Earlier today I mentioned that I’m going to be writing “the moosh in indy guide to living in a hotel for an extended period of time without succumbing to the desire to peel your face off.” Because despite the fact this room is painted the color of fake butter and my feet stick to the carpet? I have fashioned a pretty cozy little abode here (as long as you’re wearing socks that is.)

Today I invested in a tiny little crock pot and produced real live man food for when my man came home. Another bonus to hotel living? Cody’s going to work tomorrow smelling of beef and potatoes.

Here’s the thing. Yesterday I found a pair of (worn) Jockeys in (Cody’s) hotel nightstand.

Tonight? He noticed something pink and leopard print looming behind my hotel nightstand.

When I say classy two star hotel living at it’s finest? I mean it. (the moosh is using dollar store Christmas lights as a night light.)

And thanks for all the microwave recipes. But you guys realize I’m in a hotel right? Where paprika is not a readily accessible ingredient? (And side note, seriously, what’s with all the paprika in microwave cooking?) Also, who wants to wash dishes in a hotel sink? Anyone? Thought so. When I actually have a house with paprika and dishes and a working sink I’ll have to give you a good old review of some of these recipes that I’ve gotten. Let’s just say Amalah will have nothing on some of the lovelies I’ve gotten in my inbox.

In other news? I picked out tile today. And paint colors. AND A (dual!) VANITY. AND COUNTERTOPS.

Forget Sur La Table. Have you guys ever been in a tile store? ZOMG YOU CAN TILE YOUR WALLS IN REAL PEARLS AND NO I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING.

*ahem* As an aside. Seeing as how I have now bought a house in Indiana, I’ve eaten fried Pepsi at the Indiana state fair so you wouldn’t <strike>make the same mistake</strike> have to and am currently giving you the play by play from one of Indiana’s finest *cough*sarcasm*cough* hotels, could I trouble you for a one click vote as one of “Indiana’s Top 50 Blogs?” Voting ends tomorrow and I’m a little late to the game. I’m flattered and honored to be on the list with so many of my Hoosier friends, but let’s be honest, if I’m going to be sleeping in a room where dirty underpants appear as if from nowhere?

I’m going to need to your help in some merciless butt kicking.

Go here to vote, I’m somewhere between 2 and 25. And if I’m #1? Your work here is done.

Much obliged.

Tomorrow will come pictures on the progress of our! first! house! renovation! extravaganza!


  1. Recipes? This is why there are restaurants, take-out, and Lean Cuisine.

    And self-contained fruits like oranges.

    (As opposed to non-self-contained fruits like those trollop mandarin oranges.)

    Casey Reply:

    @Carina, Ah yes, but I need to fit in my pants at the end of this little “home away from home” experience.

    Carina Reply:


    Pants? I say you move to sarongs and never look back.

  2. aw, if I lived in Indiana, you could totally crash in my place – if you gave me baking lessons!

    Casey Reply:

    @Marty, And I would take it and give liberally.

  3. paprika in microwaving:
    it sounds strange to put a fancy spice on microwaved food but it’s real pretty so it can cover up congealed microwaved messes. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @willikat, I knew there was something to that. Paprika is like bad food’s flair.

  4. As of now, you’re #14! Better get voting people!

    Casey Reply:

    @Lacretia, Thank you! Are you holding pom poms? Because when I picture you, you are.

    Lacretia Reply:

    @Casey, Do hypothetical pom poms count if they’re pink and swooshy?

  5. Oh, sure! Now you’ve got your crockpot you’re all pfffft to the microwave recipes. Sheesh. Ain’t nothing wrong with having a spice cabinet hiding under your bed.


    Casey Reply:

    @Kymmi, DUDE. I haven’t even looked under the bed. Really it’s best if I don’t methinks.

  6. You’re at #31 now, but it took me a second ‘cuz you’re not listed as Moosh in Indy!

    Sorry ’bout the paprika! 😉

    Casey Reply:

    @Krista, Heh. Yours was just the beginning of a long line of paprika laced recipes.

