This is an easy one.

I got married. (this time ’til death do you part)

June 2001

My civil wedding dress

Ooh, it’s like so hard being a size 4 and 19 years old.

I was sealed. (this time for time and all eternity.)

June 2002.

Our Temple Sealing

Ooh, my life is so hard at 20 with a handsome husband and my 28 inch waist. Pity me.

Then I got fat.

Summer 2003.

Who's the fat chick next to Cody?

Hey? Who’s that fat chick next to Cody?

Intrigued? Isn’t this the best NaBloPoMo you read?

I know right?

*Ahem* Sorry.

Stay with me and you’ll be rewarded with cellulite rich photos of my chubby summer year.


  1. I LOVE YOU! SERIOUSLY, THIS is why I love you, and am so utterly jealous of you. At least I can admit it.

  2. …now anyway.

  3. HOPE!

    Seriously- I’ve kind of chunked up a bit myself in the past few months- so you’re very skinny pic on the side of the blog gives me super-hope!

  4. Have you two been together when he wasn’t a student??? I was just doing the math…
    Oh, and you just showed yet another reason to be a mormon, you can totally justify two weddings 😉

  5. This IS the best NoBloPoMo EVER!! Is there a prize for you at the end of the month?? You’re just too clever to come up w/ a theme/concept to keep us hooked and reading!

  6. At first I was all, “Oh, she’s pregnant there.” But then I did the math it’s just too soon.
    I hope today is a double post day! hint, hint

  7. I’m laughing right now because I just posted my fat/skinny pictures and story.

  8. Can’t wait to hear the rest…

    And (excuse my stupidity) – why the 2 ceremonies? And are they usually a year apart?

  9. THAT’S your fat picture? I soooo have you beat!

  10. Yeah, that fat picture is definitely a bigger you, but I would never look at that photo and say YIKES that girl looks unhealthy!

    You are indeed rockin’ this month!

  11. i love nablopomo!

  12. I must agree that your story has me sucked in. So much so that I discussed it with The King this morning while we were having breakfast.

    Oh, and both dresses are AWESOME. I love that you had a fancy dress for your sealing. I didn’t even wear my wedding dress to my sealing. I’m am boring. And dumb.

  13. Gorgeous dresses…Gorgeous you.

    THAT is NOT a FAT picture!

  14. Did the 3rd picture have anything to do with your ability to bake all those scrumptious goodies? No really, it’s not bad at all!!
    The dresses are stunning by the way!

  15. I think it’s important that you know I’m not a patient person. But I’m TRYING to mature here.

  16. I’m sucked in, and while these pics are great I need the rest of the story!!

  17. i love this post. you look gorgeous in both wedding pics, and your fat picture is not even fat! sorry to seem ignorant, but can you please explain the two weddings??

  18. I love those dresses! I’m so intrigued by your stories! Your fat picture isn’t really fat, but I can see how it’s ‘fat’ for you. But we know you can rock a bikini (after having a kid, tooo!).

  19. aw… your civil dress is beautiful!

  20. I have been loving this series.


    Also? I have some seriously fat photos to show you when we start the commune 😉

  21. Loe the pics! We got married June 2001, too. 😉
    Ummm… that’s a fat pic. Yeah.. um… nope, sorry.
    You’re just too cute.
    Thanks for fun reading!

  22. This is just the best blog ever! It doesn’t hurt that Moosh is so cute that my ovaries ache! Thanks for the laughs.

  23. First, you were a lovely bride. Second, are you gonna ‘splain the sealing part to us non-Mormons? Why the year to wait?

    Third, you’re making me feel old.

  24. Doh! I just clicked on the link for the sealing…never mind. Off to read.

    btw your series is the best procrasination tool EVER.

  25. Happens to the best of us. Only I’m still trying to fight the chubs and from the looks of that bikini photo you’ve already gotten there.

  26. First of all, you were a lovely bride. Both times.

    Secondly, I was wondering how you could have lost so much weight being sick with Moosh. I was a little worried when you told me that. As for the weight gain – it happens to all of us (it sucks donkey balls, but it happens). I call it happy fat.

  27. Woah! I can’t wait to hear how you lost it. I’ve gained a ton since the kiddos. I’m working on losing it, but I still have about 20 pounds to go.

    You were a gorgeous bride. Although you’re going to have to explain why the civil and religious ceremonies are so far apart b/c I’m too lazy to click links.

  28. Okay, I’m a Mormon and even I was confused with the two weddings…took me a minute to recognize the one year apart thing. I’m tired…so that’s my excuse.
    And by the way – STUNNING!

  29. You were a beautiful bride, and a beautiful, I don’t know what to call it, eternal wife? But yes, you must clear up the mysteriousness surrounding the two ceremonies a year apart, even if I already do know, obviously others do not.

  30. Such a pretty bride. Both times.

    And nice ass from up above. I’m not brave enough to show you the pic of me in my bikini when I was over 210 pounds. Five years ago. It wasn’t pretty. And medication was to blame as well.

    Let’s just say, I see your cottage cheese and I’ll raise you some…

  31. Seriously. You are so awesome for posting these, and ditto what has already been said about the giving of hope. I am in the midst of starting operation: healthy kerri, and this post inspires me. Also: I have a really similar photo of myself when I was on the gulf coast early last year. (The one you posted on the entry after this one.) I actually made myself motion sick from just bouncing around knee-deep in the waves.

  32. I’m commenting here because you turned off comments on your newest post (naughty girl). Although now that I”m commenting, I’m not sure what I was going to say. But HA! I’m commenting!