Ah, gosh. Thanksgiving. The biggest most forgotten holiday of our culture.

If I were a holiday I would want to be Thanksgiving.

Just think of the patience and love Thanksgiving has. As soon as we all come out of candy coma on November 1st the Christmas trees are out and the “FA LA LA LA LA-ing” is all up in Thanskgiving’s business. But Thanksgiving is still there.

Thanksgiving doesn’t even care that we take take take and fall asleep before it’s through.

Thanksgiving loves us. Even though we don’t give Thanksgiving all the credit it deserves.

So here’s to being more like Thanksgiving, patient, steadfast, constant, modest and not jealous of that whore Christmas. (Well if it is, it doesn’t show it, and that’s a quality I’d do well to learn.)

Want the cheesy list of cheese that I’m thankful for? I really need to for my own good since I’ve been a wallowing ball of misery because I miss my husband so badly.

Ooh, when I start thinking about it, there’s so many things I’m grateful for. Gosh, I do a fantastic job of making myself miserable with missing my husband because there are countless blessings in my life. I have a healthy, funny, wicked smart and adorable kid. I have a husband who is just the bee’s knees in so many ways. I have a family who thinks I’m awesome, I think they’re pretty awesome too. I have friends, REAL friends, not just those fair-weather kind. I’m healthy, I have one of those bright shiny futures, I have talents, I have good teeth.

And to any of you who are reading this-THANK YOU. This blog has pulled me out of dark caverns when I needed it most, and the fact that you’re still here, either out in the open or lurking has soothed my troubled heart on more than one occasion.  I started this blog as a way to keep my family and friends updated on the fruit of my loins while we were in the wasteland wonderland of Indiana and it’s turned into one of the greatest things I could have ever done for myself.

That you’re all here to share it with me makes me so thankful.

the moosh needs a tishme, the little toad went and got sick. OH, BUT I’M SO GRATEFUL THAT I HAVE THE MEANS AND ABILITY TO CARE FOR HER.

To think, I almost complained on Thanksgiving.

I wish all of you peace, love, happiness and gratitude.

And I wish my husband were here.

But I’m grateful he’s working his tail off back in Indiana.

You know, for us. Thankful, thankful, thankful.


  1. i’m so glad to be here.

    you rock.

    happy thanksgiving…though i think you should change your thanksgiving to the same time as ours. don’t you think the beginning of november makes so much more sense?

    kidding. sorta.

  2. Up here in Canada we had our Thanksgiving back the beginning of October. Which I kinda like. She doesn’t get passed by with upcoming Christmas then.

    However Tim and I are going to Montana this weekend to get some of those sales.

  3. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! We’re not doing anything special this side of the pond- no room to invite people over. NEXT year watch this space- I’m going to have the best damn Thanksgiving in England you’ve ever seen!!

    Sorry moosh needs a tishme!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

  5. I like your cheesy list of thankful cheese.

    Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays, second only to Christmas. I just wish it was more of a “season” than it is, you know? Happy day of family and gravy!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. Yeah! Eat the turkey and dream the tryptophan dreams of healthy children and loving marriages and good teeth and better friends. Huzzah!

  8. happy thanksgiving…please think of little old me…sitting at my desk today. at freakin’ work. boo!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!

    And hooray for good teeth 😉

  10. Happy Thanksgiving. We pretty much look like CHristmas up here in Alaska starting the middle of October. We trick or treat with coats over costumes and the fall Thanksgiving decorations seem like a joke when we’ve been in winter for a month and a half.
    Sorry you miss your man, I hate it when Mike takes off, even for a day or two. We spent enough time apart when he was military. Now that he’s a lawyer we thought we were safe. But when people are as few and far between as they are up here, travel will be involved.
    This is huge for a comment, I must really like the sound of my keyboard.

  11. happy thanksgiving, casey. and moosh… feel better. just ask your mommy for another tishme.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Casey & Moosh!

    Sending love & tishmes!

  13. I thought of you today and how you kept all of your food from touching. Really I did. All of mine touched, I was really disgusted. Kiss, kiss, love your list. Hoping the moosh gets feeling better! Loves and hugs.

  14. Happy Turkey Day! I’m glad it was a good one.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving…

  16. You are awesome!

    And I wish Thanksgiving were such a big deal here. It sounds like so much fun having 2 holidays so close together (well, if you’re not the one cooking, anyway).

  17. see thats why us canadians have thanksgiving before, so its not forgotten

  18. Happy Turkey Day….