So toddlers. SUPER CUTE.

SUPER high maintenance.

I forgot how exhausting these little people can be. Maybe when kids are closer it all just kind of blends together into one sticky fingered blur, but I had a good four year break from toddlers and four years is MORE than enough time to forget what having one around is like. When I tell Addie to do something she generally does it, it may not be done perfectly well and while she gets distracted an awful lot, stuff gets done.

Telling Vivi to do something? It’s basically like telling a cat to do something. They look at you as though they understand (and you’re pretty sure they do) yet they keep on doing whatever it is they want to be doing. She also has a terrible habit of running directly for escalators. Vivi + escalator + me = Gladiator at the mall.

BUT, this phase is so funny, she picks up on the strangest things and marches right along to her own little belly thumps with bunny tucked up tight under her arm.

Sunglasses? Upside down.

Working hard at being Vivi.

Favorite accessory? Addie’s underpants on her head.

She really liked the salesman at Macy’s tonight and basically ended up using her little chubby hands as window wipers on his glasses as he bent down to say goodbye to her and bunny, all while squealing “WIGGYWIGGYWIGGYWIGGY!” He didn’t seem to mind.

She’ll randomly forget where she left bunny, stop dead in her tracks and call for him. “Bunny. Bunny? BUNNY!” Her calls get progressively bossier.

She loves to slurp noodles.

Bunnies can't eat soba noodles, but they can watch you eat soba noodles.

She eats the bubbles in her baths no matter how many times I tell her to stop.

Whenever we park the car she yells ‘READY!?’ as though we’re headed into battle.

If you stand in her way she will orbit you as though it is the greatest game to ever exist.

She nearly jumped out of the car today to wave to an airplane.

She still stacks her piggies.


She calls elephants “Lee-Lows” and sticks her tongue out as she says it.

If you ask her a question she’ll shake her head and said “Uh, no. Uh-uh.” and walk away from you.

She kissed herself in every mirror at Macy’s tonight, which is clearly why all of us continue to be so healthy.

kissing mirrors

Whichever arm isn’t clutching bunny swings with purpose as she walks.

Girl loves to be naked. Laughs like it is the funniest thing she’s ever experienced.

She feeds bunny (or in this case, puppy) a bite of everything she eats (bunny gets very dirty.) She even makes little “nom nom nom” sounds for her pets as they eat.


I wish I could remember ever silly little thing she does. I’m doing my best, but my entire days with this child are filled with so much silliness. (She will not say “silly” she will only giggle if you ask her to say it.)

When she gets up from her nap she’ll start out with an “Addie?” as though she’d like to see her. Then it progresses to “ADDIE?” as though she’s remembering how much she likes her. By the third “ADDIE!” they’ve generally found each other and Vivi squeals with joy that her friend is back.

When she waves goodbye she puts her little paw right up at her cheek and waves with just her fingers. “Bye!” If you’re lucky she’ll blow you a kiss too.

vivi and the mirror

That was an awfully fast year.


Vivi answered 48 questions over on Babble. Most of her answers involve bunny or cheese.


  1. Good heavens. She is delightful.

  2. Casey, I have been reading since I was pregnant with my “baby” who is now 4. But…I haven’t commented in years. I remember reading all you went thru to get darling Vivi. You seem to radiate happiness now and I couldn’t be more delighted for you. She is a masterpiece.

  3. She’s adorable! I feel the same way about the age gap – I am out of practice!

  4. That’s so awesome! You’ll love remembering this stuff when she’s older I’m sure.

  5. I have been reading your blog for a while,you were the first Indiana blogger that I have found. I live in Indiana, so especially love to see your take on local events and issues. I love your blog and your daughters are adorable. I cannot decide which is cuter, the toes or all of that hair!! My kids all had tons of hair so I love to see other kids with it as well. Its not often you see little people with lots and lots of hair!

  6. My daughter is 25 months and instead of saying “cheese” when I take her photo she says “cheese pizza.”

    She is definitely my daughter. It kills me everytime.

  7. Oh my was that a fast year!

    I love those stacked piggies.

  8. Siiiiigh. She is so gosh darn adorable.

  9. How stinking adorable is she? I loved toddlerhood with my daughter, but now with twin boys? That’s another story.

  10. Love, love, love this girl! Almost as much as my little one. Thanks for the smiles!

  11. Oh, how I love little toddlers. They are so funny (and your cat description is right on).

  12. You may have already heard of this book, but have you read “Knuffle Bunny”? It sounds like her to a T. 🙂

  13. I love doing this, documenting them at this age. My memory is shot, so these kinds of things remind me when I’m seriously trying to remember one of my kids at 6 months. Damn. Was she ever 6 months? It seems so fully erased from my memory that the words and photos are the only thing to jog the recollection.

  14. I feel like wearing my sunglasses upside down sometimes too. I think she’s onto something.

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