So my little friends, looks like I’m not the only Twitterdork.  So allow me to explain Twitter in my own words.

Let’s say the internet is High School. Every time you post on your blog it is the same as standing up and giving a report in class. All eyes are on you and for a few (sometimes painful) minutes you are the star and you get the feedback, the praise and a “grade” on your presentation.

Well if your blog is class, Twitter is lunch period. Everyone all together meandering in and out of conversations when they have the chance. Contributing when they want, starting new topics when they want and announcing general craziness when needed. Twitter is just like the worlds longest mass text message ever. Twitters show up, one after another as people post them. They just keep going and going and going. Sometimes they are responses to other Twitters, sometimes they are questions and sometimes they’re general observances. Regardless, once you do it, even just once, you’ll “get” it. (I should also mention that you can pick and choose whos Twitters you follow, so you can keep up with friends and favorites easily.)

It’s awful really, yeah,  awful fun. Sometimes all you want to put out there is that two chocolate chip cookies with a bunch of frosting smooshed in the middle is really really tasty, but you’re not quite ready to devote a whole blog post to the topic of frosting stuffed cookies. So you Twitter it. The world knows of the pure sugary bliss that is cookies piled with frosting and you are off the hook of trying to figure out how to make frosting smooshed cookies sound interesting enough to devote and entire post to.

Does that help you Twitterdorks want to become my Twitterhos? Hope so. Does it also make you want a frosting smooshed cookie? Because you totally should.


  1. “It’s awful really, yeah, awful fun

    This literally made me chuckle out loud.

    Twitter really is addicting. . . and, like you, such a great excuse to write things down without having to figure out how to make it into an entire post.

    And. . . according to Twitter, aren’t you supposed to be napping after that double-cookie-icing-sandwich?

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Update

  2. Twitter is like crack.

    Just what I need, right????? 😉

    Loralee’s last blog post..When your world turns upside down in the blink of an eye.

  3. Wow you un-friended me fast. Just like high school indeed. Was it something I said?

    No worries – loving the posts. Keep them coming.

  4. Mwahahahaha….I brought you over to the dark side!

    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fussy’s Linkapalooza – This Last Trimester Ain’t for Sissies

  5. That’s a very tempting description, I do like constant attention…but I’m still not convinced. It sounds kind of like an online forum and I always get bored with those. But I will check it out. My son may begin to lack quality care if I add another online obsession…

    Jeanelle’s last blog post..Entertain Me

  6. twitter gives me a headache! Too much chatter in the lunchroom! Of course I still twitter but some times OY VEY!

    Lindy’s last blog post..Randomness

  7. Oh dear Lord I had no idea. I’m gunna need twitter therapy soon I can just tell.

    Darla’s last blog post..Update on my ceiling hole…errrr crack….

  8. Oh, wow. As much fun as it sounds, I think I’ll pass. I have Facebook and the blog, and 4 kids, so I think that’s probably just enough. Don’t you? 🙂

    Kristin’s last blog post..Oooh, I’ve been Tagged!

  9. what? you want me to what with the twitter? show my twitter or look at other twitters…

    i feel funny.

    i will look at this twitterhoo thingie and get back to you. or…. the twitterheehaa…

    look, kids! a bird!

    Yolanda’s last blog hour, 2008–TODAY!

  10. I AM RESISTING THE TWITTER! I use my “status updates” on facebook as a mini twitter, and I’m always checking my friends for status updates, and that is addicting ENOUGH. Ok? I don’t need anymore internet crack! =)

    Marie Green’s last blog post..Garage Sale

  11. So, THAT’S what I’m supposed to be doing over there!

    Wendy’s last blog post..SO not fair!!!

  12. wonderful explination of twitter…. and p.s. I’m following you.

  13. I like frosting smooshed kids…

  14. i just caved last week. and went over to the twitter side. i’m a total addict.

    ali’s last blog post..nutshelling

  15. I totally can’t. I can not allow myself to devote one more minute to this computer. I will just have to watch and learn from you! Stop by! You’ve been tagged!

    Binkytown’s last blog post..Guess the week

  16. yeah, I get it…I just CAN’T keep up!!!

    ~JJ!’s last blog post..Why I love my daughter

  17. Even after your very “real world” tutorial of Twitter, I still don’t get it. Oh well. I’ll continue living in my own little world.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Reunion

  18. I’m so your Twitterho.

    LawyerMama’s last blog post..For Jenny, The Bloggess

  19. You forget about the losers like me: after we cave and join in, we find that we actually can only find like 3 people we know who are twittering. Still, that takes up time. So we force ourselves to quit so that our children may have meals and clean underwear. Those of us with addictive personalities simply cannot handle Twitter.

    charli’s last blog post..The Day is Just Not For Parents of Young Children

  20. Kirsten says:

    I am now one of your twitterho’s. Oh, and I also just signed up… gotta get the laptop back up and running, dammit

    follow me… follow me…. follow me and save your life…

  21. I’m totally addicted…it’s my new crack!

    Erin’s last blog post..Let’s Get Our Train On…UGH!!!!!!!!

  22. this very nice, thank you.