I recorded this late one night after a particularly wonderful day. I’m so glad that I did.

Maybe you’ve heard talk of a new reality show that’s casting, and they’re looking for moms in the social media realm.

The requirements were that we post a vlog about the story we have to tell and that it be under a minute.

Well, I think I got my story across, but the whole minute thing didn’t quite pan out. Sorry about that TV people.

Ah well, it’s not necessarily about the TV show. It’s about me (hello) and it’s about helping anyone I can with my story.


  1. I’m going to make myself a video like this, to remind myself.
    Thank you for helping me not feel so alone, even though we have totally different lives.

    Bridget Reply:

    @Meg, Yes! I was thinking the same thing.

    And Casey, xoxo.

  2. GAH. A huge enormous XO to you sweet Casey. Beautiful!

  3. You were inspired to tape that moment. Beautiful.

  4. That was so powerful to watch.

  5. Girl, you are seriously beautiful. Inside and out.

  6. Thank you a hundred times over for sharing your story. I found a lot of strength in it after we miscarried our baby recently. I was literally at my darkest, scariest moments and thought of you and the things you’ve shared and they are part of the reason I kept going.

  7. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Casey, you are an amazing, beautiful person. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with so many people that need you.

  9. This is wonderful Casey, and I hope most importantly that you never have to watch it… But that if you do, I hope it helps you remember all the incredible things about you and helps pull that real you back to the surface.

  10. So powerful. Captivating. I’m so proud of you, too.


  11. thank you. so much.

  12. I wish my friend’s dad could have seen this. About two weeks ago.

    (It was very powerful and really beautiful and I think it’s a great reminder for people to just hold on.)

  13. Amazing. I’m so proud of you. And I believe every word you said…I hope you do, when you need it most.

  14. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing your life with the world…you are amazing!

  15. omg. i love you with all my heart.

  16. I have a personal journal entry very similar to this. A letter to my self in case of a depression day.

    Casey you have a way of just breaking my heart completely open. I ? you so much hun.

    Untypically Jia Reply:

    @Untypically Jia,

    Okay, that question mark in there is supposed to be a heart. Cause I heart you. I don’t question mark you.

  17. This was so beautiful. I’m so glad you shared it. You would be wonderful on this show and I hope that you can share your story with more than just the blogging world.

  18. Beautiful, Casey.

  19. Casey, my friend.

    How wise and loving you are to record this message. Thanks for the gift of honesty that lets us know we’re not alone.

    It reminds me of Thich Nat Hanh, a buddist monk who recommends cradling our sorrow in our arms to
    help us understand, accept and move on.

    Love you.

  20. I know we’ve never met in the “real” world, but I just love you so much, Casey. What an incredibly smart, beautiful thing to do–both for yourself and for those of us with whom you chose to share it. I, for one, needed to see this today. Thank you.

  21. very moving video. You are beautiful and you will inspire and help many with it. hugs.

  22. moving. beautiful. wonderful. just like you. because it is who you are.

  23. Really really powerful. Thank you for sharing. Pick Casey, tv people!

  24. thank you.

  25. Thank. You. {big fat middle finger to depression}

  26. You are the BRAVEST person I know. Thank you for sharing this. You speak out loud for so many of us.

  27. Got it.
    Live it.
    Tears flow.
    Life moves.
    Alone in crowds.
    Crowded when alone.
    Chatter in my head.
    You’ll never be good enough.
    God saved the day
    And I have work to do.

    Much love,
    Ms Moon

  28. Casey, you are just so beautiful, in every possible way. This was a smart thing to have done for yourself, and a brave thing to post and share with the rest of us. Thank you for that. <3 <3 <3

  29. You are a beautiful and giving soul.

  30. Hearbreaking, because I know what it is to be this girl, then a different one tomorrow. Soul raising – what you do for so many of us.
    Thank you.

  31. Crying with you. What a truly wonderful message to have for yourself… and to share with others.

  32. Thank you, so very much, for this. You are so brave and so beautiful a soul. I hope it’s ok with you if I use your vlog of strength for me as well.


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