I am not an ungrateful person.
(Although I didn’t win any of the prizes for NaBloPoMo. Phooey.)
Rather I am a somewhat scatterbrained and, dare I say, lazy person.
Which is why when some of you bestow me with awards and tag me for memes I come down with this sickness called “antimemeblogblingitis.” It’s dibilitating. Symptoms are technorati hits, guilt, lack of creativity and brain farts.
I love getting recognition and awards, problem is, well,  I’ve got problems.
Maybe some of you out there have the same illness?

Am I not alone?

Please tell me I’m not alone.

So here I go, I’m going to try and accept the awards that have been given to me recently and hope that no one ever sends me one ever again.

Well, maybe not ever again. Just don’t be hurt if you tag me and I never do it. Okay? It’s not because I think your meme is dumb. Or that you’re dumb. I’m just not a meme kind of girl. I’m more of a CodyCody kind of girl.

 Mmm, Cody.

Maybe you could make one up just for me that I never have to forward or pass on?

Like “Best Yoga Queefer
or “Best Treadmill Orgasmer
or “Most unique use of Bungee Cords

Is that not how these awards work?


Mrs. Dixie Chick gave me the Underblog award. Thanks fellow Hoosier!


I need to give this one to Clink over at Tabula Rasa. She’s out having a baby RIGHT NOW. But she’ll be back soon enough with stories of stiches, pitocin and the new mommy crazies. Read this post in the mean time. She does her dishes doggie style.

The fabulous  Fussypants handed over a Hot Chick award for my shoes.


The shoes everyone seemed to notice in this picture.

Airport Reunion

Well sit right back and let me tell YOU about my shoes.

They are $275 Cole Haan Air Livia slingbacks. (On sale for $189 with free shipping!)

Oprah’s favorite shoes.

They have Nike Air pads in the heel and the ball area of the shoe, they’re like walking on sex.

I bought them with my birthday money last year.

Only I got them on eBay.

Brand new.


How about an award for THAT?


  1. CUTEness! Love those shoes!

    And woohoo for the awards! I never win anything *sulk*

  2. I’m always impressed with a good eBay bargain. Although I cannot imagine that those shoes actually feel good on, I really can’t.

  3. Yer hott, sorry I missed your call…tomorrow! Tomorrow!!

  4. HA! That is great.
    (i am just giving you an award now…)

    Don’t kill me. You can ignore it…I would never take offense.


  5. I am not alone! I am horrible with those things too.

    BTW-great deal on the shoes.

  6. I do the same thing. I’m a black hole for memes and awards.

    Those shoes are FANTASTIC.

  7. one question…will you come be my personal shopper? No really will you….

  8. Those shoes are HAWT!

    “Best yoga queefer” -hilarious!

    I am a big believer that we do. not. have. to. take part in memes. A hearty thank you is fine. 😉

  9. I have that meme illness too. Oh, and those shoes? The idea of them makes me believe that I CAN wear heels again. After my wedding, I didn’t feel my toes for MONTHS. That is NOT an exaggeration. So I’ve been wearing flats. But those shoes? Maybe I can wear heels again!

  10. Hey Casey. Was looking through some old emails (don’t ever send me anything that you don’t expect to live on in my archive for 10 years!) and I wonder: where is Chester in all of this? Saw a funny photo of him pre-moosh and wondered if he’s still around. Just curious!

    Nice deal on the shoes, btw.

  11. i bestow upon you the “you totally rock and you can find an awesome deal” award…

  12. Is there anything better than finding shoes for a steal of a deal? No.

  13. the shoes. i need the shoes. *drool*
    since they ARE casey AND oprah approved…

    what’s an underblog award? is that like underboob?

  14. Walking on sex, wow. Sounds like those shoes are their own award.

  15. You kick Arse!

    That is an awesome find and “walking on sex” is the best description Ev-AH!

  16. I hate memes.
    I do.
    I always feel bad when someone tags me b/c I don’t pay it forward or meme on or any such nonsense.

    I think that’s why I’ll never be in the popular crowd.

    To heck with all them and their designer jeans, flashdance shirts and great perms. Oh wait, that was a flashback.

    Never mind.

  17. Fantabulous!
    Love the shoes, even better at the price!!!
    You are so adorable! I love coming over here.

  18. You are not the only one.

    And hello…I love hearing about how cheap people buy their awesome things for.

  19. Awesome shoes, awesome deal. That makes it so much better.

    When you wrote “walking on sex” the techie geek side of me (brought out by techie geek husband) made me think, “What kind of people are going to come to her site by way of googling that exact phrase?” It made me LOL. People google the weirdest things.

  20. I most definitely also have antimemeblogblingitis.

  21. I just may have to give you post of the day for using the phrase, “walking on sex.”

    Perfect. And you literally have to do nothing for the title.

  22. Nope, you’re not alone. I am a fellow antimemeblogblingitis sufferer. I think I have 3 memes and 2 awards waiting for me.

  23. I don’t usually do memes or tags, which makes me feel horrible. Thing is? I don’t mind reading them.

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

    Hmmm…Maybe that could be my own little bloggity award: The Hypocrisy award.

  24. I think I have recognized one of the maybe 7 or 8 awards I’ve recieved. And I don’t do memes either unless they are really good, which isn’t that often.

  25. Your shoe story has me weak. Weak, I tell you.

  26. Good buy! I am awful about meme’s. I have several to do and just haven’t gotten around to it!!

  27. I stopped doing memes awhile ago, because I was drowning in a sea of tags. Now that I have NOTHING to write about, I may start doing them again. Oh, the dilemma.

  28. I’m with ya. Memes…just not doing them at the time. HOnestly, I have no intentions of starting them again.

    And the awards….there should be a ban of any “awards” given out in the month of December.

  29. Oh my goodness!! I am overwhelmed! This is my very first award…and it is from you! If I could be using italics right now I would be!!!!

  30. I so just went to ebay and scoped a pair out…


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