UPDATE: Congrats to Meredith S. and Matt W. for winning the two Wii U Bundles!

Another product post, sorry, but when Nintendo asked if me if I wanted to give away two Wii U bundles to you guys I couldn’t say no.

Addie was asked to be a part of the Nintendo Kids reviewer program several months ago and she’s been taking her job very seriously.

Originally I set her up to write a portion of this giveaway but her little blurb contained so many ALL CAPS DECLARATIONS FOLLOWED WITH WAY TOO MANY !!!!!!!!! I figured I’d bottle her enthusiasm for another project that we’re working on.

I have always been partial to Nintendo as they don’t offer bloody, nasty games where you could run over prostitutes with cars, or gut pirates with your bare hands.

Plus, it’s what Cody and I grew up on — so while Addie may have been the only member of our family to be formally invited into the program, little boy dreams inside my husband have come true.

Showing our age.
Here’s what we are loving so far:

  • No need to buy new controllers or games when you upgrade to a Wii U or 3DS, old games and controllers (Wii, Gamecube, DS) work with both platforms.
  • Cody loves that the Wii U has an HDMI hookup (nerd.)
  • I love that I can set parental limits in regards to online activity.
  • Addie loves the controller pad that comes with the WiiU, it’s so much easier to use the touchscreen to make things like Miis or put in passwords or names than it was with a Wii-mote.
  • Addie loves the Play Nintendo site as it gives her hints and tricks to games she owns as well as notices for free game downloads, printables (there were Mario themed pumpkin carving stencils for Halloween) and it lets her preview new games to see what she may or may not want to add to her Christmas list. I love it because it’s a site I can drop her off at and not have to worry about the content being inappropriate. If you ever played Nintendo as a kid you’ll appreciate the nostalgic touches to a totally modern Nintendo experience.
  • The Play Nintendo site for parents is equally great as it lets parents know what’s available (like a downloadable tour of the Louvre, parents can sneak it onto their kids console but no kid I know is ever going to see ‘virtual tour of the Louvre’ and think GAME ON!) as well as the truth about what’s really happening when kids go online through their Nintendo devices and how parents can control how much their kids can or cannot share.

I have two WiiU MarioKart 8 bundles (ARV $299.99) to give away to two of you. HOW TO ENTER: Click over to play.nintendo.com and play.nintendo.com/parents then leave a comment here about what stood out to you about each of the sites. You have until 10 p.m. EST Sunday, November 16th to get your entry in. (Click the gold question mark box a few times while you’re over there.)


Fine Print and Disclosure: Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. Both winners will be randomly selected from eligible comments and contacted Monday, November 17th and have 24 hours to respond. If no response is received, a new winner will be selected until both prizes are claimed then winners will be announced publicly. While we have graciously received product from Nintendo, we have not been financially compensated and all opinions are our own. Good luck!


  1. Man, Nintendo was my childhood! I checked out both sites and as a gamer and parent there are benefits to each one. A child who is new to Nintendo would have a blast learning about the characters they’re about to play. It really brings some extra life to the game. The parent site was fairly organized and I believe all parents would be able to navigate it easily.

  2. I love that the sites are similar, but appropriately geared toward their audience. And what a font of useful information!

  3. Michelle Morris says:

    I love that the Parent site talks about what the kids can do online through WiiVerse. My boys are at that age where they are getting more and more curious about social media but I’m still worried. This explanation really helped me understand exactly what they’re doing on WiiVerse.

    On the kids version of the site, my boys will love the “Misadventures of Link” series, IF I can get them to stop playing long enough to actually look at the web site!

  4. I love that the kids site has a lot of things kids would love (draw a Pokemon, video of Yoshi’s track on Mario Kart 8, those crazy question mark surprises – I did click on a few – coins EVERYWHERE!).

    I noticed the parent site has info about parental controls and that is something I always look for – how can I make sure the kids are safe while playing online. It’s so hard to know how to lock down certain platforms so I appreciate this!

  5. All of the characters I grew up with are still around, but they have an updated look. I love that the information is clear, that it’s fun and engaging for the kids and still fun and informational for the adults. Nintendo will always be my system of choice – I’m glad to have Mario and Link and Kirby spending evenings with me. (We named our dog Kirby because he was my favorite character)

  6. The Play Nintendo site is a little crazy but fun. Our household is super into Mario so of course he and Toad are what I noticed first. I giggled at the gold question mark box! Awesome!

    It’s cool that there’s a separate site for parents; I checked out the holiday gift guide… but the biggest item on our Christmas list is simply the WiiU, so I really really really really REALLY want to win it here. That would be a big relief because I don’t know where to get the money for this bad boy 🙁

  7. I love that both sites are similarly laid out so they are easy to switch between. I love the idea of being able to see what my kids are viewing on the parent site and also being able to see everything that is available (I’m all about sneaking in art!), It is also really cool the variety on the play site, everything from learning to draw to Disney videos.

  8. Stephanie McGee says:

    I love idea of playing games with my kids that I grew up playing. I like that there is a separate site for parents and for the kids.

  9. What a blast from my past! Nintendo has gotten so savvy! I loved all of the fun activities and downloads on the main play page. I may have spent way too much time on Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up. I love the crash courses for the parents. That is the sort of stuff I would like to read and I like all of the details of all of the different games.

