Adam and Vivi-0175

*farts* “Whoa, that was my butt waking up.”


*seated at a very busy restaurant, large man walks by* “That’s a very big boy, I’ll bet he has a very large bellybutton on his butt. But you don’t. You have hair!” (Butt Bellybutton = Male Genitalia.)


*Addie comes home from school, Vivi is very excited. She hugs Addie then disappears. Addie sits on the floor to do homework. A few moments later, Vivi shows up naked and waggles her bare rear in Addie’s face for absolutely no reason.*


“Vivi! Don’t lick the walls!”




“Okay, poo-poo-head.”

“You don’t call me, or anyone else, poo-poo-head. Understand?”

“Yes. Sorry…pee-pee-head.”


Vivi is eye level with Cody’s butt bellybutton at the moment and is obsessed with randomly throwing punches at it. I’ve heard Cody yowl from three rooms away more than once.


“Will you please cut a banana for me?” *proceeds to cut banana for Vivi and serve it on a plate* “NOOO. YOU CUT MY BANANA AND THE ROCKET SHIPS ARE GOOOONE!” *melts into hysterical tears.* For the record, banana “rocket ships” are the pointy bits at each end I generously trimmed off because Addie never liked their total lack of symmetry.


“What’s your new friend’s name?”


“No, Harper.”









  1. I love vivi-ism posts. They’re my fave. And so is the term “butt bellybutton”

  2. This posts makes me miss teaching toddlers.

  3. the world neeeeeds videos of vivi talking!!!

  4. I love this kid. I really, really do. And I’m pretty sure she gets most of her awesomeness from her mother. (Sorry Cody.)

  5. I was talking to my husband the other day about the ages/stages that I miss the most. My kids are almost 18, 14 and 9 (eeek) I enjoy a snuggle with babies from time to time. But I miss the toddler years the most as tough as they were there was also so much discovery. I love watching how their mind works. Your post just confirmed that toddlers are where the magic is at.

  6. I was in a ****ty mood and that 100% made me feel better. Better than cute animal pictures could have ever done. So thank you for that.


  7. Oh my gosh, that child is hilarious! You have your hands full there!

  8. Funny how you have started up with “Vivi-isms” I have been posting a few things lately of what Noah says in a story, because I didn’t want to make anyone feel as if I’m plagiarizing their title with the suffix “ism” in it, but after seeing you do it I will start titling ‘Noah’s words’ Noah-isms instead!

    These kids do say the darnedest and funniest things…especially at this age!

    Take care Casey!