Can’t sleep.

My first instinct is to write. Always has been, even before this blog, before the moosh, before Cody and even before the tumultous years of high school.

I have kind of faded into the background in the world of blogging and it’s my own doing.  It’s changed so much since I started almost four years ago. There’s lists going around of the 50 best this and the 50 most that. There’s awards and sponsorships and jobs and books and articles and TV appearances. I’m not really a part of any of them.

And I don’t really care.

Now I’m in no way saying I’m above any of it, because I’m certainly not, everyone likes to be noticed and praised every now and again.

I don’t remember the exact question I asked Jen Lancaster last year at Blissdom, but I will never forget her answer.

The first time I made myself laugh with my own writing is no more important than the first time I made the New York Times bestseller list.

I have never had a bestselling book, an appearance on CNN or even been on the mystical “A-List Blogger” radar.

But I have saved someone’s life with something I wrote.

I inspired someone to complete a daunting goal.

Something I wrote has been published in a real live book.

I’ve made friends I’ll still treasure even when my teeth are removable and I’m wearing diapers.

I watched with envy for so long as so many of you went on to accomplish amazing things and form fantastic bonds with companies and other bloggers. But I’m at peace where I’m at, and I marvel at what so many of you have accomplished in the four years I’ve been around. I marvel because I know just how much work it is to get where you’re at, and beyond that how much more work it is to maintain everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Despite so much nasty press about bloggers over the past year, I’m proud to be in your company. To be a part of this thing so many of us do. The experiences and the “stuff” that has come from this simple act of writing have already exceeded what I ever thought imaginable.

Even with that I still have a blogger bucket list (can’t just give up now can I?)

  • Write and publish a book.
  • Get explored on flickr.
  • Get one of those blogger trips to Disneyworld everyone else seems to go on. (seriously, it’s like Disneyworld is the blogger holy land.)
  • Meet Julie Andrews.
  • Be the subject of a professional photo shoot.
  • Work at Hallmark.

Four years ago when I started my list would have looked something like this:

  • make someone laugh.
  • don’t quit.
  • your and you’re, use them properly.

A lot has changed. The only things that haven’t changed? The name of this blog and that that I’m the one who writes for it.

Honestly, that’s it.

Dude, it’s four am. I’m hitting publish. Brain? If you want our fingers to write anything else you’re going to have to take a number.


  1. It’s 5 AM here and while I may have not saved someone’s life or inspired someone, I take comfort in writing as you do. And in good words such as yours.

    Casey Reply:

    @Dawn, Oh thank you. Did you get a nap? I did. Whoo.

  2. Dear Casey,
    I started reading your blog somewhere around 3 years ago, I think, and I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy reading your story.

    When your book comes out? I will be first in line to say thank you.

    Cause despite the fact that others are on CNN and publishing books and all that is amazing… you are amazing, and you have definitely inspired me.

    Bridget Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, Agreed.
    Oh, and no body in the world as a kid as cute as the Moosh. Seriously.

    Casey Reply:

    @Bridget, I’ll keep her around.

    Casey Reply:


  3. Dude.
    You went to Hallmark!
    You’ve been on (local) TV.
    You spoke at BlogHer and Blissdom and other places I’m sure. You’re a local social media queen!
    You rock and you don’t even know it. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Sarah @ Ordinary Days, Hallmark is the mother ship. I dream of her.

    I do love the opportunities Indy has given me.

  4. But also?
    I so feel you on this one.

  5. You’re a rockstar in my book and still someone whom I look up to in awe.

    I’m with Sarah on this one. ^^^^ ditto^^^^

    You know how I feel about you and your writing and hello… Hallmark.. HP.. VIVIENNE TAM… Blissdom… BlogHer…. Butterball 😉

    You are amazing and you have a beautiful outlook, heart and smile.

    And one majorly gorgeous kid 😉

    See you soon! xo

    Casey Reply:

    @rachel-asouthernfairytale, I’d keep you over Vivi any day.

