So as soon as I finish voting, I’ll go outside and work in the yard. In a bikini. A handmade one.

    (OK, just kidding about the bikini.)

    Poppy Buxoms last blog post..Whoredom

  8. I chickened for Indiana. Score one more for the Hoosiers in need.

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..I am a bad parent

  9. I don’t live in any state but I might just make like I do. I love love love etsy and have been buying from there for a couple of years now- lots of illustration (my fav) especially for Squidge’s room were purchased from Etsy.

    Lindys last blog post..Camera club

  10. It was 56 here today-the way the locals dressed you would think it was a tropical heatwave. I was happy to sign up for the Foodbank thingie. Thanks so much for pointing it out to me!

    Awesome photo!

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Maybe I need to pay more attention

  11. YOU! are the awesomeness!! I told you you’d win! I am so friggin’ proud of you and honored to be your friend!

    YAY you!!!!!!!! I had Tyson for dinner tonight! (chicken, not the guy)

  12. Last I heard we were rockin’ the Hunger Pledge in Indiana! Thanks for the link to Try Handmade. I especially liked the mentions you gave Indy artisans in your guest post. Sometimes I forget that just because we’re in Indiana doesn’t mean we can’t find cool stuff.

    katydid6s last blog post..Join Me in the Pledge to End Hunger

  13. LOVE that photo. I’m off to check out those sites 🙂

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Ammunition

  14. Dude, you rock! Congratulations winning that 5k!!

    Thanks for the link to Craftastrophe and did I mention how much I love you? Because I totally, totally do. LOTS.

    sam {temptingmama}s last blog post..I am Officially Kristen Chase’s Bitch

  15. Thanks for helping MediaSauce in the fight for plegdes. And I love Etsy too. Haven’t had much time to devote to my store since starting the new job at the Sauce, but spring’s here and I’m ready to start new projects. Love the blog!!!

  16. If you love Etsy then check out It’s my cousin’s store (located in MN) and she lists her goods on Etsy. Might be something you’re interested…she’s incredibly talented. I enjoy your blog and also commend you on your efforts with Gleaners and the new Tyson competition. Glad to have “met” you!

    Adam Cmejlas last blog post..Watch Out for This Latest Disease!!

  17. Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. My wife also has an Etsy shop – she makes bookmarks.

    Thanks again!

  18. Great job, Moosh! Gleaners appreciates all the help you and your friends generated for hungry Hoosiers! You go!
    Thanks! Pam

  19. Moosh – you rock!

    We are very glad to have you on the team for the Pledge to End Hunger campaign. Already, we have fed over 150,000 children in need – most of that was in less than 28 hours.

    Keep the love coming! Let’s get the next two trucks loaded and delivered. It’s up to you to make sure one of them comes to Indiana!

    Scott Henderson (@scottyhendo)
    Campaign Manager
    Pledge to End Hunger (@HungerPledge)

  20. no…it is NOT sunny everywhere. in fact…it’s so rainy, here in michigan, that my basement is starting to collect water. and it’s not from the water that leaked out of my daughters bathroom onto my kitchen table!

  21. We at Gleaners LOVE CASEY!!! This is so amazing to see so many Hoosier ban together to stop hunger…I know we can kick butt again!



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