Dear World,

You’re going to have to be patient and bear with me for the next several months. You see, I have what could pretty much be considered a toddler. Not only does she toddle like it’s her job, she has the will of a thousand stubborn oxen. I’m going to have to take this toddler out in public with me, and spoiler alert: she doesn’t like being contained. I do my best to get in, get what I need and get out, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.

Today I had to wait at the pharmacy for a good 40 minutes. I let Vivi wander. She brought me bottles of cold medicine, boxes of colon cleanse powder and few random containers of vitamins. For the most part she put them all back. As we walked down the aisles I noticed she left random products in her wake and at one point she had a can of deodorant spray that I left in the display for Band-Aids. I’m sorry, I don’t know where she got it from and who knows what she would have picked up while I was looking for the deodorant’s proper place. When I unloaded my cart before leaving I found a rogue Beanie Baby, a can of soup and box of sugar free mints.

I’m really sorry I left them with the school supplies at the front of the store.

I tell myself leaving them there was better than shoplifting (albeit accidentally.)

I promise I do my best not to mess up store displays, I always pick up clothes that have fallen off their hangers, and I even put stuff back if I know where it goes. Chances are it was put there by a mom with a toddler who was just trying to make it out of the store without any contraband or fits.

I’m a really good customer, I just need you to be patient with me over the next few months as we figure this “taking the toddler out in public with me” thing.

We had to wait for grandma at the minute clinic. We did a little shopping.

xo- Casey


  1. Oh friend. I feel this. Eddie is finally out of this, but in the next year we will be right back in it again.

    I say as long as she isn’t spraying the spray cans of whatnot, it’s a win.

    Casey Reply:

    @Katie, If something gets sprayed next week? IT’S ON YOU SLUITER.

  2. Pretty much the cutest post ever. As long as she’s not screaming and pitching a fit, I’m sure no one minds. How could they? She’s adorable!

    Casey Reply:

    @Erica Mueller, She does say hi to every single person who walks by. It’s pretty hard to resist.

  3. I hear you. The toddler WILL NOT BE RESTRAINED.

    Casey Reply:

    @neal, I totally read this comment in a Mel Gibson Braveheart voice.

  4. The leg chub..the leg chub….so adorable!

    Casey Reply:

    @Shannon, Snuggle and nibble daily!

  5. Oh the cuteness! I die! I could watch her chubby little thighs toddle around behind that buggy all day. That totally makes a few misplaced items totally acceptable.

    Casey Reply:

    @Shelley, Just as she spends a majority of the day wandering around the house, I spend a majority of my day staring at her.

  6. I heart you! I really, really do! There was a time in my life when I had two toddlers under 2. I have no idea what I was thinking. Apparently I wasn’t thinking. This is not a grocery store story, but I think that you will enjoy it nonetheless. When my now 10 yr. old was a 2 yr. old, thought that it would be super fun to make us super late for church. How did she do this? She found a lipstick and decided to color herself, her hair and face, the carpet and the kitty. It was a fantastic Sunday. I don’t think that we made it to church that day. My now 8 yr old, used to think that it was fun to shove the new kitty down her heat vent. I also have pics of this event. We do not own any cat’s now..:) good luck my friend!

  7. Jill Dettman says:

    Those little legs are the most delicious thing I’ve seen in weeks! I would spend all day wanting to eat her.

  8. Haha I feel your pain 🙂 When I’m in the checkout line I have to make sure my toddler doesn’t snatch any M&Ms.

  9. Imagine the amount of “trouble” she could get into if there were two of her. I probably shouldn’t share this but the twins had a poop painting party once when left alone in their room (supposedly to nap). Fortunately, they never tried that stunt out in public.

    Also? The.thighs. Love!

  10. Um yeah… this. But with two. Two 19 month old stubborn sweeties that when I ask if I can help clearly know the word NO.

    Our options for errands diminish each day.

    And? I love every second of it!