Princesses have overtaken my life and thrown up on every part of it.

Princess purses, princess cakes, princess phones, princess pillowcases, princess dresses, princess toothbrushes, princess CDs, princess movies, princess dolls, princess bows, princess shoes, princess balloons. Princess, princess, princess. Anyone with a three year old girl is nodding their head in commiseration.

I swear I didn’t mean for it to come to this.

I avoided princesses.

Happily ever after, phooey.

But somehow they snuck into my life and dug their perfectly manicured nails into every part of the moosh’s (and therefore my) existence.

Unrealistic ideals? False idols? Too much pressure on beauty and materialism?

Yep. Probably.

But you know what?

I’d prance around in a princess dress every day if I could. I could easily break out into song at a moments notice. And these princesses are nice girls. They love their parents. They love their princes. They’re monogamous. They love their friends. They love animals. They love personal hygiene. They love nature and they love a good tea party.

And we all know how a good tea party can turn a bad day good.

So until some princess comes along with a roach clip, a forty, a potty mouth and a pack of condoms. I’m going to let them stick around. There’s nothing wrong with wanting happily ever after.

Now if I could just get that damn fairy godmother to show up…


  1. *lol* The signs of a woman succumbing to mom-dom! Welcome to the flock! Right now my girls are still too into Pablo and Diego…but I know my days of princess-ness are coming!!

    I’m with you on the Fairy Godmother!

  2. Going for the Windex to clean the screen.

    Hey, am I the only male reading your blog these days? That doesn’t make me…like a princess or anything like that?

  3. Princess C:

    Have you seen the new Coen brothers film? Talk about breaking into song!


  4. This is a little off topic but we watched “Knocked Up” last night and I thought I might be actually watching the Moosh on screen…the little girl in the movie looks so much like your daughter!

    I think the negative princess connotation comes in when adult women are labeled as princesses, implying they can’t (or won’t) do anything for themselves. As for little girls liking princesses, there are far worse things for them to be into!

  5. As soon as I saw the title I knew this was going to be good…little girls are like giving birth to the “pink aisle” at Toys R Us!

  6. What if your fairy godmother has the roach clip and forty? Waving her “magic wand” for all to wonder at?

    The good news is the three year old princess fanatics grow up to become Britney Spears/Hillary Duff lunatics.

    Good fun.

    You’ll be begging for that roach clip then, I tell ya.

  7. I think some of the BRATZ dolls come with a forty. Or at least, they LOOK drunk. =)

  8. I am so with you on this.

    I was never a girly, girl. Now that I have Emily?

    I am all about the pink! And the lavender!

    And just spent over an hour putting a (grumble, grumble) doll ensemble together.


  9. lol! compared to the other crap out there- I’m grateful for the princesses and Dora 😉 Now if that Godmother shows up- ou send her my way, mmmkay?

  10. Oh, I could tell you some stories about princesses that would make your head reel. Snow White and Cinderella may appear to be happy-go-lucky chicks, but when they are not “on stage” at the joy that is Disney World, they are often sitting around smoking and cussing in the tunnels below. Cindy once told one of my friends to f-off when she asked to borrow a lighter. Good times, good times.

  11. Wait, I thought we WANTED the princesses with the joints!!!!

  12. lol….

  13. Wonderfully written. I have two girls, there are never enough princesses dolls to go around. I agree with you on all points except one. Ariel is the black sheep on the bunch. She doesn’t listen to her dad AT ALL. But at least we could tell our girls, “If you don’t listen to us, Ursula the Sea Witch is going to get you!”

  14. i am soooo done with princesses. unfortunately, my girls are not.

  15. What? You don’t have Gangsta B*itch Barbie where you live? Complete with restraining order? Or Tupac Ken? No?

  16. Ooookay – sorry about that. Tried to put the * instead of the “i” and I just cursed on your nice blog.


  17. I’m with you…I didn’t have Barbies or baby dolls or anything pink or frilly growing up, and I thought I wanted it that way.

    BUT, since my little girl is all in love with princesses (and ponies!) I’m finding I…well, like it. Still not buying Barbies, though.

  18. My daughters are 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 and LOVE princesses. Frankly I’m dreading the day my 5 1/2 year old no longer twirls around in her pink flannel nightgown and dreams of being a princess. There could be much worse things to aspire to be. Actually my 2-year-old told me just this morning that she wasn’t a princess, wasn’t a queen, but a king! Ha! 😉

    They’re both pretty rough and tumble, too. They’re not prissy and they love animals, so the princess twirly girl thing is fun.

    We’re also all about Barbie.

    My poor husband. He’s drowning in estrogen over here.

  19. I traded in my combat boots for a tutu once my daughter was born. And I love life in the PINK lane. Love it!

    Never in a million years did I think I was going to say…

    “Now, do you think Princess Aurora would say that?” or even… “Stop that! What would Belle do?”

  20. We were in the Disney Store today, and Cordy was unimpressed with the Princess stuff. She much preferred Mickey and Donald. I nearly fell to my knees and wept, thankful that we’re still holding off the Princess onslaught. So I bought her the Minnie t-shirt and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plate she wanted.

    I don’t think that worked the way I wanted it to.

  21. princesses are awesome.
    (except when they live in canada and insist on wearing their gowns and heels to school in the dead on winter. and don’t you know, princesses. don’t. wear. tights.)

  22. hehehehehehe

    love it (times three!)


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