A hairdresser I used to go to claimed that how you hang up your toilet paper is a window into your personality.

I have yet to change a roll of toilet paper without thinking about him and his tp tarot.

So I put it forth to you.

If you are a back roller it means that you are controlling, unwilling to share and reserved.

If you are a front roller it means you are sharing, outgoing and giving.

Now he didn’t talk about this last one, but I feel it deserves to be mentioned.

If you’re tp roll looks like the following, you’re most likely married.

Just sayin’.

So which one are you…is my hairdressers philosophy true? I’m a back roller personally, I only do it so the kid won’t play hampster wheel with the roll.


  1. Quit lurking to comment on this post – I couldn’t resist. Pre-baby I was always a front roller. I would even change other people rolls to front roll too. But with a toddler I had to switch to the back roll – one too many rolls of tp completely undone and piled on the floor. I like to think I still have the personality of a front roller though. πŸ™‚

    JOs last blog post..Sometimes Emails Make For Good Posts

  2. Mine is generally empty. Am I the ONLY one in this house that knows how to put on the roll?! Somehow he manages to get it out of the cupboard but he can’t put it on?! So annoying!

    If you can’t tell I am a back roller!

    a.mens last blog post..OF GOOD REPORT: Go Ye Therefore

  3. roflmao…I am a whocaresaslongasitsonthere roller.

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..Fart…astic time

  4. What does it say if you have three bathrooms and one is forward, one backward and one sits on the sink so your toddler won’t unroll it while you shower???

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..The Mark Post

  5. Ha! Honestly, I NEVER even notice which way it is going. I had to check and this time it was a front roll, so maybe I follow that pattern instinctively?

    Right now my instincts are telling me this is too much thought for TP. πŸ˜€

    Kalins last blog post..All Tuckered Out

  6. I’m a front roller and have been known to change roll direction is people’s toilets. It drives me THAT batty to see it on the wrong way. Crazy much?!??!!

  7. I prefer to front roll. Some people say I am controlling, but that’s just because I have a strong personality and they don’t know me very well. LOL

  8. We usually have about seventeen rolls in the bathroom but we cannot agree which way the roll should face.

    kiridas last blog post..Hey US Americans!

  9. In all honesty I really don’t care and I’m sure that I probably put it on different every time. I also know that I’m the one who is notorious for leaving the roll empty in our house. Drives the hubs MAD, he usually goes into some rant about how embarrassing it would be if there were company over and there was no TP. And I’m all well that’s why there’s kleenex… drives him NUTS!

  10. I am a front roller. Mostly because I am anal retentive. πŸ™‚
    I used to clean houses and we folded the tp.

  11. Back rolling drives me NUTS. It’s too hard to grab. So I am a front roller. And if I find it the other way I will change it, so does that make me controlling? LOL At work, everyone else replaces the roll and puts it on back-style, but I always change it. πŸ˜›

  12. I’m a front roller, and it drives me crazy if anyone switches that in my house. Which I supposed makes me generous and giving and all that — plus TOTALLY controlling when it comes to my tp. πŸ™‚ But, you are a complete GENIUS that back rolling means the kids can’t unroll it all, so I may switch all the rolls tonight despite the fact that it will drive me crazy to have them “backwards.” Because backwards will drive me less crazy than piles on the floor. Thank you.

    MommyTimes last blog post..Tutu-torial

  13. Front roller and have been known to change it at other poeple’s houses. Even stranger’s houses. It is a compulsion.

    The Diaper Diariess last blog post..When God Shows Off

  14. Totally agree with your hairdresser. I’m a front roller…fits the description of my personality. And totally change it if it’s the “wrong” way too! I’m glad I’m not alone!

    Evonnes last blog post..Birthday Cele-ele-ele-brations!

  15. I am controlling and reserved, but I also am giving and like to share. Which is probably why I leave the toilet paper roll sitting upright on the countertop.

    Now I can explain it to my guy.

  16. How about if your TP doesn’t even makeit on the roll and just sits on the floor?

    Amys last blog post..His and Hers DVRs

  17. I’m a front roller–it’s the only way that makes sense!

    It has never occurred to me to change the orientation of someone else’s roll, but now I will be sorely tempted. I am controlling, reserved, and very reluctant to share.

    Jenny in MNs last blog post..We Met Louis Sachar

  18. I’m DEFINITELY a back roller. Sigh.
    My partner is more of a “balance the new roll on top of the old empty roll” kind of guy.

  19. Sorry, blog wasn’t typed it right!

    Desiree Fawns last blog post..my inside room.

