One of our Christmas traditions is to have an enormous bowl of M&M’s out and about from the moment we wake up until we pass out in a candy coated shell by night. Depending on how many people are around for Christmas the bowl is normally polished off by mid afternoon.

However this year there were only four of us and two of the three of us don’t really fit comfortably in our pants leading us to go easy on the bowl. We had lots of leftovers.

Lunch on December 26th consisted of leftovers (turkey!). When the moosh requested something else Cody said “Kid, we are only having leftovers for lunch.”

I then watched as a lightbulb popped up in her head as she muttered “The M&M’s are leftover, therefore M&M’s will be my lunch.” She then marched across the room, got a handful and sat back at the table.

When Cody finally noticed and started to say something I explained her logic in having “leftovers” for lunch.

The lawyer in him was appalled and proud at the very same time.

there's that personality again (and genetic tongue)


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it!! She totally cracks me up! ~Susan

  2. I like the way she thinks. 🙂

  3. Moosh is destined for great things! That logic was perfect.

  4. That’s awesome! She’ll be keeping you both on your toes for years to come…

  5. Brilliance, and at such a young age!

    PS–I made your chocolate cake from scratch and it was so yummy! My first cake from scratch ever. It fell but I forgot to use the cake flour that I bought—oops. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Cody may as well give up now. She’s got it all figured out. 🙂 Love her!

  7. That’s awesome!

    What a smarty!

  8. That is the BEST picture!

  9. Was I one of the two who is having a hard time fitting into her pants?

  10. I now have a song in my head … ‘one step ahead of you’… You’re going to have to stay one step ahead!

    Love the pic

  11. Engineer Bob says:

    When my youngest was six she was going to a friends house to swim after dinner. So trying to get her to eat something was next to impossible because she wanted to be done NOW so she could go and swim. I told her she needed to eat now because she would not be getting any food later. A few bites was all she would eat because she was full. I let her go knowing what would happen when she got home. When she got home right before bedtime she informed us she was hungry and she wanted some of the cheesecake my wife and I were eating. I told her no and reminded her that I had said no food later. She got very upset and said very loudly “cheeescake isn’t food it’s dessert!”.

  12. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

  13. She’s no fool! And that’s a great photo!

  14. Flawless logic. My six year old does the same thing to me, and it’s so perfect in its logic, sometimes I just sigh and let it go.

    Battles must be chosen with care.

  15. That is pretty funny. What a smart girl you have!

  16. She’s obviously smart. And pretty. And growing up in a loving and supportive environment. But in that picture she looks JUST LIKE a lunatic Colts fan I know.

  17. Love the Moosh’s logic!

  18. I’ve gotten good at hiding a grin with a scold. Funny when the little ones game the system.

  19. She’s a smart one, that Moosh!

  20. Move over Gene.

  21. That’s one smart kid you got there! I’m with her. I’ll take “leftover” M&M’s over leftover Turkey any day!!!

  22. Now that’s my kinda girl!

  23. I couldn’t help but think of your moosh when I saw this.

  24. the moosh and the Eldest Princess will make one kick butt lawyer girl power team one day. her arguments have gotten better and better as the days have passed. Now she’s in 2nd grade and we don’t have a prayer.