Saddle up kids it was another eventful day at the local YMCA.

All this two hour working out a day stuff?

Totally paid off today.


I was hit on.

By Rob.

He’s been working out for two years, he started in a home gym and the manager of his previous gym was mean so he “was like outta there” and joined the Y.

He likes it here.

OH! Is this the part where I get to mention that Rob weighs in at an impressive 120 lbs. and is a towering 5’2″? OH! AND! And! that he can bench a mind boggling, well, however much the bar weighs?

That’s right Cody, watch out, Rob’s on the prowl.


Oy, bless his heart, I am flattered. But why is it that the Brazilian soccer player and the firefighter in Chicago made my heart all a flutter more so than snaggletooth skeevy Rob?

When everyone except your betrothed is off limits shouldn’t any little nod in your direction be just as flattering as a nod from Chicago’s finest? (And OOH was he fine.)

Flattered, yes. Creeped out? MmmHmm. To tell you the truth he fits a lot of profiles you hear about on Law & Order.


Oh, so then I was in the sauna and a woman with Hilary hair came in and said (wait for it)

“Gosh, it’s a little hot in here.”

Let’s make a quick list of places you’d expect it to be “a little hot.”

5. Swanky hotel with husband sans anklebiter.

4. Sahara.

3. Death Valley.

2. Any old person’s house.



She may have had the hair but not the brains.


  1. Oh the craziness of your Y! The SAUNA is HOT. Who knew?

  2. Me, I get hit on my construction workers. Nasty ones too.

    Why can’t the rich guy in the Benz hit on me? sigh.

    Hey! Where’s the bikini?

    And didn’t you promise more on the story of Moosh’s tongue? I’ve been waiting!

  3. I used to get hit on everywhere I went. That sounds like an exaggeration, but it is not.

    Back then, the only appreciated ones were the ones that got me something or were done by good looking men.

    The most recently I’ve been “hit on” is by a guy who was riding next to me on the highway on his bike. I counted his multiple head turns and wave as being hit on. And I appreciated it. A lot. I couldn’t really tell what he looked like, but it was still appreciated. A lot.

  4. Eek. Hell of a Y you have there. I used to get hit on at church events. Drove hubs over the edge. I just realized I said “used to”…well now I’m offended because it’s been awile.

  5. Skeevy Rob.

    I love that name!

  6. I do not get hit on.

    So? Shut up.

    heh heh

    said very lovingly, of course.

  7. I once got hit on by a guy with… no arms.

    To make matters more interesting he did not have a shirt on.

    He introduced himself like this: “Hi! My names John and I have no arms.”

    How does one reply to that?

  8. mmm…Rob…you wanted to jump on him then and there didn’t ya ?

  9. A friend of mine was bemoaning the fact that she never gets hit on. I tried to reassure her to no avail:

    “Yah, but you get hit on ALL THE TIME, Loralee.”

    “Um. YAH. By plumbers who buy the majority of their wardrobe from the graphic t-shirt section of Wal-Mart. TOTALLY hot.”

  10. wow…the way you describe him, he sounds like a real dreamboat! 😉

  11. You SERIOUSLY need to find a new gym. Although, it does make for good blogging!

  12. Hilarious!
    What do these guys think? that you’ll drop your hubby on the spot and take off with him? it cracks me up!

  13. oh man.

    i’m with kristi b. i want to know what these bozos are thinking.

    good for him for being so confident though…maybe? i dunno…just glad it was you, and not me!

  14. TWO hours a day? My, you’re dedicated. Cut back to one hour and I’m just sure the stalking will cease.

  15. Getting hit on by a way-too-old trick or treater. That’s the epitomy of flattery.

  16. But I’m sure he’s a beautiful person on the inside….. I am with ya on the firefighters!! Yum yum!!

    Hot in the sauna?? Yeah, it’s working, unlike your brain, lady!

  17. Heheh. I love this post. I’m a big fan of countdowns.

  18. I get hit on regularly by my job superintendent’s. I work for a new home builder. Unfortunately I’ve never been attracted to that look. I get the “suits” too however. If I were single it would be so flattering…..I’ve got too good of a thing to ever leave. He’s a keeper!

    Love the old ladies comment. Priceless.

  19. Rob, oh, Rob. This is why you still live in your parents’ basement.

  20. Say, is Rob a self-proclaimed rower? I know a Rob just like that at the rowing club… he likes to hang out with all the women and tries to take our pictures a lot. I think his bedroom is plastered with pictures of Indy women in spandex at the boathouse.