the birthday girl & the moosh on Flickr - Photo Sharing!Addie and I were there on Maddie’s first birthday. One year ago today. We ate cream puffs hung out in a swanky (albeit pretentious) lunch clubhouse for little kids (and their nannies apparently) and I even stole (okay, took with permission) some toy guitars in homage to Maddie’s rock star of a dad.

I would have never imagined that she wouldn’t be around 5 months later.

Never ever ever.

I just realized that because you and Addie were here in her room,
Maddie slept in my bed and that is why she woke up next to me on her
birthday. Thank you for visiting us Casey. I am so glad you got to
meet my baby.

I woke up on the morning of Maddie’s birthday to this post from her mom. I went into their room sobbing. Maddie and Addie were oblivious. They were just stoked to have someone to play with. Maddie is was and always will be so loved and cherished. There’s no words for how happy I am that I had the opportunity to be in Maddie’s presence and slimed by cream puffs.

I miss you and our Skype chats little kid.

Happy Birthday Darling. xoxo


Today would be a perfect day to make a donation or purchase a NICU support pack from the charity inspired by Maddie and started by her parents. C’mon. You can’t say no to that can you?