I have misled many people into believing that I am coasting along in this pregnancy. (Which is fine, it’s just not the truth.) The truth is I am very ill approximately 20 hours a day and this week has been the worst. I’m not sure if it’s simply because I’m running out of brave or because I am farther along.

BUT. I have realized it does me no good to complain about it. Complaining doesn’t make me feel any better, it leaves the people around me feeling helpless and sorry for me which leads them to giving me silly suggestions about how to “fix” my sick (I’m way past ginger and crackers kids.) I assure them I’ve done this before…and then I end up looking like a jerk that can’t take advice from well meaning people.


I stay shooshy.

If you really want to learn more about what I’m going through there’s an entire website dedicated to the disease. (Oh yes, I said disease.)

One of the annoyances with throwing up so much are petechiae (pe-tiki-aye). Sure it’s a vanity thing, but they garner some funny comments from observers (tact people, tact.) Petechiae are ruptured capillaries (in my case, on my face and sometimes in my eyes.) that result from vomiting, I can literally feel them explode and they so far FASCINATE every doctor that sees them.

petechiae. (tiny ruptured capillaries that result from barfing.)

After a friend told me yesterday she peed her pants every time she puked…I’ll gladly take the mottled face and dry pants, thank you.


So, what’s the weirdest sickness side effect you’ve experienced?


  1. I agree with that designhermomma chick. you are totally beautiful.

    and I had that too from puking.

  2. Have you tried Compazine yet? I’m sure you have since you are so super sick, but thought I’d throw it out there.

    Hang in there! It will be over soon and we will get to see your beautiful baby!

  3. I am in my 12th week of twins….can’t stand the taist of my own saliva, gag at the thought of opening the fridge, hot flashes, big boobs (I say big now that I FINALLY fill out my AA bra), constant need to eat or puke, oh the joy….and the zofran locks me up like a brick….:)

    Windy Reply:

    @Windy, I forgot…I almost pass out every time I stand up…life is good!

    Rachel Reply:

    @Windy, Windy, I had that problem with the Zofran too! Which, I suppose, would have been totally worth it, if it had actually MADE ME FEEL BETTER!

  4. @Rachel, AMEN!

  5. My husband and I will start trying for our first at the end of this month (EEEKKK!!) So while all of this is certainly scary, it helps to know that there are so many strong women out there who deal with infertility, the weird medical pregnancy issues and come out just as lovely on the other end! Possibly with more wet pants than we care to think about though! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  6. Eeesh, girl. I’m so sorry you have to struggle with this instead of just being able to be happy and joyful and deal with the NORMAL annoying “helpful” pregnancy advice and tips.


  7. The strangest thing during my morning sickness (lasted five months, 12 hours a day) was that I vomited every time I was in the shower. EVERY time. Didn’t matter that I had puked in the toilet three times already, nor did it matter what time of day I showered, I would lose it in the stall. Week 18 found me on an Alaskan cruise and STILL. Shower = puke.

  8. Casey…so sorry. You have my permission to throw up on them when anyone says something stupid to you. Gentle hugs…

  9. I’ve had the petechiae too–just not on my face. It’s mostly on my arms, chest, and thighs. Small capillaries have burst in my eyes after puking, but I never thought to associate the two.

  10. Oh you poor thing. You complain all you want hon.
    Two out of my four healthy pregnancies were just like you, constant puking. I actually hate being pregnant but love kids. Best wishes.

  11. No puking here (thank goodness) feel free to punch me. With my first pregnancy, I lost feeling in most of my fingers. I must have had a pinched nerve or something. I got the feeling in my fingers back, but it has never been the same.

    With my second and third pregnancies I have felt like my pelvis is going to shatter at any second. SO PAINFUL. Some days it was difficult to walk. Oh the toll these babes take on our bodies! So worth it.

    P.S. I think the pregnancy glow is a load of crap. I never look glamorous and beautiful while pregnant…just fat & happy.

