Oh hi.

I’ve slept for five hours in the last 38.



That’s right, I was the first fool one there. With books, snacks, a pillow, a camp chair a blanket and a my iPod. Boys showed up about 2:30 a.m. with nothing.

Boy were they bored.

I’m pretty sure they were pissed that a girl beat them to the front of the line. And I’m also pretty sure they were jealous of my luxurious spread that I had no intention of sharing.  By six a.m. there were about thirty people in line with only 16 Wiis to go around.


So yes, we have a Wii, Cody is currently ROCKING the Dance Dance Revolution. (I’m shocked and awed.) In an effort never seen before in our marriage we pooled every single cent from our Christmas money to buy one. (Cody just threw off his socks in an all out Wii Dance Dance Revolution SMACK DOWN. It is so on.)

I cook, I clean, I wax, I’m bendy, and I stand in line for hours to get a video game while my husband is at home sleeping snug as a bug in our warm little bed.

That’s me. Best wife ever.

Please be sure to remind my husband how good he has it, I think he forgets all the time sometimes.


  1. Wow, you are like the best wife EVAR! Although, admittedly, there are days when I think I would wait in the dark for hours for a Wii just to get out of the house! hehe. Have fun!

    pgoodness’s last blog post..It’s baaaaaaack!

  2. You are the nicest wife I know. Please don’t let my husband find out that there are women our age who cook, clean, and stand in line for video games. I’ve convinced him that women’s lib finally took! 🙂

    Amy C.’s last blog post..Advance Notice

  3. wow i could, well would never do that lol, my husband gets a lil too obessed with video games

    Liam Craig’s last blog post..I have a confession to make…..

  4. oh, booger…i’ve been trying to find DDR for the wii since the beginning of December…so. jealous.

    ali’s last blog post..boots and aches and underwear! oh my! (oh, and a little wiz of oz too)

  5. I do not understand this Wii thing. I mean, still? Still they do not have enough to just supply everyone with one? What is the freakin’ deal with that? You do not have a problem buying playstations or Nintendo DS! Why? Why the Wii?

    (I got lucky one random day about 6 months ago and spotted the last Wii at Wal-Mart and snatched it up. And now? We never play it.)

    Karly’s last blog post..I like ‘em big, too.

  6. You are the best wife EVER.

    I would be the one at home sleeping and telling Honey to go get his own stinkin’ wii.

    Except he hates video games. So we BOTH get to sleep.


    Good on you, though!

    Angella’s last blog post..Foto Friday: The Recap

  7. Good luck with it. We had one when they first came out and played for about a week. 4 months later I got my money back on ebay 🙂

    Midwest Mommy’s last blog post..Men- You may not want to read…

  8. Just think the wii line could of been worse. I did it in December in Canada. I was not first in line, for that you definitly get props. But it was definitly worth my husband actually being surprised for Christmas.

    Alana’s last blog post..The full Rundown

  9. The one time in my life I stood in line for anything that damn early was for Grateful Dead tickets when they were in…you guessed it. Indy. The fateful show when gatecrashers f***** up our chance to see them. We were at the entrance when the party got crashed and the cops wouldn’t let anyone else in, even if we had tickets.
    Two months later Jerry Garcia was dead.

    Ain’t no way in he!! I am ever standing in line for anything again.
    Go on witcha bad self.

  10. You totally suck. I’ve wanted a wii for so freakin long!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! Play it lots for me.

    Skye’s last blog post..Ultrasound

  11. Your rock!
    I love the Wii. I don’t have one, but somehow my boss got convinced that it’s okay for us to play at work Needless to say, we enjoy HIS long lunches.

    Amy’s last blog post..Where did it go?

  12. well you definitely win wife of the year award!

    lou’s last blog post..I’m A Weiner So You Could Be A Weiner Too!

