In an effort to keep Vivi from screaming for snacks in the car due to sheer boredom we have started a new game of pointing out all the trucks.




On Monday Addie had about a million follow up questions to our truck observations which led us to talking about truckers.

For some reason Vivi has no problem saying ‘truck.’

However ‘truckers’ gives her some trouble. The ‘tr’ is replaced with something that sounds an awful lot like an ‘f.’

Keeping a straight face down I-70 the other day proved to be a challenge.

She also alternates between calling Percy ‘Poopy Cat’ or ‘Pussy.’ Some mornings Percy breaks into Vivi’s room and I’m awoken by a tiny little voice saying “Hiiiiii Pussy!”

Honestly, why do I let her out in public?

I love how oblivious she is to social norms.

Sticking her hand up my skirt in line at the grocery store? Totally normal for her.

Licking mirrors in dressing rooms? Normal.

If you talk to her while she’s pooping she’ll hold up one finger in your direction and scream “NO! SHHHHH!”

Needless to say it’s awful fun to bug her when she’s pooping.



  1. Your kids make me laugh. You are amazing Casey, and you have amazing kiddos!

  2. OMG I’m actually happy to find a fellow mom with such kids. My daughter likes to reach up and squeeze my boobs (in public!) and say “I loooooove your boobs Mom!”

  3. Oh how I wish we all could just live like a 2 year old…care-free!

  4. that is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. My stepson likes to sit on the toilet after he’s done pooping in public and have conversations with me, until I finally have to ask him, “are you done pooping?” He’ll look at me like “oh yea i’ve been done aren’t we hanging out?”

  5. Oh to go through life with the happy bliss of a two year old.

  6. Hilarious! Her little dress is stuck in her diaper/panties and she’s licking the mirror. That, right there, is a toddler! 😀

  7. My oldest did the same thing with the word truck. It started out kind of “Fruck”, and then more I tried to work on the “T” sound, the more it became just an “f” sound. So I gave up and he was a hit at my husband’s office. He loved the attention, having no idea why everyone wanted him to say truck and then would laugh. I was happy when he grew out of that one! 🙂

  8. HA! I love the dress tucked into the diaper! She’s awesome.

  9. Amy in StL says:

    My nephew once mortified my mom by asking for a truck in Kmart…. because his tr sounded a lot like an f. At full toddler volume.

  10. Grady squeezes my boobs and says, “honk honk!” It is simultaneously mortifying and hilarious.

  11. Love it! Kids are so funny. Love your blog. I am a former Indy resident and hoping to move back soon! Also struggled with infertility. I look forward to future posts.

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  13. Oh. My. God. That might be my new favorite photo of Vivi.

    And… you’ve brought back the memory of the fact that Zoe used to make me hold her hands while she was pooping. lol