Hey remember when I told you about that time we packed up and drove across the country with a two month old and a six year old? I didn’t? Yeah, that’s because I was hoping to never have to think about it ever again. Vivi lost her mind and decided she hated everyone and everything around the western border of Wyoming. I followed shortly by having a meltdown through the canyons of northeastern Utah.

Oh say can you see my sanity in the back seat? (Hint: It's not there.)

The next morning Cody woke up and said “Yeah, so you’re going to be flying home with Vivi. I’m not doing that again.”

I’m pleased to say that not only were Vivi and I upgraded to first class on her first flight, she slept the entire three hour flight home.

We have road tripped plenty and will road trip again. Addie has been on well over 40 flights and countless road trips and Vivi has already been to more than one tenth of the United States and she’s not even three months old. I kind of consider myself an expert. Or crazy.

Traveling with very tiny people is kind of a crap shoot. The best advice I have? Be prepared for a road trip with one to take twice as long as one without one. And if you’re flying? Something to suck on during take off and landing. Everything else is survival. Pray for kind seat mates.

However traveling with slightly older smallish people (18 months-3 years) requires outsmarting them. Novelty! Excitement! Constantly changing activities! The dollar store will be your best friend. There’s a magical age where simply sticking stickers on paper is enchanting. Little bracelets and rings are equally entertaining. So are little cars. If you were to see the backpack I used to take on planes with a toddler you would have thought I robbed every little kid of every Happy Meal toy from the beginning of time. Those goofy little toys can be lost, tossed and enjoyed without any long term investment and some of them are actually pretty fun. (Not to mention they won’t be hiding under your couch and in your mattress back home.)

Once Addie got older traveling got a lot easier too. She realized that falling asleep really did make the trip go faster and she is now entertained longer with a coloring book or notepad. Not to mention all the technology available these days. We do have a DVD player in our car but we only bust it out when we’re going to be in the car for longer than 2 hours. Novelty! Excitement! It even works on older kids too. (It works for me too, road trip snacks? Hello.)


I will be participating in a short little Twitter Party about traveling with kids on Monday August 1st from 8-9pm. RSVP in the comments section at Traveling Mom and you will be automatically entered to win a 2 night stay at any Omni Hotel property. (Whether or not you bring your kids is up to you.) I am being compensated for my participation, not for promoting a particular product (unless sanity while traveling with kids is considered a product, then yes! I endorse!)


  1. ah! please have Addie wear her shoulder belt over her shoulder. (Does she pass the five step test?) It is very important she also be sitting up in the car or she is not protected in the event an accident might occur. If she still sleeps I would recommend she still be in a high back booster seat* a graco turbobooster or SKJP Moterey), it will also ensure the seat belt sits on her shoulder not neck. Please don’t feel that I am harping on your parenting choices or being bossy. I only want children to be safe in the car as it is statistically the number one killer of children in America.

    if you have any questions email me or check out car-seat.org they know everything

    Casey Reply:

    @Claire, We weren’t actually driving when I took that photo, we had just stopped at a gas station and she got out to wiggle. (I can’t turn around in a moving car anyway…HURL!) I can assure you that she is always in a car seat and seat belt when the car is moving. Thanks for watching out for us!

  2. You are like my Road Trip Hero, man. I cannot imagine a trip like that with a newborn. And I love that Cody was all, UM NO. GET YO BUTTS ON A PLANE, LADY. ha 😉

  3. I can’t even imagine a road trip with a two month old. We did 10 hours with a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old and I though that I was crazy! Luckily the kids did amazingly well. I think I’m far too chicken to try it with a newborn!

  4. We did our first LONG drive in April. NJ to FL. I’m hoping to not do that again… but it was alright. I can tell you our car dvd player made the trip almost pleasant (and that I have memorized the entire script of Tangled now).

    I lost count of how many flights Zoe and Ana have been on. They’re old pros now.

  5. I don’t blame Vivi. I hate everything about the time I hit the western Wyoming border too. And I always have to drive through the rest of the state since I’m heading east…

  6. Roadtrips with little ones are a crap shoot, aren’t they. My oldest was perfectly content in the car as long as it was moving. If we stopped, ever, he would commence a 45 minute wailing session. Oh the things we would do to avoid stopping at stop lights. Praying, cursing, circling through parking lots… we did it all.

  7. Ha! We have the same gymni. I’m sort of obsessed with Tiny Love.

    Congrats on the upgrade, I’ve never been quite so lucky. I’ve driven 12 hours round trip with a 4 month old and then again when she was 10 month old (just this past weekend). She did better than her 4 year old brother. I think I should have stopped at the dollar store!