  20. I’m a front roller, definitely and always. Whenever Chris back rolls I change it to be front rolling. So, um, I give AND take? Just like MARRIAGE, again. Heh.

    Kerri Annes last blog post..I’m Being Followed By A Moonshadow. Or Maybe It’s Just A Supersonic Military Helicopter.

  21. I’m a front roller, but also seem to be the only one to replace the empty with the full, both at home and work. (And there are 20 different volunteers over the week – you’d think at least one of them would replace the empty!!)

  22. I have no pref…as long as there is some. And usually there isn’t.

    Kims last blog post..Separated.

  23. i personally don’t care either way. i would like to prevent the hamster wheel syndrome, but my husband INSISTS that it be front-rolled.

    megachicks last blog post..a classic (rock) education

  24. I’m a front roller, but I’m a bit controlling. For example, I absolutely HATE back rolling tp and insist that it be put on front rolling. See? Controlling. I’m such a mold breaker.

    Heather, Queen of Shake Shakes last blog post..So I lied. This IS a monarchy

  25. So funny… I’m a front roller πŸ™‚ My hubby is a back roller, if he ever changes the roll πŸ˜‰

    Nicoles last blog post..Happy Birthday James

  26. Is “sharing, outgoing and giving” code for “huge pain in the ass with no sense”?!

    Marinkas last blog post..Stroke Me Tender

  27. interesting.

    I’m a front roller and depending on the day, Nathan is either one πŸ™‚

    the last one, is definitely true. LOL.

  28. After growing up a back roller, a too-distant TP roll in my first apartment made me convert to a front roller by necessity.

    We’re also very frequently no-rollers in this house, unfortunately.

    LiteralDans last blog post..A conversation with D-: Balbo Drive isn’t far off the mark

  29. I’m definitely on the “Married” end of things.

    Toilet paper roll? What toilet paper roll?

  30. Mine usually looks like the last one….but not because of Hotty Hubby, its usually because the spawn steal the tp.

    Mad Woman Megs last blog post..Perspective

  31. Amy in StL says:

    I’m a front roller and that pretty much describes me. After reading the other comments I feel like I should apologize to all the back rollers out there for my fellow front rollers changing tp rolls that aren’t theirs. I feel a better tarot is whether one is a wadder or a folder.

  32. I suppose it means I’m apathetic, since I don’t bother to put toilet paper on the roll in a specific way. I just grab a roll, shove it on the spring-loaded thingie and hang it up.
    I mean, what’s the big deal? It’s only toilet paper.

  33. You missed the most obvious married one- where the empty roll is still on the hanger and a new roll is set upon the old one and being used because it takes THAT much energy to replace a roll of toilet paper.

    I am a top roller, because my husband, though incapable of changing the toilet paper himself, insists that that is the correct way. Frankly, I don’t care. Hrm. What does that say about my personality?

    Overflowing Brains last blog post..In which you fix my writer’s block

  34. That’s funny – I’m a front-roller, but I think that’s because of my *thing.* I have a *thing* about the way stuff touches each other and what-not. So really, my front=rolling is due to my controlling nature. πŸ™‚

    The Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Here’s the church…

  35. I’m a front roller. This way you make pretty folds for guests when they come. I know … barf!

    Crazy Mos last blog post..The Nose Knows

  36. i don’t buy the tp tarot. how you hang your tp indicates only 1 thing — in back: you share your home with pets (or kids). in front: you don’t…you just have normal, sane, adult people with no pets. quite simple, actually!

    Saras last blog post..I’m Alive! With a Recipe!

  37. Considering my husband is a backwards roller and I am a forwards roller, I would say it is EXACTLY RIGHT.

    Burgh Babys last blog post..Flakey

  38. Must. Go. In. Front.

    threeundertwos last blog post..Finished for Friday: Halloween edition!

  39. Someone in my office puts it on backwards; I am compelled to fix it.

    magpies last blog post..Introducing Lava Girl!

  40. I am a front roller but I think it is more of my OCD, but those things definitely sum my personality up.

    kates last blog post..39 Days…The Countdown Has Begun

  41. I’m a front roller and hubby a back roller. But I change his whenever it is not my way….back doesn’t make sense to me. Most of the time – he just leaves a empty roll – that’s ok- I get to put it on the “right” way.

  42. This is a fascinating study in human behavior. I take turns, first, front, then back. I’m actually really obsessive about making sure that however the last roll was placed, the next roll MUST be placed the opposite way. I’m not sure what that says about me other than I’m completely nuts.

    bejewells last blog post..Weird


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