  12. With my 4th I endured HG and it came with so many ‘side’ effects that just about put me over the edge. I’d say the worst (other than the complete 24 hour sickness) was the extra saliva I produced. Less than 5% of those with HG get it (lucky me). I literally carried a cup around with me for months which was filled with spit since I was unable to swallow all the excess saliva. If I had to leave the house, I’d try to pretend I was drinking from the cup instead of spitting into it so I wouldn’t totally ruin the appetite of others. It was the worst! Oh, and it spilled several times…YUCK!

  13. @Lauraszoo,
    Yeah — I did it 5 times also. Sick, sick, sick each time. Had kidney stones with #2 and #3. Lost 20 lbs. with #1. Nos. 4 and 5 weren’t quite as bad, but my poor husband got frequent calls to come home from work and feed his children lunch because the mere act of opening the fridge caused me to yak!

  14. You know, I always wondered if there was a link between Endo and HG..? I had HG with both of my kids (and migraines my entire life, but worse with the pregnancies) and I know there’s a link between the migraines and the Endo, but I wonder if they aren’t all linked? Thank you hormones!(I had stage 3 Endo and had to have a full hysterectomy at 25. Fun times…)
    Thank you for sharing your story with us, Casey. It’s nice to know we’re not alone, but it breaks my heart that you’re having to go through it. Just keep looking at Moosh and remembering how worth it all of it is. That’s how I got through my second pregnancy.
    *HUGE HUG*

  15. Anna Grace says:

    Wow, no dislocated ribs or anything, but I did pee every time I puked. I wore pantyliners during pregnancy because of that. Those graduated to pads when it came close to the due date – I was so afraid of my water breaking. Good thing, too, ’cause my water broke at work and the pad saved me. (TMI quota for the day: Reached.)

  16. I was annoyingly nauseous all day every day with my first pregnancy. With the second one, I took round the clock doses of zofran and phenergan to get myself to work each day. And then this latest pregnancy came along…I couldn’t get out of bed for over a month and landed in the hospital because the zofran and the phenergan still didn’t let me get water down. I am so so so thankful that it was only about 3 months of misery in total, and not the whole pregnancy. And I will so so so NOT be doing this again. I think I would have attempted to end it all except that I blacked out every time I stood up and couldn’t come up with a way to manage it from where I was laying in bed. But as for less dark things…….I too peed when I puked. It’d also make my eyes and nose run…like, it took a whole washcloth to clean up the snot before I even got to trying (in vain, b/c it just made me gag) to rinse my mouth out. In short, hyperemesis sucks.

  17. You poor thing!

    You know, “they” say (and my they I mean my great grandmother) that if you lose you looks while pregnant, it’s your baby stealing them for itself. So here’s to pretty babies!!!!

    Are anti-nausea meds not helping? Zofran or whatever it’s called. My friend had bad hyperemisis and it was her life saver.

    I hope you feel better soon 🙁

  18. When I was pregnant with my first I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye. And then the white of my eye was RED. SO GROSS. I’m pretty sure the rupturing happened when a bite of McDonalds hamburger (yeah, I know) went down wrong and then came RIGHT BACK UP. At the table. It was one of the single most horrifying experiences of my life – suddenly (and violently) throwing up at the table in the middle of the restaurant and then running for the bathroom and making it only as far as the sink before tossing the rest of my cookies.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  19. Congratulations and I am sorry for your struggle with this terrible disease. One of my closest friends suffers from Hyperemisis too. I wish there was something any of use could write or say that would make it all better, I know better than that though. I will be praying for you. I too was like your friend that peed when she barfed, but I also get the skin blotches like you, but probably not as bad. My hope for you is that your baby continues to grow and thrive and after your first trimester is over the Hyperemisis goes away. Best wishes!

