• I’ve learned it takes a special kind of man to be an exterminator.
  • I’ve learned that sending fecal matter to a certain CEO of a certain bank is very illegal.
  • I’ve learned that I am exactly the type of person who needs to be married to a lawyer so that I don’t end up actually sending fecal matter to a certain CEO.
  • People do disgusting things to their carpet.
  • By writing a very honest email to everyone dragging their feet about getting us into our house our closing date has been changed from a big fat question mark to next Wednesday. (hopefully!)

And while this doesn’t exactly have anything to do with my house…Emily and I both found this horribly amusing when we were out with our girls yesterday.

Mr. Bear Showing the Unicorn How It's Done in BouncyTown.

Yes we’re 12. Shut up. You think it’s funny too.


  1. Good gosh – what *is* that picture? That’s hysterical!

  2. So glad you are finding the positives of life! Do you know how hard it is to lol while your spouse is sleeping next to you?! That photo is hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle after what has been a very looooong day!

  3. ROFL!

  4. OMFG that unicorn is a slut!

  5. You’re right! I do find it funny!

  6. You know that bear is calling his friends and just saying, “Dude… TWINS!”

  7. Very Illegal? Maybe. Totally Worth it? Quite Possibly!! Love the picture.

  8. I think I’m giggling harder now than when I first saw it in person.

    And what’s up with the unicorn’s hind legs anyway?

  9. What kind of animal would that produce? A horned bear?

  10. My university’s logo underneath a bear fornicating with two unicorns is both wildly disturbing… yet somehow appropriate.


  11. Send that photo to FAIL blog now.

  12. Hee! I’m pretty sure if I had seen that in the wild (or you know, the store) I would still be laughing.

  13. A bear/unicorn threesome is my secret fantasy.

  14. I couldn’t agree more that it does take a special man to be an exterminator. Sadly, that man is not the one I am married to.

    Great pic of Mona. Thank you!

  15. Glad to hear about the house.

    And yes, I do think it’s funny, too.

  16. hahaha, bear likey unicorns.

    i hope you get your closing done!

  17. Of course it’s funny!

  18. your completely correct. That is funny.

  19. A guy I dated in college had a buddy who used to get access to this guy’s room and then take any action figures or other such objects and leave them in various dirty positions for the guy to find. It was pretty hilarious- mostly because of how pissed my ex would get over it!

  20. Isn’t it nerve racking!?! My sister found the PERFECT house and were all ready to move in when they found out all the electrical work had to be redone. She was heartbroken, it just wasn’t worth moving in for. Kind of like buying a nice car without an engine.

    And yes…carpet…blech.

    Good luck!!

  21. That picture is HILARIOUS. Even my husband, hater of blogs, thought it was too damn funny.

    Also? Congrats on the house. I’ll keep a good thought for you guys.

  22. Who knew a bear could pound 2 unicorns at once? Impressive.

  23. the laugh of a pubescent boy just escaped my lips. don’t tell anyone shhhh.


  24. Where was that pic when I did my recent blog post about unicorns and their existence? Obviously the exist… And that bear is all the more happy for it.

  25. Whoa, where is that?? I had a dream once about a toystore or warehouse or something with giant toys displayed way over my head, and that photo looks like it’s straight out of my dream. (Not that I dream about bears getting it on with unicorns.)

  26. So glad things are moving along with the house stuff! And that picture? AWESOME.

  27. hahahahaha! I needed that laugh tonight!

  28. That actually looks like the opening shot to my new favorite iphone game, Battle Bears. Army bears rides in on unicorns, they get attacked by evil teddy bears, objective, blow up teddy bears.

    Slightly morbid, muy fun.

  29. That photo? Awesome.