  6. I think my current list looks more like your initial list. (Except for the Disney thing, I want that too.)

    Casey Reply:

    @DesignHER Momma, We will make it together. IT SHALL BE DONE!

  7. What you write is very important. Don’t ever forget that.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., never. pinky swear.

  8. Dude. What you said. I think so many bloggers feel the same. It’s difficult sometimes to feel as if you’re not being recognized, but know that there are so many people out there laughing, or feeling comfort, or commiserating in your words Casey.

    Casey Reply:

    @Michelle, I just wish we could eat cookies together more often, you know?

  9. You’re doing much better than me. In 4 years, I’ve gone through about 5 different blogs. I would love a trip to Disneyland, though. I’ve never been.

    Casey Reply:

    @C @ Kid Things, Never been? I’m taking you with me, truly the most magical place on Earth.

  10. I think you’ve already achieved world domination. It’s all in how you define it. I reserved a blog name last year and that’s as far as I’ve gotten…

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie, I keep forgetting to re register mine…that could be disaster.

  11. Yes. To all of it.

    I think it’s really refreshing and honest to hear a blogger (whom I think of as the big time) say that they’re happy where they are.

    Casey Reply:

    @daysgoby, as my twitter profile says, so transparent I make plexiglass jealous.
    (thank you.)

  12. I read your blog with a handful of others before I started my own. You inspire me, make me think and so often, make me laugh. You didn’t save my life, but you encouraged me to post something on my blog that was insanely scary. And I’m so glad I did.

    I’ll most likely never end up on one of those lists, and while the first few minutes of that realization stung, I now find it sort of awesome. I live up to no one’s expectations but mine. I write what I want, period. There’s something freeing about that.

    Casey Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain (Katie), Exactly! No one’s expectations! You said it in like four words what I said in 521 after nearly going batty with sleeplessness.

    You have a gift my friend.

  13. I could have written the same post, except mine would have not included any of the successes you dismissed.

    Casey Reply:

    @SciFi Dad, Ooh, I do not dismiss. I lock in a bedazzled box and treasure the warm fuzzy deliciousness.

  14. JUUUUUUUUUULIEEEEE! (scribbling addition to bucket list and shaking head wondering how i forgot)



    Casey Reply:

    @Della, She’s like the only celebrity I’ll sob over when she passes away.

  15. Please don’t sell yourself short. You have no idea the impact you have on women everywhere.

  16. I wouldn’t say it’s changed as much as it has evolved. My list has changed from “Make people laugh” to “Make people laugh and maybe make a book out of it”.

  17. no lists for me, or book deals, or disney trips. and I’d be lying if I didn’t say those things would be nice. But I’ve gotten some pretty amazing things out of blogging that I didn’t expect, like the friendships that I, too, will treasure when I’m wearing diapers.

  18. Yeah I think the best thing about blogging is the sense of community. Not being alone. You’re awesome in my book!

  19. That’s funny that you mention the flick explored in your bucket list, because that too would make me smile.

    You are lovely.

  20. love what you write.

    love who you are.

    love that i’ve met you IRL.

    yeah…you’re a rockstar!

  21. You’ve got your head on straight about it.

    Also? I think all in due time. All in due time. 😉

  22. Amy in StL says:

    I am apparently a 12 yo boy because when I read “Get explored on flickr” I snickered. In fact, just typing it made me quietly snicker again. My co-workers are going to wonder about me – more than they already do.

  23. I find it funny that I fall under the “removable” link. LOL

    I will totally change your diapers, my friend.

    Now get a dang passport. Better yet, flee to Canada. You guys can stay with me. I have a pool!!!

  24. I love this about you. I’ve got 3+ years into this blogging thang and I feel much the same way.

  25. lists. are. dumb.

    I wish I had been the diapers link.


  26. your pictures are great and certainly good enough to make it to explore…the trick is to add your pictures to a lot of different groups/pools so that people will comment on them and flickr also calculates how much you comment on other peoples pictures. Most of my pictures that have made it to explore had a lot of comments before they made it. Hope that helps, good luck!