School has started yet again.

But for the first time in eight years it hasn’t started for us.

This one is dedicated to all my dear graduate school widows…be you first year or fourth…

swinging curls underdog he's so patient with me my little kid and me three late summer shadows he loves me

Someday you will get your significant other back.

You will be able to go to the parkΒ  at a moments notice and not have to worry about finals, tests or boards.

And when you do get them back?

They’ll be even better than you remember.

At least that’s what happened to us, and what I hope happens for you.


  1. So beautiful. Happy for you guys!

  2. You’re my hero! Thanks for this post- it gives me hope that we’ll be a carefree family again in two years!

  3. I was a grad school widow in 2004- 2006 and it almost killed me, I give mad props to grad school widows with kids, that would have been so so hard.

    Casey Reply:

    @Allie, It actually was probably good for us, the moosh and I became serious buddies over the last three years.

  4. So sweet!! Glad you got him back finally.

  5. Amen.

  6. Very cute pic of you and the Moosh!

  7. he is so much better than i remember. matt, that is. four day work weeks are glorious. i’m glad it’s good for you too.

    Casey Reply:

    @erica, Yes but how is middle of nowhere Washington? Is that better than you remember? OR IZ U GOING CRAZZZYYYY?

  8. When I was working on my Masters, I feared my kids would remember only the back of my head at the computer when they looked back on their childhoods. (They survived.) When it was all over, I asked my then-12-year-old-daughter, “Kendall, what have you learned from all this?” She replied (sweetly), “Get your Masters before you have kids.”

    Loved this post.

    Casey Reply:

    @Mrs4444, That’s what we’re going to be teaching our kid!

  9. I’m an ex-grad school widow and brand new grad school widowee. It sucks on this end too.

    Enjoy your family time. I’m so happy for you guys.

    Casey Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain (Katie), I don’t doubt it, Cody had a moment where he was really bummed about missing the moosh growing up.

  10. Love the picture of you and the Moosh. So precious & beautiful!!!

  11. I will be putting my family through this in a few years! By then Peanut will be in kindergarten. Yipes!

  12. So glad you got your man back!!

  13. congrats!! that has to be an amazing feeling πŸ™‚

  14. you have a lovely life, you know?

    Casey Reply:

    @flutter, I do. I am blessed. I tried to tell an old lady once I was really lucky and she said “luck is for people without faith that they deserve something better.”

  15. Beautiful x πŸ™‚

  16. Awww! What a sweet bunch of pictures and definitely a point of celebration!

  17. Yay, grad school widows! So glad you’ve got your man back. And I’d like to give a special shout-out to all the “my former grad school husband is now going through the process of getting tenure” widows. I’m not sure which is worse…

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., Oh, if he goes back? Whoo. No thank you.

  18. Congrats to you and your family too!

  19. So HAPPY together! Sooooo glad you survived!

  20. The one of you and Moosh withthe flowers in y’all’s hair. {sigh} I love love love.
    Are y’all actually wearing sweaters?
    LOVE the swing one,too. But, you already know that since I gushed about it on Flickr xoxo
    Yippeeeeee for y’all!

    Casey Reply:

    @rachel-asouthernfairytale, Seriously, most perfect day ever.

  21. Great pictures! Glad you have your man back full time.

  22. This is our first year in 7 without being in school. Granted I have been a school teacher the whole time. However, as soon as Nate graduated and was finished, our little girl started kindergarten. Her school schedule is less demanding, but we will always plan our lives around the school year.
    I’m glad he is here to help get the kids ready in the morning…and home at night to read and sing and help put them to bed at a reasonable time!

    Casey Reply:

    @heidi, Or go to the park on a summer evening. *sigh*

  23. Beautiful! Happy for all three of you (as I myself start my ninth semester of grad school…thanks for the glimpse of the light at the end of the long tunnel!)

  24. What a sweet post, I’m so happy for you. Gorgeous pictures, especially the last one!

  25. Seriously. So Blessed.

  26. I’m so happy for you three. πŸ™‚ I know you will be enjoying each other!

  27. Beautiful πŸ™‚

    My sister just got her husband back after a 2 year-long (year-round, no breaks) physician’s assistant program. Not nearly as long as you lasted, and she doesn’t have a kid to take care of, but still- SHE IS ECSTATIC! He passed the boards last week, just has to find a job now. heh.

  28. I was a grad school widower for 2 years and it started the moment we got married. We lived in a 450 sq ft apt (no joke) glad we got that behind us.

    Glad you can too!

  29. Wait, what? My brother hasn’t annoyed the hell out of you yet?

  30. Awwww. That was sweet. You guys are lucky.

  31. Um, yeah. We got married in the middle of dental school. Wasn’t so bad b/c we had no kids, and I had a full-time job to keep me busy. Then we went to a one-year residency. Still no kids, so not too bad aside from the Colonel who decided to make DH’s life a living hell. What’s been harsh has been GOING BACK TO SCHOOL for a 3-year residency to specialize after being in practice (i.e., normal work hours, minus the 5-month deployment) for 6 years. And now there are TWO Colonels making DH’s life a living hell, and I have a house and 3 boys to take care of on my own. If I didn’t KNOW that the Lord sent us here, I’d be completely off my rocker by now (starting 2nd year). Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is repeating the mantra, “we’re SUPPOSED to be here, we’re SUPPOSED to be here, we’re SUPPOSED to be here…”

    So glad you’ve made it out of the grad-school tunnel in one piece.

  32. That was a lot of caps when italics would have been plenty. I just don’t know any html. Sorry for all the shouting up in here.

  33. I’m on my second year of being a grad school widow. I guess it’s payback for his being a grad school widower when I was in law school and business school. I look forward to this week with excitement (for my hubby) and fear and dread for myself and my little one…

  34. God, you are so pretty.

    I swear I’m not a stalker.

    Just envious.


    Casey Reply:

    @Carmen, *blushing*
    I’m happy, that has a lot to do with the *ahem* pretty. If you were to see my grumpy you’d be all “NOT PRETTY! NOT PRETTY!”

  35. Amen to that! With my Hubs just finishing law school and passing the bar earlier this year, we were just talking about how nice it is to be done! I wouldn’t trade what we’ve been through…every last tear, penny, drop of sweat…it was worth it and we’re both stronger (together) because of it. But dinners at home, weekends free to do whatever we choose….ahhh the bliss.

    Casey Reply:

    @Miss E, Yes. Blissful. Agreed.

  36. Just don’t let them graduate on to a job that is equally time-consuming… Learned that one the hard way.

    Casey Reply:

    @Grizzly Kitteh, Uh, well. Lawyer is pretty time consuming, or so I hear, but then again law school sucked hairballs. So, well. You know.

  37. Can I come to Indy just so you can take my family’s pics?

    Casey Reply:

    @Dawn, Yes. Please. Come, okay? Don’t tease.

  38. Yay, I’m so glad that you have your hubs back and what beautiful pictures!