It’s April 28th which means it’s my birthday.

Only the very best day of the year for yours truly.

I spent last night at the Radio Disney Music Awards as a Minnie Messenger surrounded by screaming Mahomies, Beliebers, Directioners, Simpsonizers and Selenators.

Red carpet at the Radio Disney Music Awards!  #MinnieStyle #MinnieMessengers
We all went a little crazy.


At the end, enough confetti was dropped on my head I began to worry about being buried alive in it, but if there’s one thing I can always count on Disney for, it’s confetti and fireworks.

And scene.  (With Selena Gomez) #RMDA #MinnieStyle
Today will be spent at Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth and the place where my heart snuggles in and sings sweet songs of joy, love, and happiness until it’s time to bid adieu.

It’s a tradition around these parts that you wonderful people make a comment cake for my birthday, layers upon layers of wonderful comments that I can read as I wait in line for Space Mountain, Small World and Dumbo this afternoon.

In years past I’ve asked for the best parts of your day/week. This time around I’m going to ask something a little different (unless of course you had an amazing moment, then I selfishly want to know that as well.) This year I want to know: What is the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone else? Go ahead, brag about it. This is no time for humility, you’re a wonderful person, go ahead and acknowledge it and make my day. Maybe you’ll even inspire others to commit random acts of kindness as well.





    Hmmm…nicest thing I ever did for someone? I don’t know – I once acted as the anonymous benefactor who paid for my little brother’s mission trip when he was in high school. That was fun! He would share the letters this mystery-supporter was writing to him telling him how awesome he was, and he never knew it was me.

    To be honest, a good life is too full of doing nice things. It’s impossible to pick the nicest!

  2. My Grandma would have been 85 today. Couldn’t think of a cooler person to share her birthday!! Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday, Casey! I’m not really sure what the nicest thing I’ve ever done is, but I did recently help my mother-in-law through cancer. She is now healthy and feeling stronger every day!

  4. Happy Birthday Casey!! I’m not sure what the nicest thing I’ve ever done for someone is, last year I did help my bestie A LOT planning and organizing her wedding. But I loved every minute of it. 🙂

  5. Happy birthday, lovely one. I am just so happy to see how you are changing and growing and becoming more of yourself every day.

    I’m not sure what the nicest thing I have ever done for anyone is, but the thing that probably turned out best is this:


  6. Happy birthday, Casey! I’m so glad you get to spend it in such a happy place!!!

    The nicest thing I’ve ever done for someone? That’s hard, because honestly, I try and do nice things for people all the time. However, the most labor intensive was last year I made signs for my coworkers with all of their name and subway art with their various job descriptions. Many of them hung them on their doors. It makes my heart happy to know they appreciated it. (And when I started… I didn’t realize how many people make our school run everyday!! Sheesh!)

    Now I’m left trying to figure out what to do for everyone this year, but I love letting people know they’re worth the time and effort. I’m the one that benefits in the end.

    Also, the best part of my week was having Friday off school and getting lots of things done and hanging out at the local food festival. Lots of yummy things to try and we spent less than $20!

  7. Happy Birthday! What a fabulous way to get to spend the day. Today, I am feeling smug. I’ve felt smug all weekend. Because, right now, the nicest thing I’ve ever done, I didn’t really do. My son did. I wrote about it this morning here: (And posted a million links to videos and photos on my twitter & FB, both @TaxMegan)

  8. Happy birthday

    The nicest thing I ever did for someone was supporting them through the worst parts of their life, and continuing to show support. I sent care packages, cards, made phone calls, and raised money to help our dear family friends during their daughter’s cancer treatment. I even sent a personalized cake. Our dear friends were staying at Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, where their daughter was undergoing treatment for Neuroblastoma. I found a bakery that would take my order over the phone, make a Cinderella cake, add her name and deliver to the house. They were amazed, and it made a very bad day just a little bit better. I showed my support throughout her treatment, and continue to support her family.

    We attended her funeral the following year, and it meant the world to us and her parents that we were there for her at the end. We’d moved several states away during that time, so they weren’t expecting to see us. My friend, her mom, looked at me open-mouthed and said, “How are you here?” and I said, “Where else would I be?”. True friends til the end.

    I think of her often, and believe that she lives on through the memories she made with others and the impact she had on our lives.

  9. Hmm… I once was driving home and a little Chihuahua and a beagle ran right in front of my car. I knew there was no way they were going to survive if they kept running wild so I pulled my car over, parked, and chased the dogs for an hour. I finally got the little one to come to me, called the number and the owners were looking for them and met me at the stoplight- I even got the beagle to come! to me. I sat on the street holding their dog collars until the owners came- they had run over 30 blocks!

