I may be 30, but I most certainly do not feel 30. I still get really excited about things I was never allowed to do as a kid or things I wasn’t able to do in our early years of marriage. The Mold-A-Rama is a perfect example of “Wait, I’M THE GROWNUP, I can totally do that if I want to.” I feel the same guilty pleasure whenever I let myself get a treat and a drink when I stop at the gas station by myself. I also love hailing cabs. I grew up only seeing cabs in movies so when it came time to hail my first cab in Chicago I had my form down: right leg out, chin up, right arm up and out, hand open, LOOK CONFIDENT. I squealed with delight (on the inside) when a cab actually stopped. “I DID IT! IT WORKED! I ASKED IT TO STOP AND IT DID!” (To this day I still love to hail a cab.)

taxi reflection

I love grocery shopping because I can get whatever I want. That doesn’t mean that I do, but it’s nice to know the option is there and no one is going to say no to me when I reach for the Double Stuff Oreos. I can still remember the first time I took myself out to lunch and the first time I took myself to a movie, so grownup! I also loved traveling with my passport for the first time two years ago. In my mind passports were always so exotic, grownups traveled with passports and I was finally able to join the ranks of passport carrying adult (ignore the fact that most kids have passports these days.)

Know what else I delight in? Driving myself to the airport. I’m not sure what made me believe that I always needed a ride to the airport, especially since the airport is so far away. Being able to park, pull out my luggage, and walk into the airport like an important business person on a very important business trip will never get old.


I also really like coming down an escalator to baggage claim and seeing a driver holding up a clipboard with my name. You know who comes down an escalator to their name on a clipboard? Important people.

I didn’t have to ask permission to get cats, I don’t have to ask permission to have ice cream after dinner, I can take road trips,  and if I want to stay up late? I can.

Big was one of my favorite movies growing up and now that I am a grownup by age standards? That movie makes a whole lot more sense.

Being a grownup can be pretty darn fun.

What grown up things do you delight in?


I’m so grateful to partner with Hallmark in 2012 on their “Life is a Special Occasion” campaign again and I thank them tremendously for their patience with me, supporting me in all that I do and for sponsoring this post. I WORK WITH HALLMARK AS A GROWNUP, talk about childhood dream come true.


  1. No comments? I’ll be first!? OOOh how exciting! Um, mostly I don’t really delight in things that are grown up because as people have always told me, I’ve acted like an adult since I was about 3. Possibly younger. I never really WAS a child. Just a very short grown up. So, really the only thing I can think of- and what a way to start of your comments, I hope I’m not in trouble LOL is I’m a married grown up I can have S-E-X. Maybe I should go back to lurking more…. But I couldn’t resist being first….

    Casey Reply:

    @Chris, AHH! I wanted to say s-e-x too but these days that isn’t all that grown up.
    To be fair, I didn’t have much of a childhood either, I moved out at 17, but I guess the things I like now are luxurious, like things REAL grownups do. Grownups with good jobs and somewhat exciting lives.

  2. Chrysta says:

    I still get yelled at when I stay up late. By my husband. But I do it anyway. **wicked grin**

    Having my dark chocolate stashed around the house and being able to stage a raid whenever I want ranks right up there, along with being able to tell my kids, “Quit (doing x, y or z). This is not your house. This is Daddy’s and my house, and we just let you live in it.”

    Casey Reply:

    @Chrysta, Yes, having stuff be MINE. I like that. And the snacks, I totally know where to get a good fix in my house.

  3. I guess I’m still in that “I hate having to pay all the bills and do all the things” grownup phase. I do like being able to dance around in my apartment in my underwear, since I live alone. And watching/listening to whatever the heck I want. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Linz, Yes, I was in that phase, that phase bites, but at one point things loosen up a bit and you get to do a few fun grownup things and it’s wonderful.
    If nothing else, you can buy your own liquor?

  4. I know it sounds silly, but I feel really grown up dropping off dry cleaning. I think its because I never do it that its a very novel and grown up thing to do. I really wonder at what point I’ll consider myself a grown up. =)

    Casey Reply:

    @Marta, DRY CLEANING! Yes. That is very VERY grown up. I could have added that one. Means you have real grown up clothes!

  5. If I want cake for breakfast? I can do it.

    Planning trips. Being in a hotel by myself is one of those ridiculous things that makes me feel like, “Wheeee. I don’t need anyone with me!” (Then I jump on the beds and no one can tell me not to BECAUSE I AM A GROWNUP)

  6. It will never get old that I can drive through starbucks and get myself a treat without having to ask. Just ordering my coffee treat feels grown up!

  7. A little background: my husband is 10 years older than I am, and although I’m 32 I have stepkids who are 14 and 15 and who live far away now. [ :(! ] However, when my husband and I were just married, the kids’ mom still lived nearby and we had them during the week. The most grownup I’ve ever felt was when I got to volunteer at school events. My mom was always that “room mother” at school, the one who helped out with class parties, bake sales, book fairs (!!!!!!!), plays, and everything else, to the point where people who were not and had never been in my class knew who she was! So it was like stepping into Mom’s shoes.

    The other best thing about being a grownup is when my kids accomplish something. It is the weirdest feeling, being proud of something that someone else did, even when I didn’t teach/coach/help them do it. That’s only round-about-ly related to being a grownup, but I think it’s the best perk 🙂

  8. Carrying around a fancy purse with my all my stuff in it makes me feel like a grown-up. And taking pictures with the camera and deciding which pictures to keep and which to delete. “I have the POWER!”

  9. I went to La-Z-Boy this week to buy furniture. I told the saleslady that that made me feel like a grown-up. No offense to Walmart and Target but time to buy bookshelves that won’t fall down if you sneeze on them.

  10. I learned to drive a stick shift when I was 15, but to this day, being able to drive a manual makes me feel like a grown-up.

  11. Picking up prescriptions, driving myself to the dentist (kind of like your airport thing), signing things at work, getting keys copied.