Reading Alone

Reading Alone

Addie and Vivi Reading

Addie and Vivi Reading

We don’t go to the library enough.

I also haven’t been using my camera enough.

Learn how your camera works, then use it all the time.

Go to the library, read books with your babies.

It puts sunshine in your soul.


  1. My mother always says her biggest regret is that she spent too much time doing housework and not enough time reading to us. This isn’t my memory, of course, but I understand the feeling. There’s nothing better than reading with your babies.

    Casey Reply:

    @Kymmi, I totally agree. Thankfully I don’t do enough housework now to let me feel guilty about such a thing. 😉

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Both of my girls love books. Sophie’s new thing is to pick one up, waddle over to me, then turn around and back into my lap. Thanks for the library inspiration! It’s always a little haphazard with a 16-month-old. But so worth it.

    Casey Reply:

    @Suzanne @ pretty*swell, I love the turn around back up bum scoot, it’s so forceful but so sweet.

  3. amanda ryan says:

    really important:

    Where are Vivi’s leggings from?

    I was looking at your blog at home one night, James, who is almost 11 (and has a kind sweet heart and is a GREAT boy) said ‘mom, who is that girl?’ me ‘thats Addy’ James ‘SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN’

    This was her modeling post with the Tea Collection clothes…. Casey. You make beautiful people.


    Casey Reply:

    @amanda ryan, Oh James. You darling.

    Leggings, Target, currently in stock. Vivi is in a 3T. (THREETEE!)

  4. I pretty much never go to the library, they always want the books back.

    Casey Reply:

    @Amanda Jillian, Well, you can not give them back and just get a bill I guess? (That’s what happened to me once.)

    Amanda Jillian Reply:

    @Casey, True, I rather just buy them outright. =]

  5. Simply beautiful.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ella, Thank you. 🙂

  6. Beautiful post and beautiful girls.

    I think we’ll head over to the library tomorrow.

    Casey Reply:

    @Sandra, It’s good place to go. Just remember to return them on time. I’ve had library fines I’m ashamed of.