“Is Daddy having a party? A birthday party? Can I make his birthday party? We need balloons, lots of balloons. Who’s going to come to his party? Only daddies can come to his party. I can come, because I’m a little girl, but friends can’t come and mommies can’t come because daddy’s a daddy and only daddies come to daddy parties.”

Can you guess which is the moosh's?

“Can mom come to his birthday party?”

“Um, yeah, you can come, you can bring him his cake. WITH THE FIRE! And we’ll SING! We need to get candlesticks for his cake. Is he having chocolate cake? Or chocolate cake? With frosting? I love frosting! Can I lick the spoon? Is daddy going to have a princess cake? NO! Just kidding. He’s going to have a football cake. A big brown football cake. A chocolate football. Can I help you make it? I’m going to need to lick the spoon. Let’s get balloons! Pirate balloons and Spiderman Balloons and Football balloons! Daddy’s a boy so he has to have a boy party. A Spiderman, football, pirate party, ARGH! Can I open his presents?”

Football Party

“We have to wait until daddy gets home before you can ask if you can open his presents.”

“Oh. Can I have cake please?”

Cody's Cake

“We have to wait until after dinner for cake.”

“Let’s eat dinner!”

“We have to wait for daddy to get home.”

“Can I have cake while I wait for daddy? He won’t mind, he shares his cake with me.”

(Enter Cody)

“DADDY! Can I open your presents for you? (commences to tear them open and chuck each gift at him as she moves on to the next) ALL DONE! Time for CAKE! Daddy! I made you a football cake! With daddy beans in a heart! Happy birthday daddy. What’s your number? I’m going to be four, mom’s going to make me a princess cake, a Cinderella cake. She’ll sing, she’ll sing so beautiful. Is it time for cake yet?”

Professional Opener

Present Chucking

“the moosh, we have to wait until after dinner, if you ask one more time you won’t be having cake because I will have taped your mouth closed.”

“Oh, hee hee, sorry mom. I’ll ask daddy. Daddy? Can I have cake? Pleeease?”

29 candles would have set the house on fire


Birthdays are way more fun when someone’s around who actually thinks turning another year older is awesome.

Cody's Daddy bean Cake


  1. Ok, that is freaking adorable!
    And oh so familiar!!!!
    Oh so much.
    A daddy party…ha ha!

    Mandy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – wacky, wild, wonderfully witty wee…..wwwww ones!

  2. Boys do love their pirates balloons. And beans in the shape of a heart sounds pretty awesome. And chocolate cake…

  3. Oh, that moosh! hehe Kids are so much fun at birthdays! Our friend’s daughter (she’s 7) refuses to miss our daughter’s 1st birthday party this weekend, she’s so excited. And at Christmas when we saw them, she couldn’t wait for our daughter to open her gift from them. If only we could keep that enthusiasm up throughout life 🙂

    Jen’s last blog post..a heck of a ride

  4. hahahahahahaaaa i love it! athe moosh did an EXCELLENT job of “making” cody’s birthday party!

    why did i think she is already 4??

    Biddy’s last blog post..i just THOUGHT the Instead Cup was bad…

  5. That is a very good birthday she made. Hee hee! This makes me think of my house. Kids are so much fun, when they’re not driving you insane. My 3 yo keeps telling me about her “baby stister” that she’s getting for her happy birthday (gotta love due dates on an older child’s birthday) on Saturday (it’s in September). I hear about it several times a day, several days a week. Heaven help us for the next 6 months.

  6. *wiping drool from keyboard*

    The moosh has everything figured out. Princesses for girls and Pirates for boys. That is one smart cookie!

    Megan’s last blog post..The EmilyPie Photo Challenge

  7. sweet mother that cake looks amazing….

  8. That cake looks delicious! And I bet Cody loved the balloons and decorations! What grown man doesn’t want a pirate/football/SpiderMan party??

