Vivi and I have a routine. Our routine involves naps, snuggles and a shared appreciation for the culinary delight that is the avocado.

I have the stamina necessary to pack a 25 pound baby everywhere and carry a massive camera around.

Athletic? Nope. Not so much.

Vivi and I? We enjoy our downtime.

Then there’s these other people we live with.

You know, that guy over there who ran a half marathon after training for…well. He didn’t train, he says he trained for four days but what that really means is he called me on Tuesday and said “Hey, what are we doing Saturday?” when I said nothing, he then said “I think I’m going to run the Mini.”

And then he did.

Indianapolis Mini Marathon.

He finished in a totally average time and even more impressive? He didn’t die. Hooray! He mapped out a very detailed “Pre-Race Checklist” which included “Prevent bloody nipples.” Considering running a half marathon this weekend? Check out Cody’s four day couch to 13.1 mile training plan.

Then there’s this other kid, who obviously takes after her dad.

See that giant rope hanging from the ceiling in the middle of Addie’s giant gym?




I’ve gotten at least 4 stars on every song in Just Dance 3, I dare say more than half are 5 stars. *bows*

I’m really proud of these two.

Cody’s recruiting people to run the Mini with him next year, when his secretary asked “Is Casey going to do it?” Cody replied “Casey doesn’t run.” to which I responded “I run away from bears.

Cody then offered to dress in a full bear suit and chase me through the streets of Indianapolis so I’d run the Mini. He even offered to growl, he also said there was a very good chance we’d make it on TV.

I’m still considering his offer.


  1. Lauraszoo says:

    You make me smile. I like you, and your family. 8)

  2. Michelle says:

    I’d say there’s a very good chance you’d make it on to TV. Though I’m sure that you much prefer your other less stressful appearances (as in you’re not being chased by a bear!).

  3. Now that, I’d like to see..pretty darn sure you would make it on tv…lol. You could so do it though!

  4. Hey! I recognize that gym!!! We live close- and apparently very close!

    Running a half marathon is nuts by the way. Just sayin.

  5. Watching her climb that rope makes me nervous. I don’t know how you do it!

  6. I ran a ten miler last month after never, ever being remotely athletic. Whereas my children, my husband, are all potential olympians.

    I tried to get my sister to train for a race with me. She just stared at me. And said “Yeah. No. The only way I’ll run is if there’s a guy with a gun chasing me.”

  7. I could never climb a rope–good job Addie!

  8. Sunshine says:

    I would come to Indy to watch that. Though I’d rather offer my husband to run with Cody and we could cheer together. And NOT RUN AT ALL.

  9. Go Addie! I remember that exercise from gymnastics…it was brutal. She’s super strong.

  10. Chrysta says:

    I would pay money to see Cody in a bear suit, growling while chasing you through the streets of Indy. I might even come all the way to Indy to help him chase you.

  11. Oh my word – that is some super strength! (Also I love avocados)

  12. I’ve only heard the term “Bloody nipples” when talking about breastfeeding. The thought of running causing bloody nipples makes me queasy, and the thought of googling it makes me giggle!

  13. In the creepiest way, I feel disappointed that I also ran the mini, and wandered (read – collapsed) in the recovery area for quite some time after but did NOT get to meet you.

  14. Oh my gosh Addie! You are AMAZING.

  15. Ah, the days of youth when I could do so much more! Now carrying my 27.5 pound baby and a camera is my exercise too!

    You are so cool! I love your photos! I am still trying to improve my technique! I would love some more photo techniques posts from you!

  16. please do it. I will come to Indy to witness that. I PROMISE.

  17. I’ve thought about running the Indy Mini the last few years, but I’d definitely show up to run next year to watch you be chased through the streets by a bear! You should definitely do it!

  18. I love your love. I once considered myself a non-runner… Well, I still do, but I have completed three minis. Shireen scoffs at my non-runner status I believe. You can do it, but I think walking is harder on the body than running. I was considering doing the 5k with the kid next year. Would you and Addie join us?

  19. LOL. I think it would be AWESOME if he chased you in a bear suit. I would come watch just for that.

    And Addie? Man, I have NO arm strength. I could never ever do that.

  20. What???!!
    ! A) 4 days? That is suicide ( for this body)
    B) all the way to the top? With just her little arms? Girls a rockstar

  21. Once again I am bummed. I ran the Indy this weekend and could have met you!!!!

  22. OK this? Is just plain funny!
    Cody is crazy, but since he didn’t die… well, good for him. I did all my running in high school
    Also, that picture of Addy reminds me of a video my husband found the other day. Dude climbed a rope like that WHILE TWIRLING A HULA HOOP! All the way up and back down. That’s intense!

  23. Yeah… I don’t run either. I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.