I’m getting my first passport stamp today…

Just to give you a little idea of how it’s going to go down at the airport…

“Passport please.”

The TSA agent will then look from me to the passport, and from the passport to me. This will repeat several times. He may even call a buddy over to confirm just how wrong said passport photo is.

Ma’am, you’re aware it’s a federal offense to travel with another persons passport?”

“It’s me, I promise, you see, I had my photo taken and when I took it to the post office they said that my head was too big and that I had to have it retaken RIGHT THEN only I was especially sick that day from this whole pregnant thing I have going on and I didn’t have any makeup on and my hair, wow, I know right? Not to mention I’ve lost about a dozen pounds since that photo was taken and I’m just absolutely sure that the photo was steamrolled in photoshop before it was attached to my passport.”

“Ma’am, are you accusing the U.S. government of tampering with passport photos?”

“NO! It’s just, I’ve never had that awful of a photo taken, I know it doesn’t really matter, I mean, you’re the only one that sees it. You should see my drivers license! Talk about a good hair day! Besides, with my passport expiring in 2020 I’m sure I’ll appreciate this photo someday in the next decade. So…can I go now?”

If all goes well I’ll end up in Toronto, Ontario with only a slight ding to my confidence.


Guess what? My video made it to the final three to win a Tempurpedic bed! WHEE! Thank you for watching it!

Guess what else? The Indy IABC likes us! (us being Daniel Incandela and me.)



  1. My passport is from 2002. I don’t look a THING like my photo! And I just went to Canada this weekend and had no problems!

    Safe travels!

  2. Your first stamp? Say it ain’t so. Surely you’ve left this great country of ours before? If not, you might enjoy my passport story I wrote over the summer. I likened my photo to that of a Russian Spy


    Have fun “abroad” 😉

  3. I don’t think the government understands how important these ID photos are. For example, my driver’s license is the most perfect picture ever. And I can’t update my address cause I’d have to get a new picture on it.

    I’m sorry, that really doesn’t relate to anything you’ve written here… but I like to tell that story when people talk about IDs. Passports. Whatever.

    Enjoy the great white north!

  4. Just watched the three finalists….you TOTALLY have that one in the bag!

  5. I didn’t realize you were going to Blissdom Canada! I hope you have the best time!


  6. Hopefully our agents treated you well. Enjoy the “wunders” that our country has to offer. TO is a great city … the peps can be a little odd….but they give the rest of the nation something to complain about (and yes they did call in the military after a blizzard).

  7. And you aren’t going to share this gem of a photo with us?

    I am just kidding (sort of) glad to hear that they let you in and I am all sorts of jealous that you have a passport as it beats my non passport. Although I swear that I will get one soon because one can not live this close to Canada without one.

  8. I like you, too! Glad your blog with Daniel’s getting some much-deserved attention. It is the awesome. Have fun on your trip! Also, if you don’t win that bed, something’s wrong with the world.

  9. Casey, Your vid is totally the best.

    When you first posted it here, I got the biggest kick out of it and them promptly forced my husband to watch it.

    We are actually looking to get a new bed because the one we sleep on now is the queen size bed my mom-in-law bought for my husband when he was in high school…12 years ago and it won’t survive the move we are making next month. I like the queen size because I can feel him at night and we are snuggly like bugs in a rug. Hubs has wanted a bigger bed ever since our first trip to a hotel with a king-size bed where his allotted sleeping space was larger than 5% of the bed. So, I sprawl in my sleep…big deal. Your video single-handedly changed my mind and is the sole reason we are getting a bigger bed. My husband thanks you.

  10. Amy in StL says:

    I don’t have a passport. I know! I’ve been so busy living my life here in the states that I haven’t found time (or desire if I’m honest) to go elsewhere. Have fun up north!

  11. I don’t have a passport, but Indy let me in anyway. wait. that’s not a different country? my bad. 🙂

  12. unfortunately, no stamp for you my dear unless you ask. US-Canadian travel = no stamp

  13. I’m so jealous that you’re there.

    Go get the biggest hug evah from someone via me. K?

    loves you

  14. My passport photo is the worst photo of me ever taken. Five more years til I get a new one.