NYC Watchdog lost his Puppy Monster two years ago today.

Mike lost his Mooseroni nine weeks ago.

These two little kids made dads out of these two men, and they did a damn good job.

Dawg and Mike?

I love you both.

We all love you.

And we’ll never forget them.

Or you.

Happy (bittersweet) Father’s Day.


  1. Casey,

    Thank you for doing this!
    So sad.

  2. This is a nice post. Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there.

  3. oh, very well said! Happy Fathers Day to all Dads and Granpas!

  4. Thinking of them today and all the dads.

  5. *sniff*

    Thinking of them and my friend’s husband – they lost their child to Cancer 8 weeks ago. Bittersweet indeed.

  6. Peaceful Father’s Day to them, if not happy (although I do wish that it could be happy).

    And I hope that you and the moosh had a happy day with her dad.

  7. Fatherhood isn’t something that can be taken away. I hope those two were able to take a moment to be proud of themselves for giving their babies the best love they could in the short time available to them.