My kid is sick. I think. She’s like a puppy. You can never really tell that something is wrong because they’re so happy! and peppy! and excited! and waggy! and wiggly! and exhausting!

Well, at least you can’t tell anything is wrong until they hit a wall, foaming at the mouth, twitching uncontrollably. Or in the moosh’s case, screaming every time the desire to pee hits. As long as she doesn’t have to pee? HAPPYPEPPYEXCITEDWAGGYWIGGLYEXHAUSTING! But if she has to pee? Misery for all within earshot. (earshot=me)

For those of you without penises, you’re already nodding and uttering the letters UTI, urinary tract infection.


You see, the doctor came in after seeing the moosh’s test results his exact words were “Huh, well, it looks like we’re going to get her on a broad spectrum antibiotic and you’re going to have to call back in two days to see what’s going on with your little kid.”

So that’s not good right? If it was just a normal UTI the doctor would come in and say “Hi, it’s a UTI, here’s this prescription.” Of course if it was worse he would have kept her overnight or something, ultrasound maybe?

This is the point where mild hypochondria and parenting don’t mix.

Thankfully the moosh will continue going on with the PEP! and the WHEE! and the FUN! and the LOUD! and the EXCITEMENT! I love that little kids are so resilient.

mai kid.

Three and a half year olds are the best dang example of a good attitude. They are incapable of throwing themselves a pity party. It’s actually kind of obnoxious, sometimes.

Now go down there and vote please. I have a deep seated desire to be in a calendar. Srsly.


  1. God she’s gorgeous. She looks like Shirley Temple in that photo.

    Marias last blog post..Dance, Dance [IV]

  2. I feel her pain. I’ve had issues with UTIs ever since my 4th baby. They are a total pain in the, well, you know where!

    Alysons last blog post..The Berkshires, Part 2 Tyringham

  3. I work in a urologist office. The doc is probably culturing out the urine to see what exactly will kill the bacteria. It takes two days for a culture to grow.

    Your daughter is a real cutie!

  4. oh gosh your poor little girl. i got one yesterday and had to go to the doctor’s office today. i hope the antibiotics kick in quickly for her!!

    Jamyes last blog post..oh, mondays

  5. That picture is SO cute! Hope she gets well soon!

    Heidis last blog post..The Cross

  6. I’m hoping everything will turn out very run-of-the-mill and mundane for you! My oldest daughter had chronic bladder infections for three years when she was little. The funnest part? Having EVERY single doctor and specialist ask me if there was a chance she was being sexually abused (since there is apparently a connection and UTIs are somewhat uncommon in such young kids). Yeah, those were good times. Again, for you the order is: run-of-the-mill. mundane. Ok?

    Stacey @ Happy Are Wes last blog post..Shouldja, Couldja, Wouldja?

  7. Oh, poor girl! And poor mom for the infamous non-diagnosis (we get those A LOT!) Not that I think you’ll need it, but we go to (IMHO) the best ped urologist in Indy on occasion. Going next week, in fact. Email me if you need a name. But you won’t need a name.

    Debbies last blog post..Weekend Update

  8. Lisa in TX says:

    UTI? Ugh! Both of you are miserable, I’m sure. Hope she feels better, soon.

    My 3 1/2 year-old daughter turns 4 next month, and she’s *all* about the pity party. Every tiny little thing that goes wrong (her little brother grabs a toy she wanted, I tell her she can’t have a snack while I’m cooking dinner, etc.) brings on the crumpled face and flood of tears. It’s every bit as tiring as the boundless energy.

  9. I think your doctor is being smart. Pam is right – waiting for the culture is wise before making a diagnosis.

  10. True to both sides on the waiting… to be in the mild hypochondria stages, but it’s also best to know before diagnosing. Our little girl suffers from high pH levels. She’ll be fine except for when she has to potty, and then it’s MISERABLE…tears! screaming! We thought she had a UTI and turned out that she has one of the highest pH levels the dr. had ever seen. She’s normally healthy, but every now and then there’s an outbreak of redness and itchiness and pain during potty. Cranberry juice every day generally works…and lots of it!

    Good luck! It’s sad to hear that the moosh is down.

  11. My youngest had a UTI and the doctor told us that kids who get UTI’s are more at risk for Kidney Reflux, which means that the little flap that keeps the pee from going back into the kidney doesn’t close all the way, and if she gets a UTI, then she is at risk for kidney infections. Anyway, they tested her for reflux by getting a VCUG, which really sucked, but they did find she had it. Anyway, she outgrew it (which is normal), so it was no biggie, but if she got infections, we had to be really careful. I have been told this is pretty standard treatment for kids this age. And yes, it also takes a day or two for the culture to grow so they know just what they are dealing with. BTDT too many times… Good luck!!!

  12. emily had a UTI when we were OUTOFTHECOUNTRY and she was 4 and needed to pee in a cup and she refused and it was HELL, i tell you.
    so i’m just nodding along with this post, Casey. i HEAR you. hope that sucker clears itself up for both you and the Moosh 😉

  13. I beg to differ. My son, who turns four in November, threw himself a pity party on Saturday. I think he was feeling a little slighted in the attention department (rotten baby brothers!) and decided to spend the afternoon moping and talking about how sad he is. He even tricked me into bringing a grandparent into the mix, the manipulative little bugger. He never wants to talk to anyone on the phone, so when he asked me if he could talk to my dad when I was on the phone with him, I was like “Yeah! Right on! Finally he wants to talk to his grandpa!!” But then he got on the phone and said only these five words, “Hi Crampa Yarry. I’m sad.” Totally changed his tone just for that conversation, then proceeded to hand the phone back to me, as a a look of satisfaction crept across his face. “That’ll teach you to pay attention to that baby. Suck it mom!” Luckily my parents are not suckers and when I got back on the phone my dad was laughing, not grilling me about what I did to make his poor, neglected grandson sad. So yeah, pity party, table for one!

