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I have been assigned the task to give a computer away to one of you lovely people.

(Actually I’m one of twenty…for all of the other chances to win please check this list here…)

Allow me first to tell you about the computer in my own “I don’t speak geek” words.

It’s a Lenovo ThinkCentre A70Z all in one desktop. Which means it sits on your desktop and everything is all in one. No speakers, no tower, no separate screen. So how much space does it take up? Hardly any. How hard was it to set up? Not at all.

Seriously. Unboxed it, plugged it in, turned it on. That’s it. I don’t even wish I were kidding because it was that easy.

Now many of you know I’m a Mac living in a houseful of PC’s. Well. Laptop PC’s. This is our first desktop in, oh, seven years. And yo, at this price point (under $600) desktops have come a long fabulous way.

The other thing I could get all kissy faced over (you know, if it didn’t feel as though I was kissing my really gross first cousin) Windows 7. It kind of works really well. All those commercials? They aren’t lying. And considering Windows and I broke up during his experimental Vista phase? I believe he’s a changed OS and I’m willing to let him back into my life.

Another thing Lenovo does (at least as far as I can tell…) upon startup it gives you a menu of all the services you can choose to download. They’re not preinstalled, which means there’s no obnoxious uninstall. You want skype? Okay! INSTALL! (Also? Built in webcam FTW!) but don’t really love the idea of having ICQ on there? Just say no thank you and it goes away.

I’m going to say it. Windows 7 works like a Mac OS. It’s like the red headed step child of a Mac OS. Cute enough to keep around, that’s for sure.

The Lenovo entered my life after my macbook left mine. By way of a five year old knocking it onto the floor. The first thing I did with the new Lenovo? Download every flickr picture I have ever uploaded and save them onto an external hard drive. I could almost hear the Lenovo grunting “Oh yeah? 7,000 pictures? BRING IT! Let’s see your Macbook do THAT!”

In a perfect world the Lenovo A70z would be hanging on the wall in my kitchen (YES! YOU CAN HANG IT ON THE WALL!) and it would serve as the world’s greatest recipe book. Not to mention that ever since launching a little photography business on the side (which has blown up in the best possible way thank you!) having a dedicated computer to handle all the boring (but needed) work stuff has been a life saver.

Say what you want about the Mac vs. PC wars, no one can handle a good spreadsheet like the A70z up there in the man cave (also known as the office in our house.)

So here’s where the giveaway part comes into play. Tell me how a good reliable space saving computer like the Lenovo A70z could help take your business to the next level, be it something as simple as a family blog to the next great etsy store we’re all going to have to have something from. What do you wish your computer could do now that would make your life easier?

I will pick one winner randomly from all eligible entries, and by eligible I mean you put thought into it. None of this “I like computers and need a new one” crap. Okay?

the fine print.

Rules & Regulations: U.S. citizens and Canadians welcome! and Lenovo are not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses. The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded. Approximate value of prizes may vary.

As compensation for this review and giveaway I did receive a free Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z for use in my home. The opinion of the machine is purely my own.


  1. My husband and I have just started a property development business. Our present computer was a spur of the moment purchase by my husband because the “price was so good”. (Translation = S..L..O..W) We really need a computer that is fast and compact….(office is the kitchen table…this beautiful computer fits the bill!!!)

  2. Lemuel Bacod says:

    I need this computer because this will be great for my school work[projects/essays/etc]also this not only benifits be but my family, My sister can also use it for school… Anyways I wish my current computer is faster… seriously my computer is super slow and its like my computer teamed up with dial up and its about 9yrs old because im just a teen and cant afford to buy a new one… anyways thatnks.

  3. Devin D. says:

    I desperately need this computer! My current computer is an old Dell still running Windows XP & it has a DVD Rom problem where the drive wont open and it is slow as molasses, It’s our home internet wi-fi provider and we can’t setup a netwrok that can share printers because there’s something wrong? with it, but we can share internet. This computer will solve all of our problems and headaches at my house.

  4. Doing daytrading as primary income, I need a computer with top performance. The
    ThinkCentre A70z All-in-one PC can certainly handle the fast pace of daytrading. Plus, the space I save on my desk I can afford to put a TV next to it (so I can watch CNBC)

  5. I’d love to take my photography habit to the next level, and I think having the computer wall-mounted would be awesome for visualizing how best to work with a photo. It would be like seeing it framed already! Cool…

  6. Oh how I would love to win this baby. I love photography and my current PC is just not equipped to handle the magnitude of pictures. I’ve also heard amazing things about Windows 7 but #1 is the ability to I simply cannot tell you how this would eliminate the constant abuse our current PC (all components) takes from three children! It would be such awonderful addition to our family!