About two years ago tiny gramma left a comment on my blog and it has always been one of my favorites…

Everybody now…awwww.

While my mom and dad were very agreeable upon custody and visitation between the two of them while my sister and I were growing up, a majority of the mundane work fell to my mom. We didn’t always (if we ever did) get along, but we both turned out okay. A lot of the little things that get me through life these days were learned from my wee little mama.

rock on.

So imagine my pride when I saw a post my mom, the one and only tiny gramma, had written for a local photography blog in New Mexico. She was asked to guest post seeing as how she keeps winning all these awards with her photography. (Part of the reason I have such a inferiority complex with my photography. THANKS MOM!)

So with her permission I am reposting it here. Because I’m proud of her. And this IS her. For as long as I can remember her cameras have always ALWAYS been an completely natural extra appendage. I could never imagine my mom changing a diaper. But lying in the mud for over an hour to get the perfectly lit shot of a mountain stream? Yeah. That’s my mom.



The following was written by my mom, about her quest to obtain the picture directly below which she titled “Morning Glory”


For those of us who photograph, we’ve all found that eating can wait. Getting warm can wait. Sleep will sometimes be in short supply. But when the alarm rings at 4:00 in the morning, we get out of our warm beds, we munch on a granola bar and if we’re lucky, we have a cup of coffee on the 45 minute drive to where we want to be when the sun comes up. But, do we really know what we are getting up for? It’s dark. Is that sun going to come up? Or will it rain? Will I have the perfect clouds? Too many clouds? Horizon clouds? (ugh!) And let’s not forget the wind.

Having the opportunity to shoot a location wedding in Jackson Hole last year, I made a week out of it, getting up early each morning and shooting each evening. What a feast of lush green for my starved New Mexico senses! You know, just being in gorgeous surroundings should be enough, but no, we have to make it harder by lugging around equipment, searching for the perfect shot, fretting over whether we will get the right conditions and hoping we don’t have some brain contusion wherein we blow the shot. Why do we do this to ourselves when we could just sit back and joyfully soak it all in……? (or just stay in bed!) I don’t know. I just don’t know… Except to say, personally, I just have to be out there with a camera. Just have to… It’s in my bones – I was born with the disease.

So on one of those mornings only a matter of feet from the Schwabacker’s Landing parking lot, Morning Glory materialized and suddenly, every other minute spent in the not-so-good-could-have-stayed-home-conditions, was forgotten. Every instance of alarm cursing was dismissed. I’m here for this moment in time. AND I get to take it home with me.

You’ve been there… You know…


Word mama. xoxo, your favorite kid.


  1. Oh. my. word.

    I am both inspired and depressed.
    My fingers now itch to grab my camera because THAT is waht I want to be. Those are the images that my heart yearns to catch and depressed because WOW.
    I can’t even compare tot hat.
    TG.. you are awesome.
    C.. you are definitely her daughter

  2. I also, apparently, cannot type in the presence of TG.

  3. Geez I am so jealous! (and also because I knew where morning glory was shot and really wanted to be there too!)

    This makes me more determined to get my butt out of bed and drive those 45 minutes to get the fall colors I didn’t have a chance at last year. There are a few spots around here that I know of…

  4. Wow, I have a tiny grandma but she still uses disposable Kodak cameras.

    Who knew tiny grandmas came in a variety of talented-ness-es?

  5. Those pictures are just…well, superlative comes to mind, but doesn’t quite capture it. Send TG to us she’d love photography in Israel!
    Our Tiny Gramma sews amazing stuff and sends it to us. My girls are the best-dressed in Israel! OF COURSE TG’s come in a variety of talented-ness-es!

  6. Gorgeous photos. I love the first one.

  7. such a beautiful photo! And I totally get what she is saying.

  8. Tiny gramma is amazing. I sort of wish she was mine.

    The pictures are amazing, and the kid she produced isn’t too shabby either. 🙂

  9. WOW! Tiny Gramma is awesome!
    I LOOOOVE that first photo

  10. What lovely, lovely work she does!

    I am also the daughter of an awesome photographer (my dad won awards in grand rapids) so I feel ya on the insecurities. But doesn’t it make your heart soar so much MORE when they say, “Nice Shot!”?

  11. I tried to come up with something better but the words always seemed to sound just like what I wrote on the blog post. So in the spirit of reposting, here’s my comment:

    “Beautiful photo, I can’t count how many times I’ve sat in a snow storm or gotten up at dawn for a moment like this only to be disappointed. When you actually get the timing just right, it makes it all worth while.”

    She is an inspiration, both of you are.

  12. My God, her photos are exquisite!!! You guys have talent to spare!

  13. My first thought at looking at those photos is that I wish I could take shots half as beautiful as those. Then I realized that I’d be happy just to have the abililty to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to try and shoot photos like these.

  14. Well, it’s easy to see where you get your talent – what a shot! You must be so excited for her recognition. Also, I always have “Tiny Dancer” in my head when I read about your mom.

  15. I an buyz a copy? If so, where???? Beautiful.

  16. Two words: blown away.

  17. Holy Shmokes! Your mama rocks! I love the pics – especially since I am usually enjoying the beautiful scenery at exactly the same places she just got to document the moment. I under use my camera I think. Better start aspiring to be like ya’ll!!!

  18. Wow.

    Thank Tiny Gramma for letting you share this with us. She is AWESOME! (and you’re no slouch behind the lens either, my friend)

  19. WOW. Thanks for sharing your awesome mama with us, Casey!

  20. Your mother is right about you. Her photographs are amazing! I love the family love. And your photographs are wonderful too.

  21. I’ve gone back to this post a few times, rereading and then forwarding it to a few friends. The images are breathtaking. More contagious though is simply the PASSION your mom feels about something. That’s extraordinary.

  22. um, gorgeous much?

  23. Wow! She is amazing! I love the bottom one the best. What a cute tiny gramma!

  24. Wow. Just, wow. I’ve always loved your photos, and it’s obvious where you got your photography eye from.

  25. Wow. Your momma is amazing with words just like you. Thanks for sharing tiny gramma with us. She Rocks.

  26. Oh, I wish I knew what it felt like to not eat just to take photographs, ’cause those are beautiful!