    Jills last blog post..The Name Game

  14. Three and a half year olds are the best dang example of a good attitude. They are incapable of throwing themselves a pity party. It’s actually kind of obnoxious, sometimes.

    That’s just brilliant…and funny right there…I don’t care who you are.

  15. Grace has had three UTIs in two years. The cranberry juice helps and so does making her go when we think she is holding it. The boundless energy around here has a hard time stopping for a potty break.

    Amys last blog post..Day Zero: The Backstory

  16. oh poor thing! UTIs are so miserable. Hope she’s all better soon.

  17. That is one AWESOME shot. Hope she feels better soon. 😉

  18. Ouch! I had no idea little kids could even have such a thing.

    Camilles last blog post..Save My Soul and I’ll Throw In a Kitty.

  19. Poor Moosh. I hope she feels better soon. Glad she is still smiling though!

    Kristins last blog post..Two years

  20. “You can never really tell that something is wrong because they’re so happy! and peppy! and excited! and waggy! and wiggly! and exhausting!”

    That sounds like me, actually! And it’s the reason why my husband always thinks I’m “faking it” when I’m sick. Then he gets sick two days later. Heh.

    I hope Moosh feels better soon!

    Nanettes last blog post..She will be loved

  21. What a doll, hope she gets better soon;)off the subject a little. My two year old got a bug bite on her butt and she was itching it one day.. I say Laney you got an itch.. She looks right at me and says “I dot a bitch” so I say you got an ITCH.. she says yeah “I say dat, I dot a bitch”.. She was right though it was the biggest bite i’ve ever seen and caused her major problems with infection because she wouldn’t leave it alone. Oh and apparently she has an issue with the word itch:)

    Tiffanys last blog post..Work..

  22. I’m not a doctor, but I agree with Pam – the doctor probably just isn’t sure if the particular antibiotic he gave you will work on the specific bacteria she has.

    Also, FWIW, I treat my own UTIs with D-Mannose instead of antibiotics. A teaspoon every hour for 48 hours clears it up, and then a teaspoon a few times per day for a week for good measure. This only works for e. coli, though. D-Mannose can also be used one per day to prevent future UTIs in a person, like me, with normal anatomy. I get it at health food stores.

    But I’m not giving medical advice, of course, only telling you what I do.

    I hope your beauty feels better soon!

    wrongshoess last blog post..I would never do that! Would you?

  23. P.S. Even people with normal anatomy can be prone to UTIs – soaps in baths and chlorine in pools can irritate the urethra.

    Follow your doctor’s advice, of course, but avoiding the two scenarios above might be something to keep in mind.

    wrongshoess last blog post..I would never do that! Would you?

  24. Hope she’s better soon. And you’re right — it’s amazing how positive and resilient kids are that age. My son, at nearly three, had a mild case of pneumonia. The only tip off — he woke up sweaty a few mornings. Other than that, it was all play, play, play. The bummer was that I was pregnant at the time. He needed an x-ray to confirm diagnosis. He thought it was WAY cool that he got to go off while I sat helpless in the waiting room. Hang in there!

  25. Poor girl! We’re dealing with the sickies over here! DURING SUMMER! Ick! L has a UTI. I can’t hack it when I have one of those I can’t imagine what it’d be like for a little kid! Hope she feels better soon!

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I LOOOOVE that picture!

  26. You do know you have the cutest girl in the whole ENTIRE world, right? Hope she feels better soon.

  27. The moosh is ridiculously adorable.

    Craigs last blog post..Teach Me Something Tuesday #16

  28. Oh man, poor little thing.

    Sydney had Kidney reflux, uti’s and had to do the vcug’s for 3 years while she grew out of it.

    Lots of empathy coming your way.

    Britts last blog post..Car line, bus line, walker line

  29. i know exactly what you mean about kids not throwing pity parties. i’m currently nannying a little 3 1/2 year old and he has a strange, itchy rash all over but never ever complains about it! thankfully it seems to be contained only in his little body and hasn’t spread to anyone else.

  30. Oh, she’s so beautiful. I love the way the sun is shining on her hair.

    I can only hope my little girl is as happy as your is when she’s sick. So far, no such luck.

    Erins last blog post..Happy Birthday to Me! No, not really.

  31. You are so right. I think I had the only 3 year old that giggled through her spinal taps. Granted, she was drugged like a prom queen at Lalapalooza, but STILL. It’s a blessing. for real.

  32. Hope the moosh feels better soon. And you should publish a moosh calendar. she’s too cute!

    Reeses last blog post..My trip…

  33. Sorry to hear baby girl is sick…hope she gets better soon! Love her…and I voted! Hope you win!

    Kims last blog post..WOW.

  34. The Moosh looks more like you in that photo than any I’ve seen so far! Hope the UTI goes away soon.

  35. one too many bubble baths, maybe?

    hope that little curly q is feeling better

    Biddys last blog post..happy birthday to biddy…