  20. My sickness with this pregnancy was much worse than it was with my first (I hear having twins’ll do that to ya- for me it was true and I’m so lucky it ended a couple of weeks ago). I had a temp job right at the beginning of my morning sickness. There was a day I didn’t go in until after lunch because the morning had been so bad, and I still hurled five times before I left for the day.
    I didn’t have any of the lovely capillary bursting; mostly my stomach would just hurt really bad after a violent episode. But whenever my almost two year old would see me puke (which was, you know, almost every time. why can’t kids let you go to the bathroom alone?), he would inevitably tell me, “Bless you”. It never failed to make me smile.

  21. I do hope that pregnancy isn’t to bad on you.

    I know that my pregnancy was a nightmare more so because of the people I encountered then the actually pregnancy check out my two part series The Ugly Truth: Pregnancy Sucks!

  22. You poor thing. 🙁 As someone who is scared of throwing up – you seem like the bravest person in the world to me at the moment.

    With my fifth child, I had polyhydramnios…to an extreme. I had so much extra amniotic fluid that I was bigger than a friend of mine who happened to be pregnant with triplets. It got so bad, and my uterus got so distended, that it induced labor almost 6 weeks early. Thankfully, my son was HUGE and weighed 7 lbs 2 oz as a preemie. Even though he had to stay in the NICU to learn how to eat (ironic) he was perfectly healthy.

  23. Hmm, side effects of pregnancy? After my stillborn daughter my gallbladder suddenly revolted. Not a great consolation prize. After my son my c-section got infected and apparently it was so interesting that doctors felt the need to call in other doctors to come have a look. I got a lot of gasps and “oh my’s” from the medical statt and I spent an additional week in the hospital getting IV antibiotics – which were not safe to use in nursing. So guess how great nursing went? Remind me why we do this?

  24. You have my sympathy. I have endured three pregnancies with HG (maybe I’m insane?!), and I would never wish it on anyone. I got more than enough well-intentioned useless advice. 😉

  25. Excessive salivation. That was weird. Hope you feel better soon.

  26. Um, this isn’t sickness related (although I am 34 weeks along and still get sick) – it is about the TACT.

    This weekend, I tried to pleasantly convince a woman that I was SURE there are not TWO babies in my stomach. She wouldn’t let go of it that I had the biggest tummy EVER seen in the history of pregnancy. Which is a boatload of lies – my stomach is regular size for the 8th month.

  27. there are SO MANY crappo pregnancy symptoms that i hated, i couldn’t even fit them in this box… but one of the truly most offensive has got to be the metallic taste in your mouth. throwing up constantly is bad enough, but your mouth tasting like old clothes-line pole 24 hours a day… deathly.

  28. OMG! I am really, truly sorry about your HG, and I hope that it doesn’t last your whole pregnancy. But the best part of this post? Learning how “petechiae” is spelled! They’re always talking about “petechial” hemorrhaging on Law & Order SVU and I never knew what that word was. So, thank you.

  29. I don’t have any notable sicknesses or pregnancy symptoms to share, but my nose swelled up both times I was pregnant, which is pretty odd.

    I gained lots of weight due to edema; most of it was in my feet/produced cankles/the standard stuff. However, I also found that my nose grew/swelled significant. When I would look at myself in the mirror, or in my pregnancy photoshoot, I barely recognized it.

    Thankfully, it has gone back to normal.

  30. Both! Pee while puking, and broken capillaries! Super awesome fun times. Also, my favorite: pytalism. GAG.

  31. not pregnancy related, but the first week of freshman year of college, i was i-want-my-mommy-sick & had to go to the ER (university clinic wasn’t open yet.) ended up it was a horrible case of strep throat that also produced a lovely streptococcal rash. my roommate, who was a high school friend, lovingly dubbed me rash-@$$.

  32. After baby number one I’m surprised you don’t pee your pants while puking. I dread colds where I have to sneeze or cough hard! Puking always makes me pee… the muscles just never reverted back… lol I know TMI but be glad that all you get is a little bumpy 😛