Cody and I are pretty average people, but together? Man, do we produce some swell offspring.

vivi and the chair

We’re like ketchup and mayo, put us together and we make fry sauce. (If you don’t like fry sauce, lie to me, I can’t bear the thought of someone not liking fry sauce.)

Perhaps peanut butter and chocolate is a better comparison, put us together? One of the best combinations in the world.

Eggs and bacon? Sure!

Cats and sunshine? Yep.

We’re having a few minor struggles with the bigger one, nothing major, she’s just proving to be a little more challenging in the “listening and rule abiding” realm.


It’s really easy to love the everloving daylights out of her because she has the biggest, kindest heart of any kid I’ve ever known. While there may be lots of shouting, pouting and some crying…there’s lots of hugging and adoration as well.

It’s just a phase.

I have to keep telling myself I’m doing okay. Sometimes I worry I’m so focused on not repeating the mistakes of my own parents that I’m completely borking up the things my parents did really, really well.

Kids raised in a home where good food is served, bedtimes are enforced, hugs are given freely, and where we do our absolute best to be good people, they have to turn out okay right?


  1. You do make pretty babies, and I do like fry sauce. I doubt my parenting at least 154 times a day. I’m hoping the Good Parenting Moments outweigh the bad in the long run.

  2. Yes, they will. Any mom who enforces bedtimes is a good parent. It’s true. I read it on the internet.

  3. Lisa in TX says:

    I’ve never had any interest in fry sauce so I don’t know if I like it. Aioli, though, is a whole other matter. Mayo with garlic and paprika; pure savory happiness. Try it.

    Every time that I cry to my mom that I’ve ruined my kids she tells me “If you’re that worried about it, you’re a good mom. Keep trying. They’ll be OK.”

  4. I don’t like ketchup or mayo so… Don’t be too disappointed in me.
    Your gorgeous kiddos are going to be more than okay with parents as loving, as involved and as committed to equal parts fun/magic and rules/boundaries. Count on it.

  5. Love fry sauce!
    It can be a struggle at times…but we have to believe we are doing our best as parents…Love, Love and more Love!

  6. They are WONDERFUL. Also, go read my latest post. Something’s in the air, my friend. xoxo

  7. Aah, you ended with the question on all parents minds as we do this job we’ve been destined for!! I sure hope so. That is why we work so hard at this mom thing, hoping that our efforts will all pay off. Love and blessings your way.

  8. Love them and try your hardest to teach them to go forth and be kind people…that’s what we do here. And I hope and pray it is the right thing. Lovely little ladies you have!!

  9. What is this fry sauce and how do I get some?

    I am terrified of repeating my parent’s mistakes. Terrified. But we all are just doing our absolute best right?

  10. ketchup + mayo=fry sauce

    ketchup + ranch dressing=fry heaven

  11. Like eggs and syrup.

  12. Melissa A. says:

    My oldest is 18 and my youngest is 13. I have been questioning my parenting abilities on a daily basis since my oldest was born. Just yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend about a harsh punishment I had to hand down to my youngest, she assured me I was doing the right thing and that at one point in our children’s lives we are going to get that “I hate you” look, and that means we are doing things right. As long as we continue to give & show our unfaltering love and support we will work through the rough patches and our children will be better people for it.

  13. Laughing at Cody’s comment because that is my 4 year olds absolute favorite way to eat her scrambled eggs!

    My kids are 6 and 4 and I pray on a daily basis that I’m not messing up too badly. Kids this perfect deserve perfect parents- instead they’re stuck with the Hubs and I. We try our hardest every single day to love them, guide them and teach them- I figure that has to outweigh all the not so good moments!

  14. I SO needed this today! I was up most of the night with anxiety (& some crying on my part) worrying if I’m failing as a mom when it comes to my son. I tell myself he’s being a 4-year old boy, but part of me can’t help but worry. He, also, has one of the kindest hearts I know and is known for wanting to snuggle 🙂 but lately it seems the not listening, fighting, etc has been kicked up a notch. Hoping ofr the dust to settle soon.

  15. YES!!!! Just yes. Good food, bedtimes and love.

  16. Growing pains honey. They all get them from time to time. It may come in odd ways, but whatever it is, it will pass. Be consistent. She’s a smart girl, she’ll figure it out quick.