  7. Paprika and seedy hotels… didn’t you know they’re synonymous? C’mon now, just like bacon and maple syrup.

    Casey Reply:

    @Rick, It’s eggs and syrup dude.
    Wrong in every way.

  8. Just come back to Utah for Thanksgiving!! It will be fun! That’s if you 2 still like us! Cody came to town and didn’t even call. What’s up with that?

    Casey Reply:

    @Just Me, Sadly we’ll have to choose buying a fridge over going back to Utah for Thanksgiving.
    Cody doesn’t call anyone, seriously.

  9. If you lived more northly I could give you a tour of my cuisine – like chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin spice cake, biscuits, and other things I can bake.

    I’m no good with paprika though.

    Casey Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, Cracker Barrel is right across the street and they have biscuits.

  10. I voted, despite the horrible dark brown background that made it near impossible to read the page until the very end when the web page suddenly decided, “You know what? I’ll use a light background and be LEGIBLE instead.”

    Casey Reply:

    @SciFi Dad, I like to think it was so slow because everyone was voting for me.

    SciFi Dad Reply:

    @Casey, And here I thought it was because someone was sitting on a crappy hotel WiFi connection constantly hitting refresh to check the rankings. Go figure.

  11. Frankly, from what you’ve described of the hotel I would think blow up mattresses in whatever room you could find space in your new house would beat that hotel. Yuck.

    Casey Reply:

    @lisak, Yeah. Not so much. Exposed carpet tacks and carpenter and corpses everywhere.
    The pink leopard print mystery was actually a lost child’s toy, so that’s good.

  12. Casey, you are amazing. You remind me of the Unsinkable Molly Brown. I have heard of the old “Keep Your Chin Up” – the old “Make The Best Of A Bad Situation” – I have never seen it in action like this.

  13. I wanna see pix of Hotel Moosh. 🙂

  14. We spent 2 weeks in a hotel during our move 2 years ago, with a barely 2 year old. We were lucky that 1) we had a ****-ton of Marriott Points to use and 2) a Residence Inn was close and gave me a huge discount after I pleaded with them. Once we learned the hotel had 2-bedroom suites (+living room) we were all over it. Ended up paying some cash for the luxury of having a separate room for the girl which in hindsight wasn’t needed but did have a full kitchen (no cleaning service, though). It was still very, very stressful. I can’t imagine going back and doing it in a single-room hotel with a sick kid. I can pretty much guarantee that either my husband or I would have not survived the 2 weeks. And if there was questionable underwear involved someone would have lost a job…I”m just saying EWWWW!

    Good luck

  15. Oh, had another brainstorm for you: go to Penzey’s (by Trader Joe’s now). You can buy all kinds of spice blends in small packets. Another good one is sausages, sauerkraut or slaw mix, and Penzey’s Bavarian Spice blend. They’re like the dressing mixes, but without the thickeners and MSG.

    And when my 3-year-old was projectile vomiting last winter after she and her daddy had a date at Burger King, my pharmacist dad said to try a mug of warm water with a tablespoon of raw cider vinegar and a tablespoon or so of raw honey. She couldn’t even keep ice chips down at the time. She took one sip through a straw–it came back up. Took a second sip–came up, but not for a few minutes. Took another sip, gave a huge belch, and then another–ended up drinking the rest with no more problems. It is my Magic Brew, LOL! She then took a long nap and was fine. Her dad was sick for hours before he was finally desperate enough to take The Potion. But now turns to it first.

    Hope this helps!

  16. Casey, that hotel sounds icky with a capital ICKY, dear. Yech. My heart goes out to ya. It’s gonna be so worth it, though!

  17. I like crockpots, but microwave cooking scares me because of the potential to turn food into cardboard. Recently My husband and I picked up an Aroma rice cooker/steamer at Target for around thirty dollars. We also have a mini fridge (as we haven’t settled on what fridge we want). So we usually make rice and cook chicken breast strips or shrimp or salmon or tilapia and veggies that we marinate in the mini fridge. Works great for us…