  13. In January? You are a good woman. I don’t even like to take the dog out this time of year.

  14. You so totally rock! And that DDR will definitely help if you ever want to lose weight. Hey, it’s even fun (and I can beat my husband at that game at least). Hubby wants a Wii, but since we don’t even own a TV… well, let’s just say I’m not standing in line anytime soon! Way to go on beating the boys in line, love it!

    Krista’s last blog post..PDA’s at Costco

  15. I had never read your queef post. Thank the beautiful heavens you linked to it again. My husband and I so want a wii. We wouldn’t have to wait in line for one here, but can’t afford one right now. Pffffbt! mel from freak parade’s last blog post..My Time Management Skills….Let Me Show You Them

  16. That Pfffffbt up there? So not a queef, I swear.

    mel from freak parade’s last blog post..My Time Management Skills….Let Me Show You Them

  17. ooh, I am jealous!!! can I come play?

    Jill’s last blog post..Week 15- A Change in Scenery

  18. yeah, you pretty much rock! too bad you couldn’t get two and sell one on ebay for twice what you paid for it haha

    i wanna play!

    Biddy’s last blog post..oh what a day….

  19. I’d have to challenge you to that Best Wife ever title. Cuz I managed to get my mitts on a Wii for the hubs BEFORE Christmas.

    And I’m taking cooking lessons. That’s right. I’m overcoming my distaste for all things culinary just to feed my man.

    Plus, I bought kneepads. Wink, wink.

    So I’ve got to be in the running for best wife title.

    Redneck Mommy’s last blog post..Talent Takes All Forms

  20. You are awesome. I bow down to the queen!

    Barb’s last blog post..Name tag

  21. Wow your hubby must have done something right to get you or he must be doing something right for you to be wife of the year!*licks her figure to chalk one up for the mooshs mom* Out of ALL the game stuff I LOVE the Wii! It’s the best idea. I played Golf and beat the boys. I had NO clue what I was doing. DAMSEL IN DISTRESS! LOL

    Carlzbad’s last blog post..Emotional Vomit

  22. wow. this is beyond impressive. cody should be your sex slave forever for this one!

    janet’s last blog post..A little bit of this … a little bit of that

  23. Holy Crap. I think the only way I would EVER be THAT good of a wife is if I actually get to play a Wii and get addicted FIRST. Want to lend it to me? Ha HA ha HA HA HA!!

    Reese’s last blog post..Mmmmmmm.

  24. Oh, my, gosh! I found one back in March at Walmart after searching for months. The other day I found a Guitar Hero for the Wii after searching for a month… talk about addiction, that game is so much fun.

  25. You are the best wife ever!!! That’s nuts. And it is freakin cold down here in Southern Indiana…so I know it’s cold up there.

    FENICLE’s last blog post..Marriage Reality

  26. No fairies. I want one.

    andi’s last blog post..I hope her future husband has deep pockets

  27. Oh, you see, Casey, this is why I love you so: you blend the fantastically dorky (line up all night for Wii) with the fantastically girly/housewifely (bring snacks, entertainment, and furniture.)

    That’s awesome.

    And DDR? Dude, that’s my FAVORITE!

    mimi’s last blog post..The power of two?

  28. That’s it. I’m coming to Indy.

  29. We are totally considering getting one too. And we don’t even have cable.

    Aimee Greeblemonkey’s last blog post..I thought I left this crap back in high school.

  30. When you’re done DDRing, I tagged you for a meme.

    Come to FL. Bring your Miis in your Wiimote. It’s ON!


    Shash’s last blog post..I have the BEST. HUBBY. EVER.

  31. You are AWESOME, cause as much as I want a Wii, there is no way in HECK I am waiting out in this weather for it.

    I will just wait until the Wii is no longer cool, THEN I will pounce.

    staciesmadness’s last blog post..FRIDAY!!!!

  32. Oh ya! We’ve got one. We love it. We lucked out one day when we were in a small hick town in the middle of no where and notice TWO Wii’s on the shelf and no line ups. Ya we bought both and sold one to Tim’s brother-in-law.

    ashlee’s last blog post..New Niece — Danyca Rose