  17. Yes, she’ll be OK and so will you.

  18. I think Addie’s age is hard, because they are trying to be so adult and yet are so kid. I think this is where they start to defy us just for the sake of trying it out. I’m in this age with my middle one and I think this is a harder age than the “terrible twos”. There is hope though; my oldest came back around, and yours will, too.

  19. Jasmine Robertson says:

    First of all the picture on your side bar of Vivi made me laugh out loud. LOVED it! You do make good kids and they do go through tough phases and you think they are never going to end. Then one day – BAM they say something very insightful and you think they are listening! Have patience it will happen.

  20. I love this post – every single word and picture. She’s all good. xo

  21. I don’t know what fry sauce is but I know that those girls are perfectly adorable and perfect and you guys are totally doing just fine. Completely. Amazingly. And a lot better than fine too.

  22. Because of my misspent youth in Utah, I know exactly what fry sauce is.
    I also know what good parenting is- and baby, you’re doing it. Seriously.
    Seven years old just starts a series of less than fun phases. But in between the rough phases are moments of pure awesomeness.

  23. Ah children, they turn into adults and if you do it right (do we ever?) they are nice adults. My two are 17 and 18 and we still have our moments. But we have always tried to have consistency and both parents on the same page (in front of the child, anyways; behind closed doors, we then talk about how it was handled). And kids of any age are always pushing the boundaries we set up to see how strong they are and therefore how safe they feel. Strong consistent boundaries = safe kids in my world. Prayer, that helps too. Lots of prayer. I did have my mum tell me one day that I was a better mother than her, but I honestly can’t tell you what kind of mother she was, she was just there, and I don’t remember her ever being angry (like I get) or anything like that, so she must have done a pretty good job of raising us. 🙂

  24. Kids raised with love, boundaries that are enforced and that are taught responsibility for their actions will turn out okay. If your child is angry, screams or cries occasionally, you are doing it right. Life isn’t always pretty or glamorous, and we all screw up. As parents, it’s our job to teach them in those moments, and to let them know that it’s all part of being alive.

  25. i sure pray i’m doing ok. even though my teenage years are ROCKY, i think i turned out alright. i don’t want those rocky years for my children, though…

    for the record, fry sauce? mayo? no, thank you. :0)

  26. I get that you have different struggles with your older daughter than with your younger one, given the difference in age. However, is it necessary to include a picture of your youngest immediately before you compose a paragraph about how you’re eldest is making you struggle? From an outside perspective, it makes it look like you’re showing your “perfect” youngest child in comparison to your “difficult” other one… if I were Addie, this is not something I would like to stumble upon years from now….

    Casey Reply:

    @anon, Whoa there, I think you’re reading a little too much into this. The picture placement was just what worked with the post, it wasn’t intentional, if anything I was going to leave the photo of Vivi out. Then I probably would have heard about leaving my youngest out of a post about both of them.
    Can’t please everyone, or predict what what Addie will or will not react to later on. Right now I know that she goes to bed every night with a hug, a kiss and a genuine ‘I love you so much.’

  27. We were really challenged a while back with my son: not listening, saying awful things, being mean to others, general defiance; yet when he wanted to be, he was just this amazingly sensitive and sweet little boy. Fortunately, as he’s matured we see less and less of that person. It was part of the twin dynamic we were told. He felt like he had to compete with his sister for attention and these things were things he knew would stop us in our tracks and focus all attention on him in that moment. It didn’t matter if it was good or bad. In any event, we saw the worst of it probably about two years ago when he was 7 and this kid has just blossomed. It’s amazing how we can sit down and have a conversation about choices and decision making.
    So my thought is: “This too shall pass.” Yes it is crazymaking when you’re in the midst of the situation and you worry so much about the why and the what am I not doing right. Hang in there, Mama. The foundation is there. Addie knows what to do. She’s just testing the waters. It may or may not be because of Vivi but hug her, love her and continue to teach her as you’ve been doing and I imagine things will be just fine.

  28. Your babies are lovely!! I think all of us always doubt about being good parents but as loong as we try to make it even a little better than ours I thinkg that will work out.

  29. Once you said peanut butter and chocolate you were totally speaking my language. And yes, they are going to be just fine and are pretty darn gorgeous.

  30. I love the fry sauce, it just made my mouth water… Your kids are beautiful and don’t worry too much they’ll do well for sure 😉

  31. Oh my gosh. Shouting pouting and crying…. that just must be what being 7 is about!!! Zoe is full on shouty pouty crier. It’s gotta pass. GOT TO PASS.