you know you live with a gymnast when...

a baby and her cat.

addie coloring.


addie and vivi look at our wedding album


Oh Ken, don't be bashful

sleepy vivi


Disney on Ice


darn cat.




percy's little teapot


vivi and the mirror

vivi and the mirror

(Ignore the lice and this week was tops.)

Vivi’s third week in 7 different photos on babble.

see the first seven days here.

second seven days here.


  1. Poor Percy, forced to wear a teapot for a crown. Although I think he’s feline enough to carry it off.

  2. Oh my gosh, the teapot on the cat… his expression is priceless! 😉

  3. I was just going to say the tea pot photo is my fave!!


  4. Poor Ken! Not because of his circumstance, but because someone heartlessly covered his eyes! Or, maybe he’s just more of a gentleman these days. My Ken was kind of a perv; I don’t think it was physically possible for his arms to reach his eyes.

  5. These are great Casey! Your cat looks super pissed! and the whole Ken doll posing scenario is just priceless. I had more of a chuckle just thinking of you taking the time to pose him! Thanks for the laugh darling! xo

  6. Vivi is ridiculous. How have you not just DEVOURED her by now?

  7. Oh, my word, the Barbies. HA!!!!!! You know if I ever have a band it’s going to be called “Twelve Naked Barbies,” right?

  8. That baby is completely delicious.