  10. I love that it’s the same characters I know and love, and I can approve of my kids playing the games too. I like the explanations to help parents understand what their kids can access online.m

  11. I like how simple the kids site is. user friendly for all ages. Love the parental controls on the parents site.

  12. Jessica Lodge says:

    I like the set up of play.nintendo.com. I think it’s easy to navigate, and it’s very young person friendly. I also like that it has activites.
    The play.nintendo.com/parents site seems set up nicely for parents who aren’t too into video games and maybe need a little education. I actually think that is a smart idea, as I am definitely one those parents.

  13. On the play.nintendo.com site, I love the Holiday Gift Guide. It’s an easy way to narrow down all the random requests for whatever games my son wants and to learn more about each of them.

    The parent side is full of information that is so helpful. I especially like the explanation of Miiverse. My son uses other online community sites (webkinz, club penguin) but those are not a mixture of ages like Miiverse can have.

  14. I liked how easy the sight is to use, especially the mobile version. Also loved hearing the classic Mario theme song!

    Fingers crossed!

  15. First off, I love that shirt and want to know if I can buy one.

    I like the kids site having videos and interactive tools for the kids.
    I like the parents site having a gift guide – that way I know what games the kids want (since it’s on the kids site too). The sites are easy to use too.

  16. Okay, I did not realize Nintendo only made kid-friendly games. I guess I just haven’t paid that much attention. Love that! I loved seeing all the “old” characters from the classic Mario Bros. I love that they are still big in all the games but more modern.

  17. I liked that the sites were both similar and easy to use. I liked seeing all of the characters I grew up with too! :o)

  18. I like that the site geared for kids isn’t over stimulating with obnoxious colors and flashing images. I like that the parent site is basic yet covers everything I as a parent am looking for. I not big on video games but I do approve of Nintendo’s family friendly quality games.

  19. Amy Brandt says:

    I love that my kids can use older video games on a newer gaming system. A website for parents is a plus. They have a lot of information I need before letting my children play video games.

  20. I love that all the Nintendo characters and games that I grew up with are still around. That and I love how the Wii U makes it possible for lots of players to be involved and that the games are family friendly.

  21. The formatting of http://play.nintendo.com/ reminds me of Windows Phone operating system tiles, and uses many pictures to grab your attention. Great tip for clicking the gold question mark, gathering the coins was my favorite one!

    The http://play.nintendo.com/parents/ website comes across more like an educational hub. I also definitely noticed the article on the right side offering parents a tip for helping their kids build a homework routine.

  22. First, thank you for doing this contest!

    The first thing I noticed about the play.nintendo.com website was all the bright colors. I think it helps appeal to younger people. As for the play.nintendo.com/parents website, I noticed it offers insight on the games without having to play them. This helps parents connect with their kids who are fans of the games!

  23. Erika Earl says:

    I wouldn’t be very honest if I said they we don’t own gaming systems other than Nintendo but oddly enough it’s my husband and I that play the other systems. I absolutely love the 3DS that my son carries around and we have been taking advantage of the Nintendo websites for a while. He gets so excited for the codes that give him points for downloads and I like that I can watch every thing he does ;). Not as a mother but as an aunt I love the activities listed for younger children. My children are old enough that I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do with younger children anymore. Hand me a toddler and I go weak in the knees (not from happiness either). My niece and nephews are all relatively tech infused so anything that helps me come up with ideas for an age group that I don’t normally entertain is AMAZING!!

    My son is a lovely little tween that is so confident in himself that I don’t worry about him too much but still, given his age, I’m a nosey mother. I love that as he has grown up a bit the Nintendo has grown up with him without him running over prostitutes or, my least favorite thing ever, killing cops. His grandfather was a police officer and, as my father, that police officer taught me well to disgust that type of behavior. No matter how old the boy gets I don’t think I will ever be “ok” with some of the more popular gaming franchises.

  24. For the kids play nintendo site, the fact that there are many quizzes that tells you what character you are stood out to me. I think it makes children feel more connected to the characters they get as results!

    What stood out to me on the parents play nintendo site was that the articles describe more than just plots and how to play the games. It explains to parents what messages are sent through the games (ex: be artistic).

    P.S. Love your site 🙂

  25. The astounding lack of Animal Crossing in my current day-to-day life. That’s what stood out. Also, the parental control info. But seriously, Animal crossing. Need all the bells.

  26. I think the thing that stood out to me the most (on both websites) is that there is a lot of information (in a good way!). You could take quizzes, watch videos, learn more about the different games, etc. All very helpful and engaging! I also liked the ‘tips’ on the parents’ page.

  27. All the character squares with info about the characters on the kids play nintendo stood out to me. What stood out to me on the parents play nintendo website was the Parent’s Guide. It is full of great info educating parents on features and controls built into Nintendo’s software.

  28. What a great contest. Perfect time for the holiday season!

    The amount of games and entertainment stood out to me on the playnintendo website.

    On the parents playnintendo website the mix of video game knowledge and real life aspects such as keeping you children active and doing their homework stood out to me.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  29. What stood out to me on the play nintendo website was the vibrant colors and the large amount of content! Would definitely keep my kids busy for a while.

    What stood out to me on the parent’s play nintendo website was that the website helps us parents understand the characters our kids will be relating to when they play these games.

  30. I tried to comment earlier. I couldn’t find the gold question mark boxes you were talking about???

  31. Emily, the gold box kind of blends in with the other icons. It’s shaped like a cube, and when you click on it some cool things happen!

    On the play.nintendo website the personality quiz stood out to me. I took the quiz and got paladin haha. For the parents play.nintendo site, the crash courses stood out to me. I now fully understand what the miiverse universe is!