HA! You can’t get me NaBloPoMo! I may be high as a friggin kite on Dramamine from a cross state drive in a friggin snowstorm but I friggin made it in time to post.

So there.


Perhaps lucidity will find me overnight.

Because the last time I had this much Dramamine I slammed my face into a glass wall.


  1. Hiya there friend! I’m so glad you made it in once piece! I was worried about you when the snow started to fall!

  2. whew! I was getting worried there!

  3. damn.

    And here I am feeling petty enough to hope that you would come hang out with us NaPoBloME losers…


  4. Hahaha eer uuuum I’m not laughing at you I’m laughing with you. I remember that post! Too bad you didn’t have the photo of the face smudge on the glass!!
    I didn’t know you were traveling but I’m very glad you made it safe and sound. I’m also glad you weren’t sucked under by NoBloBlaBlah- sadly it got me last week but it is oddly liberating.

  5. Phew! I was wondering if you were giong to make it! And you did! Hooray!

  6. Yeah – you made it! So am I included in your dating scene? or just my cute wife? If so – I’m looking forward to our third date in a few weeks 😀

    PS – Thanks for the comment!

  7. Do you want to undertake another drive and come to AZ to meet me? Seems like no one is ever close to AZ!