Our main library is temporarily housed in a scary old government building that gives one the feeling that they are going to have their soul sucked out by Dementors around every corner. Shelves are stacked in every nook, cranny and in every possible old scary room that was accessible. While on a hunt for a “Teach yourself HTML and CSS” bible I found myself in a very dark, very dead end, very quiet part of the library that housed law books.

Snooze fest! Who on EARTH would want to read “Indiana State Court Rulings of 1984?”


The thought then entered my head that this would be an excellent place to do a little public bow chicka bow bow (you know, if you were into that type of thing), and if it were a good place for public nookie it would probably also be a good place to fix my underskirt that was hiking up my crotch because I didn’t fix it properly after using the hobbit sized bathrooms on level one.

So that’s what I did.

I hiked up my skirt and fixed it. Undies exposed. Very unladylike.

It was then that I heard a page turn and a voice clear. Dude on the other side of “Indiana State Court Rulings of 1984” just got the most front row seat possible to my skirt hitching and fixing possible. What a gentleman, he waited UNTIL I WAS DONE, to let me know he was there.

Nothing like flashing young, up and coming attorneys in the library to bring back my carnal need to blog.


  1. Ahhh…you brought back memories of my husband and I’s action in the stacks. I didn’t know people actually read there. Isn’t that what the internet is for?

    I do believe my first child might have been conceived between 351.89 and 369.75 in the Berkeley’s Doe Library.

  2. Wow, I never got to see anyone’s undies all that time in the law library……man, so unfair.

  3. *giggles*

  4. oh man. i’m dying. that’s hilarious…

    i always ‘fix’ in public, but have yet to get caught.

    i’ll be thinkin’ of you next time i fixing the under stuff…

  5. Bwaahahahahahahahaha


    I’ve always thought it’d be nice to make love, sweet love, in a library with my honey.

    I have NEVER, on the other hand, wanted to expose my bits to a complete stranger.

    No one wants my bits at this moment anyway, but is a purely temporary situation (I hope!)

  6. heeheehee

    oh… and nice use of “Dementors”.

  7. At least he didn’t see you gettin’ it on in the library!

    I’m sure you made his day, though. 😉

  8. Yikes! I’ve made adjustments in the elevator & always worried about the doors opening prematurely.

    Your experience, however, takes things to a whole new level.

  9. Ahahahaha. I’m not laughing AT you, I’m laughing WITH you. (Ok Really? I’m laughing at you.)

    Are you kidding? YOU MADE THAT GUY’S DAY!

  10. Oh and as for the St. Louis get together? Come on out! Really! 🙂

  11. hehehehehahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa oh crap…that was too damn funny…

    reminds me of the time i…er…someone i know did the deed in the Quiet Place…which is a “quiet place” my (christian) school has designated for prayer and bible time…

    shame on me..er…them…

  12. AWESOME!!!!

    reminds me of “the stacks” at our college library – PURDUE – where everyone was said to have a little action…never me though. not in the library. just in the dorm supply hall closet 🙂

  13. Finally! Another blogger from Indianapolis! I thought I was the only one out there.
    And, for the record, I have thought the same thing while in that same library. :)(But I haven’t exposed myself to anyone while I was there. You’re alone on that one.)

  14. fresh. methinks he deserved a smack.

  15. Hysterical. That’s as funny as my post on dress tucked inside underpants while “strutting” (oh yeah, I did) around Target! G-d talk about embarrasing!!! ha ha.

  16. Maybe next time you could ask the young attorney whether the library is zoned for strip shows of sorts 🙂

  17. Casey, Casey, Casey! You just can’t keep that hotness to yourself! And in the law section! What’s the husband got to say about that? ROFLMAO!

  18. Whee…you hawt mamma you…


    You didn’t toot did you?

  19. More importantly, do you think HE might have a blog? Because it sounds like awfully good fodder for either of you.

  20. So, did you blush appropriately and walk away, or did you stare at him and ask him if he enjoyed the show? 🙂

    Someone I know *coughcoughmecoughcough* might have once had some bow chicka bow bow in the computer lab at Albion College late at night, and seen the security guard’s flashlight sweep right over her head. Ahem.

  21. Bwahahahaha!

    Were they hawt panties? Because that would make it ok.

  22. Bwahahahaha! Such a charmer you are!

    I really hope you weren’t wearing granny panties that had been bunched and bundled up in your va-jay-jay. And there was no digging involved. Because THAT would make for a very uncomfortable situation.

  23. At least you had panties on! I know some women who don’t wear panties under their skirts.

    But, then, if you didn’t have panties on, you wouldn’t need to adjust, eh?

  24. Oooo boy, I’m sure I’ve been busted before too but I’ve successfully blocked those mortifications from my mind using the mantra “Puppies, kittens, candy…puppies, kittens, candy”

  25. You are so rad. Next thing you know you’ll be saying something crazy about a treadmill…

  26. hey dont worry angie helped me flash a guy i have known for a long time yesturday i was sitting there talking to him and then she just pulls down my shirt and he tried to pretend he never saw, but he totally did! gotta love the accitental flashing!

    ps. your awesome, know anyone fron Canada that i would know?

  27. Even I am blushing. Alas, something I would totally do, like pick a melvin. Hehehe, you always think no one is looking, inevitabley someone always is! Hugs and kisses.

  28. This is why we’re friends!

  29. Oh My Word. That’s too funny. I’m in a library right now. Maybe I’ll go see what’s going on the stacks.

    And, did you know that I teach CSS and HTML?


  30. First, the site is looking great. Second, I haven’t stepped foot in a library in about 2 years. I’m reconsidering a quick return…

  31. LOL!!!!!
    You are a riot!!!

  32. Agreed, nice use of both “Dementors” and “Hobbits”…a fellow geek after my own heart.

  33. Fabulous!

    (And that sounds much like the library from my college…)

  34. hilarious!
    i have been trying to teach my 5yo ‘discretion’, particularly when adjusting. now she tries to hide inside clothes racks whenever possible.

  35. I’m glad I’m not the only one who dos stuff like that when other people are not around. I’m sad that that happened though, kinda dashes any dreams for library nookie.

  36. So nice of you to provide him with a bit of entertainment.

    Guess the bow chicka bow wow is out.