Look! Addie drew me a picture for my birthday…it’s her!

“MOM! I’m sixteen and I have a baby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Then there were the turtles.

there's a very distinct shell clicking sound when turtles do it. you know, in case you were curious.

Allow me to subtitle the scene for you. “Click. Click. Click. Click.”

Only it was more well. turtle-ish.


She clarified later that she was “just babysitting.”

But the turtles still never explained themselves.

It was a good week.

(turtle photo from my lovely Sarah, who hopefully recovered from, you know, that…up there.)


  1. That’s a lot for just one week!

  2. Michelle says:

    You know, I never ever considered how turtles….

    Love Addie’s pic. 🙂

  3. Nothing says “you’re getting older” quite like your child telling you they’ll have a baby at 16 (I’m choosing to ignore the babysitting clarification for the sake of my joke).

  4. last year at the zoo I saw the King of the Jungle giving it to his lady. It was loud, and I giggled like I was 16. My sister took a video. I told PK they were just playing around…

  5. Oh those dirty turtles. 🙂

    Addie. Sweet, sweet Addie. Glad she was just babysitting.


  6. Haaaaaaaa! Unfortunately, this is not the first time I’ve seen turtles do it. Apparently my husband and I are like aphrodesiacs for zoo animals–they mate every single time we’re around. EW!

  7. Those turtles have issues. That’s all they EVER do. We’ve also seen the giant tortoises — you know, the ones that “race” to their outside home to start the month of May. Everyone jokes about being like rabbits, but I think they should be joking about the Indy zoo turtles.

  8. Your little artist, what a great picture. I bet it just made your heart melt.

  9. My 3 year old already talks about having a baby in her belly. I am in trouble with that girl. Hope you didn’t have a near fatal heart attack!

  10. This is so funny! We went to the zoo and saw two turtles doing the same thing! Must be that time of year!

  11. You might want to lock her up now.

  12. Olivia Singleton says:

    Mom, I’m pregnant! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Best birthday ever.

    Also, turtle sex? Hot.

  13. You know, it’s just not a good trip to the zoo unless there are animals going at it.

    Glad you enjoyed your BIG day and that you are still alive after seeing the drawing of your 16 year old with a baby!! 🙂

  14. I really enjoyed how you spaced out the c l i c k s because really… they’re turtles, and they’re slow.

    But honestly… somebody celebrated your birthday with a bang. Hahaha.

    Yeah, it took me all day to think of that.

    bow chicka wow wow.

  15. Oh, that made me laugh! And I’m sure you laughed too, after you found out that she was just babysitting and your pulse returned to normal.

  16. Those are the horniest turtles! They do that ALL everytime I’m at the zoo.

  17. Two heart attacks in one week! (;

  18. that is an amazing picture! I just didn’t know?