the moosh’s first trip to Chuck E. Cheese was today for a neighbors birthday party.

the moosh learned about the trots about an hour into the party.

the moosh had to leave her panties behind in a garbage can.

We had to leave early.

Mommyblog haters hate it when mommybloggers write about poop.

Hate away haters, I’ll have Chuck E. dig out those Cinderella panties and send ’em to you.

That’s all I have to say about my day.



  1. I worked at Chuck E Cheeses in high school. Let’s just say, the trots do NOT surprise me.

    She Likes Purples last blog post..Reaching Out

  2. Poor Moosh- was she mad about leaving the panties?

    Don’t feel bad about one little poop post- I’ve got a whole category for vomit on my blog.

  3. Moosh Momma,

    I am the husband of Reese (of “Butterneck Toad” fame). I have greatly enjoyed your blog; as it had been narrated by Reese, to me, for quite a while. I think you are brave and terrific. I can’t articulate in this feeble little text box what I would want to say to someone with the huevos to put their lives out there with such candor. These days, its hard to find inspiration… so thank you once again.

    Scott in the Keys

    Scotts last blog post..When "long" becomes "too long?"

  4. this is good stuff… thanks for letting me know that there is a rule about no poop talk on the blog…had no idea…

    marlas last blog 80’s crush…

  5. Trots? Never heard that one before! Poor girl! I’ve been in some messy situations with my girl! Oh my POOP!

  6. AW…poor Moosh. Poor you! 😀 … seeing as I’m not a mommyblogger.. I don’t mind poop posts! Bring it on girl!

    EmilyPies last blog post..The Cop-Out Post

  7. I tagged you on my site with an award because I never know whether I’m going to leave your site laughing or crying and that’s why you ROCK.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Someone likes me, they REALLY like me!