BlogHer sweet BlogHer, only three weeks away.

When Energizer came and said “No sponsor you say?”

Why no little bunny, no sponsor in sight,

but boy howdy I’d like one if to just pay for the flight.

“Well tell me dear blogger, tell me about you,

tell me why you’re here and about our batteries too.”

Oh dear bunny do I have a story to tell,

a tale I hope ends horribly well.

You see last year at BlogHer I was horribly sad

since there were things in my life that were going so horribly bad.

Allow me to use if I may, your new smart recharger to show how gray.

How gray were the storm clouds, drama and tears

the chance I could stay this way took over my fears.

Then came February with old friends and new

Things began to look up from under a Colts hat of blue.

Then just now back in June my dear Energizer,

My spirits were renewed like emotional Viagra from Pfizer.

I sat with my camera in front of a room

and told those dear bloggers how it saved me from doom.

(photo by Mrs. R.)

My camera I love, my flash I adore and the batteries inside?

Energizer, exactly four.

I felt so wonderful, I had such a blast

I only hope that my spirits will last.

That I won’t lose my charge, I won’t lose my spark

That I will be singing throughout Central Park.

With your help dear bunny and  your batteries in my bag

I’ll have plenty of photos for facebook to tag.

Thank you Energizer, thank you pink bunny

I hope you have found this post to be funny.


Phew! So this is my attempt to win a $2000 sponsorship for BlogHer from Energizer (I totally didn’t win…ah well, c’est la vie.)


  1. I had to tweet that because this was way too clever and cute. I hope you get the sponsorship!

  2. off to tweet my dear!

  3. I’ll comment here on Casey’s blog
    Without equivocation
    That she should be the awardee
    Of one New York Vacation

    No one could be more “Energized”
    And none could be more charged
    And when one seeks the shocking truth?
    Ma Moosh provides writ large!

    And while we’re noting what’s deserved
    Hey Dyson: lend an ear
    This one would dirty rugs for fun
    Send free models once each year!

    I’ll upvote, like and daily tweet
    To cancel law school loans.
    I’ll resubmit and spam my friends
    ‘Till Casey’s plight is known.

    So join me, fans of curly hair,
    Support all honesty,
    Vote Casey M. for President!
    (Or at least to fly for free)

    Casey Reply:

    @Robby Slaughter, Dude. You kick seven kinds of booty.
    (After my poem I feel as though that should rhyme, but then I’d be calling you Doody.)

  4. I tweeted and I Facebooked. I think after that poem you totally deserve sponsorship! That was awesome. I laughed, and yes, I cried a little cause I remember those posts.

    Casey Reply:

    @Untypically Jia, Which is why I love the Internet (most days) Thank you my friend.

  5. You SO deserve this!


  6. Done and done! Best of luck, my friend!
    Also the Viagra from Pfizer line? PURE GENIUS.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., Not much rhymes with Energizer! (Also? I thought it up on the potty. Bonus points right?

    Jen L. Reply:

    Haaaaaaaaaaa! Ok, that made me have to RUN to the potty! (Before I peed my pants…get it?)

  7. You’re a poet and didn’t know it. Love it. Still, I can’t see mention of “Pink Bunny” and not think of a little gift I brought home from BlogHer last year. Good luck!

  8. Tweeted!

  9. For you, absolutely! 🙂

    Yeah, I’d try the rhyming thing but I’m pretty sure it would just be lame.

  10. Your poem rocks! You totally deserve this. I don’t facebook or tweet. Any other ways to help you out??

  11. I don’t think I’ve written a poem in my life. You rocked this one. I really REALLY hope you are chosen.

  12. I tweeted the message.

    Outside of Indy winning, being a Patriot’s fan, I can not like that, I love the post.

  13. Great poem, good luck.

  14. LOVE your poem. Good luck and can’t wait to see you at BlogHer (hopefully wearing your energizer shirt)

  15. this rocked my damn socks. Off to NYC with you and your bunny friend!

  16. Very cute. Between you and Emily, Energizer need not look outside of Indianapolis for their girls. Good luck!

    designHer Momma Reply:

    @Heather, I kinda agree with what she said.

  17. hahahaha, I just wrote a post that apparently blows chunks. Good thing I came here after or else I never would have entered! Hope you win, so that I can at least have a chance at winning the Targ GC. LOL. LOVE YOU! 19 days!!!

  18. Who knew you could be so clever and rhymey?? 🙂 Loved the poem.

  19. I met you at BlogHer
    And at Blissdom, too.
    I liked you both times,
    even when you were blue.

    I can’t wait for the pictures,
    To see it all through your lens.
    If you get this sponsorship,
    Everyone wins!

    Good luck, dear sweet Casey
    In this energizing endeavor.
    I hope that you win
    Because you’re so clever!

  20. Whenever you do stuff like this, or the caulk post, I think “I could do that!” But the truth is, you’re special and funny and creative and absolutely unduplicatable. And I hope you win!

  21. I facedbooked your plea to win…I hope you win!

  22. Cute. And Funny! 🙂


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