Hi PR Person!

I just came across your company website, what a great font you’re using! I noticed that you represent stuff I like so I’m reaching out to you because I know you’ll appreciate my blog, moosh in indy. I’m working to improve how much stuff I have, my online visibility and get my name onto every major PR list out there and I’m contacting you to help me do it!

moosh in indy is probably the best blog on the internet and when you visit you’ll be excited to find:

  • pretty pictures!
  • very few swear words!
  • blunt honesty!
  • all sorts of information about my life!
  • funny stories!
  • links to all my favorite stuff!

You are also probably going to want to check out my photography blog, caseymullinsphotography.com. You can also follow me on twitter! Subscribe to my blog and check out my fan page on facebook!

Your fellow PR friends will love to read my blog! So tell everyone! I of course have no intention to do much for you in return, I’d love to send you some of my business cards! Just think how lucky you are that I told you about my blog and that I’m giving you the opportunity to read it! People love my blog! You will too!

Take care and feel free to throw my blog name around liberally and be sure to email me when you’ve got your press release on how awesome I am written up and published! Thanks!

-Casey Mullins

master of my own domain

Indianapolis, IN



  1. You are just FABulous! Can I be your friend? 🙂
    Although I’m sure every PR person who ever pitched you has TOTALLY read every word on your blog.

  2. You have the balls that I have been looking for – love it!

  3. LOL, that is too funny!!

  4. OMG, I LOVE it. I think I may need to steal this, tweak it for my own, and then begin using it to reply to some of of the recent email in my inbox. Thanks for the laugh! I’m linking up to this post during my Sunday Stars if that is okay. I must help spread the smiles!!

  5. hhehehehehehehhh. Would be awesome if that worked.


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