So…Vivi found her volume switch.

four months.

Multiple times today I made MAD DASHES across my house to make sure nothing was eating, pinching, sitting on, stealing, choking, scaring, hitting or biting the baby. Because surely babies don’t just randomly shriek out in the same high pitched shrill tones for every emotion they’re capable of conveying.

Turns out Vivi does.

And it’s the stuff scary movies that include children in the plot are made of.

Cody keeps the monitor turned up extra loud for whatever reason I’m not sure of yet because I can assure you that if she wakes with the monitor at a normal human level he’ll feel my kick long before he would ever hear her over the monitor at any level. I’m scared of what we’ll be awoken with tonight. It could be that she’s excited for another day of being a baby! Or she’s being eaten by a R.O.U.S. The monitor is capable of amplifying Vivi’s newly discovered volume switch exponentially.

I can hear her breathing through it right now.

The thought of her trying out her new mandrake shriek at two a.m. simply because she can with the monitor up this loud?

I may very well wet the bed.

Vivi screaming me awake or Addie standing thisclosetomyface when I open my eyes

Suddenly it’s a toss up.


  1. Have you seen the movie Paranormal Activity? It the first thing I thought of when you mentioned Addie standing watching you while you’re sleeping. Also the mandrake shriek would freak me out too, I say lower the volume when he’s sleeping. You’ll be awake after all anticipating the shriek.

    Casey Reply:

    @Marta, I do not watch scary movies. Especially ones with children. It’s just asking for trouble. They’re creepy enough as it is.
    And yes, volume must be lowered because last night? I didn’t pee, but I came close.

  2. BAH! If only her hair didn’t make her mandrake shrieking so cute!

    xoxox Moosh

    Casey Reply:

    @Sarah, *sigh* I know. Cute babies could get away with murder. Good thing they can’t, you know, murder people.

  3. I very well may have wet the bed (if I had been in the bed) because this post was so funny. The fact that you rolled R.O.U.S. and Mandrakes into a post deserves a good laughing pee. Vivi and Gemma could have a shriek-off.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ohh Betsy!!, It weeds out the non pop culture readers.

  4. A Harry Potter AND a Princess Bride reference in one post? I could kiss you on the mouth!

    But maybe I should settle for knitting you some earmuffs.

    Casey Reply:

    @Molly, As you wish.

  5. Oh, the things I have to look forward to in a few months. Though I suspect my shrieker will involve a boy with curly brown hair, blue eyes with lashes that for miles, and a startlingly large baby nose. My son already has his daddy’s profile in ultrasounds. I half expect him to be born with a full beard.

    Casey Reply:

    @Emily, I giggled at the beard thought. And then I kind of hoped that it does happen.

  6. You and your cultural references made me laugh.

    Casey Reply:

    @ami, *bows*

  7. LOL! I remember those days. Not with Riley, but with Angel.

    I’ll cross my fingers that your bed will remain dry! I totally agree that it’s a toss up which one is worse….they are both scary in their own very special way 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Sarah, Addie’s is more scary on a paranormal level, Vivi’s is more scary on a my baby is being stolen level.

  8. Ahahaha, Mandrakes and R.O.U.S.’s, oh my!

    Hysterical references aside, maybe it’s a phase, and HOPEFULLY it’ll be a very short-lived one. <3

    Casey Reply:

    @Liz, Given how many times she squawked in church today?
    That’s debatable.

  9. References to Harry Potter + your humor = I think I love you a little bit! Thanks for making me giggle!

    Casey Reply:

    @Emiky, Glad someone can find humor in my horror. 😉

  10. Little Vivi looks like a fuzzy baby bird with her downy hair. (A pair of birds built a nest on my patio, and the cute babies are peeking out, bald except for a soft tan fuzz on the tops of their heads, that waves in the breeze.) And I’m sure you’d confirm that her hair has that amazing baby smell!

    Casey Reply:

    @Sylvia, Oh she does smell yummy, and she moves her head around like a little bird too. Well, a very big baby bird.

  11. THAT HAIR! And her squawking at you!? I love it! HAHAHAHAH!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jessica V., The hair gets her away with a lot.

  12. My daughter would (at VERY random times) turn her head to the right and SCREEEEEECH for no reason! It scared the pants off me and any old person with in 30 feet of her!

  13. this just stuck me as so funny. i lol’d for a very long time!