I have always had a love/hate relationship with Victoria’s Secret. Her stuff is lovely, but overpriced and in all honestly, non-functional. Not to mention it’s all packaged and sold to us from the bodies of the most gorgeous and unrealistic teenagers Brazil has to offer. But still, every once in awhile a girl wants something a little frilly and impractical to flounce around in. I learned back in April that Victoria now has something close enough to my size, 32F, which she calls 32DDD and which I call “just small enough to give me a backache and cleavage of champions.”

Out of curiosity I meandered through a local store to see what lace and rhinestone encrusted beauties Victoria had for me. This is what I found:


black and beige


not you

Nevermind, Victoria. You clearly didn’t need or want my money anyway.

Somewhat related, here’s a photo of Vivi with one of my big boring bras on her head:



  1. What a lovely beige. My dorm room was that color.

  2. Girl With Curious Hair says:

    OMG! Your daughter is the best thing ever.

    As a fellow 32 DDDer, may I suggest Intimacy as your bra store of choice? They’re a little pricey, but they will size you properly and have BEAUTIFUL bras for every size. My first lacy French bra? Everyone noticed that I walked differently every time I wore it. Pretty AND practical. Their locations are fairly limited, but hopefully, you can visit a store during one of your travels.

    Alternatives: barenecessities.com which has a lot of the brands/options that Intimacy has if you’re comfortable shopping online (bonus: bra sized swim suits) and Nordstrom, that has great options AND professional sales people that don’t try to squeeze you into things that don’t fit.

  3. I remember that bra fitting post. It was a real life changer for me.

  4. I have a similar problem, but it’s because every single person, it seems, in this area, wears the same size (though apparently none of them WEAR the bras *shudder*)

  5. Lindsay says:

    I am typically an easier size to find, but pregnancy and now breast feeding has put me in the 34DDD category. Turns out the internet is your friend for the less common sizes. And VS has a decent online selection in your size, I’m betting. Although I’ve decided Victoria only has one style of bra that I like, which I believe I now own in something like 4 different sizes (since I kept thinking, “there’s no way they’ll get bigger than THIS so I should buy bras now” during my pregnancy). Geesh.

    Being somewhat new to this ballgame, I have no good suggestions. But I’ll definitely be checking back to see what stores other people like. 🙂

  6. I used to feel the exact same way! I used to be a 36F/DDD, so I know how you feel! Check out their website or go to HerRoom.com. They have a bunch of stuff for us… blessed women!

  7. Lol oh Victoria how you tease us big boobed girls.

  8. Yes, go to HerRoom! They have lots of sexy stuff and have great sales all the time! From your friend, 38F

  9. Barbara’s New Beginnings near Keystone is a GREAT place and has sizes from AAA-N and in fancy designs if you desire.

  10. If it makes you feel any better, some of us small boobed girls have a tough time there as well. I’m a 36A, which is apparently a weird size because I have trouble finding it. Lots of 34As out there, and 36Bs, but 36A is apparently odd. I walked into VS one time because I have a gift card to use, and I couldn’t find a single bra in that size in any of the styles I wanted. Boo.

  11. She did the same with my bra. But it was hot pink. Glad to know I haven’t scarred her for life.

  12. I’m also part of the small band size, big cup size sisterhood. Not sure if you have Dillard’s there, but it’s the only place I shop for bras anymore. They have some in fun colors and patterns for under $50!!

  13. Yep, I’m a 34DDD/F so I feel your pain. I found bras at VS, but they are so boring. 🙁 Online they have a few other colors.

  14. Have you tried soma? I find their prices reasonable and while I only like a few select fits, they have fun colors!

  15. I haven’t done a real bra fitting in a LONG time, because I am terrified to find out that I wear a bra cup size bigger than a DD. I love you big-boobed women, but I would be happy if I was a C cup. I don’t want big boobs! And yes…I’m whining about it!