It was  a beautiful day in Heaven.

All the new arrivals were loaded onto a bus at the pearly gates and taken on a tour of the many mansions in Heaven.

The bus driver, a surly man named Hank, welcomed everyone aboard and began the tour.

“On the right is the Catholics manion.” said Hank.

The passengers ooh’ed and ahh’ed over the ornate stained glass and gold staircases.

“Now up here on the left is the Southern Baptist’s mansion.” Hank said.

The smell of collard greens and fried fish was tempting to the hungry people on the bus, getting to Heaven is exhausting work.

Hank continued on showing off the Non-Denominational Christian mansion, the Seventh Day Adventist mansion and the mansion where people lived who didn’t really have a “religion” while on Earth. All were equally glorious, beautiful and ornate. Residents of each mansion milled about the beautiful grounds with residents from neighboring mansions.

It truly was Heaven.

Hank began to turn down a more secluded path, he killed the engine and put in in neutral. “Now I’m going to have to ask all of you to hold your talking for a minute right here and be reeeeaaaaallll quiet.” Hank said.

“Why?” whispered a small Rabbi from the back of the bus.

“Because,” Hanks voice was barely audible, “we’re about to pass the Mormons mansion and they think they’re the only ones here.”


So this was told to me by someone whom I respect in my church. I think it’s funny. But with the recent “namecalling” debate what do you think? Is it okay because I’m the one telling it and am basically making fun of myself? Or is it worse because I’m the one telling it?

If it were coming from the mouth of someone who openly disliked the LDS religion would it cease to be funny?

Just curious.



  1. i’m jewish.
    but i have to tell you…maybe it’s me but…
    i don’t get it.
    but maybe that’s good that i don’t, huh?!

    melissas last blog post..Sharing A Room

  2. Funny? Yep. Regardless of who’s in the punchline.

    Fear and Parenting in Las Vegass last blog post..Dear Boo

  3. Hysterical. I’m mormon, wouldn’t care who I heard it from. Also funny cuz I think we’re the only church of the previously mentioned who really thinks we’re all ending up somewhere up there. And now I’ve just probably made myself a target for some hate mail.

    Jolenes last blog post..Differences

  4. I found it overly hilarious.

    Kimmies last blog post..Why Blogging is the Bomb

  5. You’re definitely not talking to the person who initiated the whole dead-kitten-chinese-restaurant debate of LA09 are you? Or the one who totally forgot you were Mormon when offering to go Big Love with you. Or…and I think we get the point.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Rice and Buttons

  6. I was offended the only time I heard that joke before, but I heard it as Catholics at the punchline. I wasn’t even Catholic then (though I am now, and anymore, Catholic teaching is not that nobody else would be there). Anyway — I was offended because the person telling it also was not Catholic, and it was someone who just generally didn’t say those kinds of things. So, the whole thing struck me in the wrong way. (I actually still think about it from time to time, just because it was so unexpected.)

    So, is it wrong that I liked hearing that this joke has gone around and around and there are lots of different people that were the punchline?

    Angie @ Many Little Blessingss last blog post..Being Expensive Doesn’t Make Toys Better

  7. funny how in scrolling down the comments, many readers had heard the joke before but with an altered punchline. add me to that list.

    i think the joke is funny. don’t most major religions think they’re right? poke a little fun at yourself. it’s ok.

    my two best friends back in toledo were mormon. we used to joke and say i was practically mormon myself – i knew all the lingo. 🙂
    there was a south park episode similar to this joke – all the catholics and baptists and church of god-ers were in hell together and they couldn’t understand why they were there. the right hand of satan said, “i’m sorry, but the correct answer was the mormons!” everyone groans. makes my LDS friends laugh and laugh!