  10. My brother and I bought a truck for my mom this year. That’s probably the most extravagantly nice thing I’ve ever done for someone.

  11. Happy birthday!!

  12. Cheyenna says:

    Happy, happy birthday!!
    I’d say one of the nicest things I’ve done for someone is to clean her house for her when it was just too overwhelming for her to do it herself.

  13. Oh how I miss Disneyland. Haven’t been there since we moved to the east. Need to make a goal to take Chelsea and Noah there.

    We’ll settle for Disney World too!

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday bash with Disney!

  14. Happy Birthday Casey.

    It hard to pick one thing because I have been working hard on being kinder to mankind this year. My motto less selfish and more aware before 40.0

    I can say though my Aunt was suprise by the bouquet of roses I brought her as a thank you for hosting my sisters bridal shower yesterday.

  15. The nicest “fluffy” thing I ever did for someone was the 50th birthday scrapbook I made for my mom. I contacted 50 people from her life and asked them each to write a memory and birthday wish for her. Some people wrote really simple things, and some people wrote several paragraphs. I printed them and designed each page with any applicable photos I could track down. It was truly a labor of love, but the look on her face as she realized what it was… I would do it again every year for that expression!

    Happy birthday, Casey! Here’s to many more!

  16. I fax paperwork every Monday to my sisters boss to save her the 60 mile commute just to get paid. I ask people how they are doing or how their day was because I am genuinely curious and I really do care what they have to say. Happy Birthday!! Im 32 now and so far I have to say – my 30’s are SO much better than the entire decade that was my 20’s. Enjoy!!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! I love birthdays!
    I try and do a lot of little nice things so it’s hard to pick out anything specific. This weekend I let someone go ahead of me in line, got someone else a cart and just tried to be a good person. I think the nicest thing someone can do for someone else is to just be there for them, let them vent, comfort them when they need comforting. Just be nice to people.

  18. HAPPY Birthday Darlin!

    I can’t pick just one (and I never get to brag). I raised $10k for a school in nicaragua.

    I was going to send $100 anonymously to a friend far away and then God told me to send $300. The day before the money arrived her car got broken into to the tune of $300 exactly.

    I also volunteered childcare to a friend with breast cancer

  19. Happy Birthday….One of the nicest thing I did was to help a friend through her troubled time emotionally and providing a shoulder to cry on back in college. I’ve since got so caught up in the rat race world….sometimes it is good to remember that even a simple gesture of love is all that is needed to make someone happy…

  20. I don’t know how I missed your birthday comment cake though I know I wished you a happy bday on instagram. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    The nicest thing I have ever done, hmm .. I try to always be available to my friends even when its inconvenient to me. I want them to always know that I have time for them, and am there for them. And I think they do and they do the same for me.

  21. Happy birthday, lovely! It’s really hard to say nice things about myself, but for you I’ll do it. One thing I do every year is have a tell my bestie why she’s awesome day on facebook. I tell her all the things I love about her and get all her facebook friends to do the same. Words are her love language so it really lifts her up.

  22. This nicest thing I recently did was I gave 2 jars of Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter to my Sister N Law who has never indulged in it before! 🙂
    Happy Belated B-Day…looks like it was unforgettable!

  23. I’m a few days late, but happy belated birthday! I’m feeling very grateful lately, with so much awesomeness and love around me. I hope your birthday felt like that, too 😉

  24. Oof, I’m late. Still, let the celebrations continue!

    When I was a kid our church would visit the elderly at the nursing home. I was terrified, but always went along. Once this lady grabbed me, hugged me and said I was her granddaughter. So, I played along. Even called her grandma and hugged her a few times. I was painfully shy as a kid, so I’m impresse with my 6-8 year old self.

    Happy happy birthday you darling woman. I love you and I don’t even know you 🙂

  25. Laura W. says:

    Happy birthday! Disney on your birthday sounds wonderful.

    My nicest thing is when I helped an elderly lady that had slipped on an icy, busy road while crossing from the library to the bus stop. I left my kids in their double stroller (my sister-in-law was with me) and I went over and helped her up and helped her cross.

  26. The nicest thing I ever did was for my daddy. A few years ago, he mentioned that he had entered a contest from a magazine to win a new pair of the newest, latest, greatest model of Red Wing boots. I found a copy of that magazine, dug through it until I found the contest, figured out what kind of boots they were giving away, and bought my dad a pair of them for his birthday. He loved those boots. I love that I got to be the one who gave them to him.