    Sarah’s last blog post..Clean Rooms And Fashionable Feet

  9. Dude. You totally have to make me my own birthday cake since the one my Mom made for me Easter weekend got all screwed up because we didn’t press the “convection” button on the oven and then it got gooey in the middle and overdone around the edges and let’s just say it wasn’t as delicious as it should have been.

    Must be Motherhood’s last blog post..By the numbers: Proving that you can’t win with a pregnant woman

  10. lol…that is hilarious…and sounds oddly familar…to my own kids. Happy birthday to your hubby!

    staciesmadness’s last blog post..It’s my Cherry Pie.

  11. oh my gosh. the moosh makes me so happy. and that cake! please make me a cake that looks just like that. that will also make me happy.

  12. That cake looks totally yummy. I love your little girl’s running commentary. Did she get to open Daddy’s presents? Great post!

    Rhea’s last blog post..Speaking car

  13. Wow. That’s exhausting just reading about it. But your cake is beautiful.

    Camille’s last blog post..Hairway to Hell (Hairdos on Trial)

  14. I’m not sure that was “spiderman-pirate-football” party, it seemed a little heavy on the football – are you sure she approved those decorations?!

    Jeanelle’s last blog post..Ahhh…Spring Break!

  15. Phew! I’m ready for a nap!

    mommypie’s last blog post..It’s Late. Watching Conan. Not Carson.

  16. I bet when she asked daddy about the cake, he said yes. What daddy could resist that doll. ANd what sane human could resist that cake? Pass the fork please.

    Adrienne’s last blog post..Some Bunny Loves You!

  17. did someone say cake???

    (actually, i think it must have been the moosh … over and over and over and over again! she’s too cute)

    the planet of janet’s last blog post..Yes, Regis, this IS my final answer …

  18. I love that she snuck that princess balloon in there!

    Clink’s last blog post..The Evolution of Laughter

  19. Um, Casey, if I marry you will you make such lovely birthday cakes for me? Please ….

    mimi’s last blog post..Six words

  20. Oh, if only we could bottle that birthday happiness!

    molly’s last blog post..Maybe I Should Run Away and Join the Circus

  21. Oh, that cake! Looks soooooo good!

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

    Z’s last blog post..Another Meme!

  22. She’s adorable. (And your cake DOES look fantastic.)

  23. I think if we put the Moosh and my Little Man in a room together and had them plan a party, they would try so hard to out plan the other that it would never get done.

    “If the Moosh gets an idea…
    She’s gonna want to plan a party…
    Then she’s gonna pick a theme (or three).
    Once you let her pick a theme, she’s gonna want to buy balloons.
    Then the balloons will remind her of cake…”

    Antonette’s last blog post..Crazy Rabbits…

  24. Too cute! I love the Daddy party, and the cake looks amazing 🙂

    Nicole’s last blog post..I Heart Walgreens

  25. that was awesome – i love the enthusiasm of the moosh.

    pgoodness’s last blog post..Too many

  26. OMG. You are KILLING me with that cake.

    Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. I kinda hate his guts for getting to partake of your warm, baked goods.


    Loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog: Have you ever “Tagged” me on your blog?

  27. HA HA HA! I LOVE it. 🙂 And it doesn’t change (ask my 7 year old-last year I had to bake MY OWN birthday cake because she insisted I have a party!)

    Kristin’s last blog post..‘Tis the Season!

  28. She’s so cute – she looks like she’s ready to explode with excitement. Every time you post a picture of something you bake I’m almost happy you live so far away. Otherwise, I fear I’d weigh 400 pounds.

    andi’s last blog post..The unpredictability of the boy creature

  29. I love that you get to come cause you bring the cake. Obviously the MOST important part of the party:-) Your cake looks absolutely amazing! And I’m with moosh – I love frosting!

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..SERENITY with a guardian

  30. Your cake posts are kind of my porn.

    Jen M’s last blog post..Art is Grand – Free Art is Sublime

  31. You’ve really got the toddler patois down, girl!

    LawyerMama’s last blog post..For Jenny, The Bloggess