I told Chris Brogan I had to pee today.

(Christ Brogan is kind of a big deal. He has 90K followers on twitter (#6 out of like 2.5 million on twitter. Everyone knows who Chris Brogan is apparently. He’s right up there with that Guy Kawasaki guy (whose house I ended up at last year) and Mashable (who BTW was in the Hot Blogger Calendar with me and I thought “Gosh, this Pete guy  is handsome, I should tell him he’s handsome, I’ll bet that would make his day. Everyone likes compliments! Turns out “this Pete guy” is a really big deal too. I’m apparently oblivious to big deal status.(Also, I’m older than that Pete guy. Seriously? Cougar. Rawr.)))

Today most of the sessions were about SEO, keywords, ROI and something called a longtail. (OH HAI BRAD I’M OLDER THAN YOU TOO! GrrRAWR. And I still don’t know what a longtail is! I tried! Really! Not even sure if I have one! Or need one?)

I approach this whole blog thing differently. Frankly according to most of the panels today I’m a big fat failure as a blogger.

I started to keep my family updated on my kid (because guess what? I’M LAZY!)

I kept going because I love to write.

Now if you’ll excuse me, two elephant ears in two days is far too much for a lady to handle. *ahem*

(Oh yeah, I wouldn’t hate it if you threw me your vote for “Indiana’s Social Media Superstar” or “Indiana’s Best Family Blog” in the first ever BLINDY awards if you’re feeling generous. I’m up against some stiff competition. Less than two days to vote! Too bad they don’t have a write in catergory for “Indiana’s Overshare Superstar Blog” I’d totally win it.)


  1. I write because I want to write, not because I want to post ads or reviews or get a gazillion hits per day. Great post!

    Casey Reply:

    @Lauren, Yes! Gazillion is like a frillion too many.

  2. I figure as long as you continue to write about hangin’ with good looking men, you probably won’t need to worry about readers or SEO. Posting a pic of one of them occasionally doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Rick, Emoticon addict.

  3. So, wait, what’s SEO?

    And I blog to get The Ladies.

    Casey Reply:

    @Aunt Becky, Well The Ladies are coming to you in the form of your card in front of the WORLD’S LARGEST PIG SCROTUM.
    That should help your SEO.

  4. Personally, I prefer women without tails of any length.

  5. Personally I started writing my health and fitness blog so I had someplace to keep me accountable for my workouts! I continued writing it because I like the commenting and having a community to fall back on when I need inspiration. That’s kinda one of the reason why the hubs and I decided against BlogIndiana this year. I’m thinking BlogHer is more for me just because it’s about community – not just about making money off of my blog.

    In other news – I can’t wait for fried green tomatoes tomorrow at the IN state fair. I’m seriously counting down until when we’re there. I just keep telling myself it’s a vegetable and I’m walking two miles before I eat them so it’s ok, right?

    Casey Reply:

    @Jess, Oh the irony! Health and fitness/Fried Green Tomatoes.
    BlogIndiana will only become better with time, don’t write it off completely just yet.

  6. I don’t know what half that technical crap even means, so in my own brilliant mind, I’m doing it right.

    And think, if according to the pro’s, you’re actually doing it wrong,but you’re still succeeding like a rock star – who’s the sucker there?

  7. You have a blog with the fake word Moosh in it. Equals = success. -Mr. Blonde

  8. My vote’s in! 🙂 Your blog has developed so much and it is if not better than ever!!! Keep the awesome posts coming. 🙂

  9. Hmm. . . I must be really lame. I don’t know who Chris Brogan is or uh, Mashable or Guy Kawaski. Ah, f*ck it.

    PS I voted for you! Good luck.

  10. I’ve never heard of Chris Brogan. I only heard of Shankman because of the calendar, and I still am not sure who Guy Kawasaki is except for someone who says he’s a big deal on the Internet. And I really don’t care.

    Casey Reply:

    @Avitable, *sigh* you need to be Broganized.

  11. you got my vote!

  12. Ok, so I don’t twitter, so reading this was like a foreign language, but I clicked on your little pictures on the side bar, and I swear there is one of you with a man named Shawn Guy (you are wearing a crown and surrounded by a bunch of guys). I could be wrong, but do you know him? My BFF is the sister of Shawn’s partner… and that’s just too small of a world if you know him!

    Casey Reply:

    @Ann, I miss Shawn Guy. A lot.

  13. I feel so clueless okay more like an idiot…since I have no clue who any of those guys are…

    Casey Reply:

    @georgie, It’s cool. I didn’t either until I was on a bus to one of their houses.
    You know who I am and really that’s all I care about. Right?
    Kind of.

  14. Yeah, blogging conferences these days have lots of information about SEO, which stands for “artificially inflated awesomeness.”

    Casey’s blog is genuine awesomeness, which is why this place seems kind of wonky.

    Back to your regularly scheduled comment.

  15. A “Blindy” sounds like an award for a superstar guide dog. Bet Lassie got them all the time. Since I enjoy following you, I will Blindy up and hope you bring home some of the Blindy Bling. Can I get a “woof woof”!

    Casey Reply:

    @Lisa-Jo, The blindy has been broughten, so thank you!

  16. You are seriously hilarious with your cougar ways.

    I love, love, love Mashable. I don’t love long tails as much because they take a lot of energy to target consumers because it requires a lot of websites in varied interest groups / smaller sites.

    Anywho – rock on with your bad self.


    Casey Reply:

    @emily, And all I did all weekend was comb my longtail and braid it.

  17. I have an SEO guy who’s helping me optimize my blog, and I’m realizing that I really don’t want to use google trends to figure out which keywords to use in my titles or worry about whether my links are in the first 160 characters of my post or whatever. I just want to WRITE. I really would rather have a few REAL people read my blog than a frillion google searchers who are just hoping to get their spam link into a comment.

    P.S. you have a typo, you typed “Christ” Brogan. I know he’s awesome and all, but…well, thought you’d want to know 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Elizabeth, Nah, I like the sweet sweet Freudian irony of it all.