In an effort to keep princesses from taking over my entire existence, I decided to introduce some more “testosterone laden” toys into the moosh’s collection.Autobots! Roll out!

Enter the Autobots. (Decepticons? I don’t know how to tell. Cody will be so disappointed.)

New Arrivals.

“What new land have we here, FlyBaller?”

“Not sure, PremiumGrind, let’s find some locals.”

Trying to make friends with Little People

Needless to say, Mr. and Mrs. Little People were not for opening up their door to ginormous shape shifting robots with guns for arms. So the bots traveled over to Weebleville, hoping the local law enforcement could give them some information about this new pink princess world.

A visit to Weebleville

Sadly, Penguin Officer Weeble was so frightened by the newcomers he was speechless (and messed his Weeble Police car, but shhh. That’s between us).

Then from across the room came a sweet voice,

“Boys? Oh Boys?” it was Snow White, the village harlot.

A welcoming Princess.

Snow White, FlyBaller and PremiumGrind all made fast friends.White gone wild.

Did I mention they made fast friends with the liquor cabinet too? It was a shameful sight when the village awoke to the three miscreants the next morning.

Snow White getting

The townspeople had had ENOUGH. With pitchforks in hand they tossed out the surly newcomers.

The townspeople drove the scum out.

The Autobots had no choice but to head out of town on the last Pooh train of the day.

Slow train to China.

Beaten, dejected, but satisfied. Snow White sure did know her way around shifters and ball bearings.


Are you DISGUSTED with me? It all started when I was trying to change one of the Transformers from car to robot and Cody told me “Transformers aren’t supposed to involve grunting, you’re doing it wrong.” Then he made me watch Transformers last night.

Talk about weird dreams.

If you have a little boy in your house posing as your husband or boyfriend, the Transformers movie was MADE for him. Same geeky deliciousness as the ’80’s cartoon, only updated with better graphics and lots of cleavage.




  1. very funny- I always knew she was a slut!

  2. The last time I saw Snow White, she was chain smoking while cussing like a sailor in the tunnels at Disney World. That was YEARS ago when I worked there. It’s good to see she hasn’t much changed her ways.

  3. Snow White my ass! As pure as the driven snow. teehee.

    Loved this post.

  4. I knew Snow White was hiding something!

  5. This is definitely one of the future episodes of the Transformers, right? I can’t wait to see what happens to the dwarves.


  7. tiny gramma says:

    It’s becoming extremely clear to me why, even though you lived with Emilie and me, you grew up in a different place. Your brain is amazingly awesome. And you make me laugh. Hugs.

  8. LOL Great stuff… I guess I have to watch Transformers now.

    And now I am going to sleep, where I will proceed to have nightmares involving Transformers and Snow White…

  9. I need your blog entries like I need caffeine in the morning! This was hilarious and just the new perspective I needed to re-enter my sons world of toys with fresh eyes! Suddenly, I want to get down on the floor and play with the Cars he is so obsessed with and show him how we can build the WORLDS! LARGEST! PILE-UP!

    We don’t have little girls in this house, so we don’t have any trashy dolls to enter into the mix, but the OVER SERIOUSNESS of some of the boy toys is enough to make me smile!

    Thanks for your blog and thanks for visiting my site. It was like I having a celebrity drop by! I’m still on Cloud 9! 🙂

  10. Hilarious. My husband forced me to watch that movie the day it came out. Two hours of my life I’ll never have back. But I must say, I love the word miscreant. It immediately made me want to have a Gilmore Girls marathon.

  11. Only you.

    I know that now…

    Only you would come up with a picture diary of transformers, Snow white and alcohol.

  12. It’s not just boys who love the Transformers. My six-year-old daughter ADORES them and recently forced me to sit down and watch the movie with her.

    I fell asleep. She was SO mad at me.

    Thanks for the hysterical post!

  13. You had WAY too much fun with that 🙂

  14. Reminds me of the fun photostory we created with a Nemo and some Jager on a camping trip…

    Love it!

  15. one of my kids came home the other night. when we asked what she had been up to, she said she had been PLAYING TRANSFORMERS with her friends. yeah, she’s 17.

  16. We could use a little dose of pink princessland here. I am up to my freakin’ eyeballs in trucks!

    Consider yourself tagged, if you so desire, this is an easy one, I know because I DO NOT DO hard memes!

  17. Snow White? Gosh, I knew Ariel was nothing but a little Sea Slut. But I had no idea about Snow White…

  18. Oh my gosh….YOU ARE KILLING ME with your awesomeness.

  19. I am sitting here BREATHLESS, ROFLMFAO…I cannot handle…once it hit Snow White with the bottle of liquor I was gone. hehehe Love Mrs. Little People peeking out from the window…LOVE this, LOVE YOU!

  20. Good gosh! I think you just gave Redneck Mommy a new idea of how to handle 24 days without Boo. She’ll be raiding the toy store tonight of all their Transformers.

  21. Already ahead of that game Bennie.


    Was it wrong of me to love that movie? And force my kids to sit through it when they wanted to see some other movie?

    I love me some BumbleBee.

  22. the moosh has some rad toys.

    We’ll be right over to play.

  23. Bossy thinks she’s seen this Disney movie!

  24. I always knew Snow White was a stank ho. (I’m channeling my inner ANTM contestant, you see.)

  25. P.S. Love the new banner!!

  26. Hahhahahhaaa….I love it.

  27. Came here via OMSH. I had to come out of hiding and say that you are hilarious!

    My baby girl? Plays with trucks, ala her big brothers. But she really does prefer her dolls 🙂


    the lil’ skank.

  29. LOVE, love, love it. You little story-teller you!

  30. Terrible!! Why did I just laugh so hard! 🙂

  31. HA! HA! HA! So glad your my cousin! ROFLMAO!!!

  32. Holy crap! You seriously rock!!!

    LURVE back!

  33. You are absolutely hilarious!!

    -Is that the bottle of liquor from your cake baking?
    -Transformers is both totally lost on me and totally mesmerizing to my man and children.

  34. That was freaking hilarious! I did a review of the Transformers DVD, and I was surprised how much I liked it.

  35. You are a trip! Love the pics to go with the story line.