Whoa, it’s kind of  been sponsored post whoop-tee-doo up in here for the last little while. Sorry about that. This transition into summer has been really weird and as usual it seems that when opportunities come, they come all at once only you don’t realize it until you’re sitting down recognizing that this strange feeling your experiencing is relaxation bordering on boredom. Thankfully my DVR has been hard at work recording So You Think You Can Dance (!!!) and Breaking Pointe (!!!) I may be 5’2″ with boobs for days and thighs that could sustain a lost hiking party, but in my head I am a lithe and slender ballet dancer.

My cruise is in 68 days meaning BlogHer is less than 68 days away and EVO, where I am an opening keynote Ignite speaker, is way less than 68 days away. This makes me crazy because A) it means I have to get on a plane with my baby who does not do planes well and B) opening keynote y’all, people tend to actually listen to opening keynotes, of which I am one.

Addie has taken to singing about EVERYTHING. Loudly. All this loud singing about everything has led to some pretty interesting songs, I had to stop her during her ‘Yeast Infection Hoedown‘ though, things just got too weird. (See also: Yeasty Beasty diaper rashes are NO JOKE PEOPLE.)

Vivi walks. Just yesterday she figured out how to stand up without holding onto a wall, chair, cat or Cody’s leg hairs. There’s all sorts of politically incorrect things I could say about her walking and most of them involve liquor. I’m not going to be the one writing about drunk babies, especially not drunk naked babies running through the house airing out their yeasty beasty rash.

Speaking of drunk, I’m headed to Zoobilation this Friday night with Cody in a fancy dress. I’m even getting my hair done and if I remember I’ll pluck my random chin, neck, chest and nipple hairs before we leave. I’ve asked Cody repeatedly to alert me to the appearance of these rogue whiskers but he swears he sees nothing but perfection in my existence. It is for this reason (along with several others) that I don’t change the locks on him. We’ll be keeping it classy and completely sober, unless one can get cupcake drunk, in that case all bets are off.

How’s summer treating you so far? Also, what’s your favorite mascara? I’m on the hunt for a new one, preferably one that doesn’t flake or smudge but also washes off when I ask it to.


  1. summer starts for me next Tuesday. Let’s do what we used to do. Hang out, feed our kids, and watch them run neeked in the sprinklers. I loved (and miss) it…

  2. Vivi is the inverse of Charlie…he’s a total bird…bird legs, no booty…still totes cute.

    I hate mascara on my long lashes, but i recently found a brand by clinique i like for fancy pants stuff.